Jen Overlooked For Oscar?


Hello, is running a special section as the Oscars approach. One of the columns they have is "Overlooked." They manage to give a shout-out to Jennifer Garner for her role in "13 Going on 30." I saw the movie in the theater, and I enjoyed it, but I admit I did not think it was in line for any Oscars, but I think it is so cool that she was at least mentioned somewhere.

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mrs. charlie
I agree, "!3 Going on 30" was a cute romantic comedy. Most films that get nominated are dramas and besides, this role only showed a little bit of her acting chops. Past winners like Charlize and Halle won because they took on meaty, dramatic roles they showed their range.
Regarding the Oscars, I wasn't surprised since it's a comedy and it came out in April, but I thought she was really snubbed for that movie at the Golden Globes. Honestly, that was a great comedic performance. She'll proabaly have a better shot at the MTV movie awards as well as Elektra since both qualify for the deadline which is in March. I'll definitely be voting for her once she's nominated.


She did do a gr8 job in "13 Going on 30" ... ofcourse voters at the Oscars won't vote for a comdey, but she did a wonderful job ... (y)

If they can nominate Bridget Jones, which I definitely don't agree with ... why not nominate Jenna ... ;)
I think an Oscar is going a bit too far, but I was suprised she didn't get a Globes nod considering they have drama and comedy categories. I think a lot of people just brush the movie off as teen fluff, when both her and Mark were great. And of course the supporting cast were pretty good too.

Aww, now I'm in the mood to watch it yet again. *pulls out DVD*