Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

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I guess it's not that much to talk about because

1)Ben & Jen pics doesn't come as often as it used to in 2005 when it came almost every day
2)Jennifer doesn't have any new movies coming out until December.
3)Alias has ended. :(
That's true.....there just isn't a whole lot to talk about! Violet will be 7 months in a few days....other than that, not a whole lot to talk about. Jen starts filming that new movie soon...


For those who live in France, there will be something on TF1 about BA and Matt Damon, that's what I've heard, so watch out, so far there was no BA, maybe it iwll be later :)
J.Gar shaping up for new film role
No wonder Jennifer Garner's been working out. Just-announced details of her next role -- in Peter Berg's ``The Kingdom" -- make it sound like Ben Affleck's bride will need to be in super shape. According to, J.Gar is a member of an elite anti-terrorist team whose task it is to track and capture the mastermind of a deadly attack on Americans. (The political thriller, penned by Matthew Carnahan, is described thusly: ``No training could prepare [the team] for the disorienting culture shock they face inside this scorching foreign land, byzantine maze of politicians, storefront terrorists, and double-crossing businessmen." The ``Alias" star's no stranger to action, but she's still been getting after it in the gym. While staying with Ben in Boston, the new mom's been working out with BU trainer extraordinaire Mike Boyle and also Nicole Wolff, the former Bay State basketball star and daughter of BU men's b-ball coach Dennis Wolff.

Jennifer Garner sighting in Cambridge

"Tonight I saw Jennifer Garner with baby Violet (I stopped for them in my car while they crossed the street in Cambridge, MA). She was at the corner of Mt. Auburn and Sparks Streets in Cambridge. Violet was in a [Baby] Bjorn carrier, and she was also pushing an orange jogging stroller. Jennifer was wearing a white t-shirt and white capris.....she looked extremely pretty (though annoyed that I almost ran her over)."

Jennifer and Ben are in Cambridge directing his film, Gone, Baby, Gone, based on the Dennis (Mystic River) Lehane novel.
I disapeared but now I'm back!!!!

I love the pics of Jen and Vi, of Ben and Vi. And when all the family appears it's all good!!!!!!

Sydney L Bristow

Capt. Poohead
ya those socks are really funny, Jen should hook him up with a pair of ankle socks!!! What a cute picture, It makes me wonder what’s going through everyone’s minds. I think I can figure out Vi, she looks like she is trying to get her mommy’s attention, she probably wants Jen to hold her.


It's this website, you can have the schedules of all the movies in all the theaters of France ^_^

As for the article, it really mad me laugh, who can believe this? They really think people are stupid :LOL: . I don't know if you have this mag in Luxembourg, but it reminds me of Ici Paris, which is full of false information. In the same month, some famous person can die twice, or have a cancer twice :LOL:
Bouliepooe, it's truth. (Sérieux elle a faillit faire cramer sa maison :LOL: , c'est une vrai info celle là :P )
And I'm so proud of you :hug:
En fait, c'est complètement exaggéré et déformé, comme tellement d'articles qui traversent l'Atlantique.
Elle a déclenché l'alarme fumée, c'est tout, elle n'a jamais failli faire brûler leur maison... Violet a pleuré, Ben est allé la chercher et arraché l'alarme du mur, les pompiers sont arrivés pour rien. End of the story. Gee! quelles conneries dans les tabloids français... Ils feraient mieux de s'occuper de nos Stars Academy et autres nases français.


jg looks amazing!!!....i love whats she's wearing too!!....ben looks great too!! oh and that fam picture...ahhh...they are so cute!!...adorable!! definitely my fav celeb couple and family!!
Over at they have a link to the voting for the 2006 Teen Choice Awards...Jen is let's all go vote and get her there for the Teen Choice Awards! This is the last time she can be nominated for everyone go vote!!!
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