Jersey Girl


Ok, First off Kevin Smith's movies have been a bit as of late and this one looks like its going to be clunker. Clerks, Mallrats Chasing Amy were good movies, then came Dogma and Jay & Bob Strike back which were pretty average at best in my opinion.
I was looking forward to seeing Jeresy Girl and still am kinda, I'd like to see what Smith's next movie turns out like. Im assuming you all know that Kevin Smith discovered Ben Affleck, which is why they've worked together before, and unless Smith writes Daredevil II or has somthng to do on it, he wont play Matt Murdock again.....Jersey Girl, I'll go and watch, and it'll probably suck but Im a fan of Smith


I hope for Kevin Smith's sake this movie doesnt suck....he's been in a bit of a slump lately....his own fault but still.
He didnt bother to finsih writing the Daredevil comic he started. IT WAS ONLY A 4 PARTER!!!!! I bought issue one last year, issue 2 still hasnt even been penned


The Bubbly
Yes, she dies within the first 12 minutes of the movie. That's a big part of why they didn't include her on the poster for the movie, she doesn't have a major role.


iheartalias said:
hmmm...a movie with Ben Afflek and J.Lo...interesting...this one is bound to be a winner!!!!! :rolleyes:

PS. sense the sarcasm ;)
we'll see about that ... shouldn't they just sent it to video and avoid the stupidity and the loss in cash ... (n) (n)