Jen on the cover of Sci Fi Mag

Mar 17, 2004
I'm not sure when it hits stands, but Jen is on the cover of the Feb '05 edition of Sci Fi mag.

Forget about Daredevil, the Man Without Fear — it's Jennifer Garner's turn to solo as the lady in red who would not die in Elektra. By Patrick Lee
I love how they've used a S4 promo pic and just changed the colour of her top :P


Any chance of a scan when someone gets their hands on it? I think we're a couple of months behind, so we won't get it til about February here.


I read it....I think it was the January issue, but Jen was on the cover. The article had nothing new though. I think the interviewer had visited the Elektra set back in June (when all the "geek press" was there.....the day they filmed the Elektra/Typhoid Mary Kiss). So all the descriptions and quotes were from that Q&A session and I am sure most of you have already seen them from other articles.

I mean, really.....every description or quote given in the article was something I already heard:

-Jen lying in the dirt all day, Jen describing her workout, Rob Bowman loving her, etc
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