Jennifer's style

I turned my website into a site all about Jennifer Garner's fashion sense. Today I am posting there some pictures of her wearing these great Oakleys. Pretty soon, I'll have some knockoff information there so "regular" people can imitate her style if they want to. I already tracked down one of her favorite watches, which happens to be an Armani Classic and have the link to where you can buy the watch on the site. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy this new angle on the Alias star. :)

P.S. Tomorrow I will add pics of some JG handbags. I did a bit of research on them today and found out the labels. In the pics that will be up on the site tomorrow, the handbags are by Kooba, Hogan, Marc Jacobs, and Isabelle Fiore. The Kooba one is my personal favorite of the four.

I'm hunting for Jennifer's cell phone too. I have narrowed it down to motorola and I believe she might be currently using the Motorola A840 phone. or she may actually have the V180 or V186. These last two phones are not as new as the A840 and they may not be as "hot", but
Motorola may have given this to her as a freebie since they were sponsoring for Alias last season, as Sydney's phone was the famous Razr V3 phone (not in black). of course she can afford any of their phones, but she may like the one they gave her very much and be comfortable with it, so why change it, right? Still, the A840 definitely seems more of a "celebrity" style phone, in my opinion. I can't decide. Also, I think she would choose Verizon as her service because they are the best. I cannot see Jennifer Garner using Cingular or T-mobile. A busy woman like her would want to have the most reliable and the best cell phone service.

But motorola seems to have been a JG favorite for sometime, as her 2003 phone appears to also be motorola.
Why thank you. What did you guys think of Jen's Badgley Mischka at the emmys? I was not crazy about it, honestly. Her brooch was nice though and her hair was very nicely done.
I really liked her dress at the emmys...I mean, she can't wear everything..She's pregnant. So the dress was perfect for her very pregnant stomach. ^_^
But the hair...Amazing!