Jesus is an Alien. Lets talk about it.


The paranormal has always been around me. I used to live in a haunted house, I've worked at a haunted store and I've even experienced a few unexplainable events throughout my life that felt where out of the ordinary enough to question what exactly it is that is out their? It was the consistency of such events that lead me to find safety within my faith to be able to deal with things like, unexplained scratches and phenomena I began to experience at home. I found my faith at about 16 after several years of spiritual occurrences and one of the first things I noticed when dealing with the paranormal is that prayer works. At least it did for me. Fasting and prayer are key when fighting the paranormal and it is very effective when it comes to cleansing a home. As a sci-fi nerd though my speculation followed me even to church. Questions like, what exactly does faith do to the human brain, how do we perceive it and is it real? Are just basic questions I had going into this thing. According to neuroscience,

"The portion of the brain that processes spiritual experiences is the "parietal cortex" or the "left inferior parietal lobule" to be specific. This part of the brain is also activated whenever an individual becomes aware of himself or others. It is also stimulated when a person uses his or her attention skills.Jun 4, 2018"

It seems that faith can help us develop key functions such as sympathy, empathy, self awareness and cognitive thinking skills. It can help us make since of the things we might not otherwise understand about ourselves and others around us either dead or alive. Now because I am a sci-fi nerd and like to keep an open mind to many things, one of the theories I have grown to accept in my faith is that Jesus is in fact an alien. According to the Christian belief the physical corporeal form of what we perceive to be God came to us in the personification of Jesus "The Son of God" in the flesh. Now just like us he explains that he too is a spirit form being and that although he came to us in a physical form the "Holy Ghost" is his spiritual being and that his God being is as the father of all creation. As an artist to me the acceptance of the possibility of intelligent design isn't as farfetched to me as it may seem to others. I understand as a creative being myself that the process of creation can not only be final but progressive. I have seen projects I have deemed done evolve after an idea of improvement into an even better work of art simply do to the inspiration process of design and creation. I don't believe that evolution is blasphemy in facts It makes since to the creation theory and it is fully backed up by science a language of truth that I believe is another language of God or whatever you want to believe created us or didn't.
If you are a Star Trek nerd and are familiar with the Trill then you know that it is a race of aliens that exist as parasitic beings that combine themselves with humanoid bodies to live and survive. When the host dies it can move on to the next body and become a new person altogether with the prior knowledge and experiences of both the Trill and the Human host before its new current identity. Once joined the Trill and the hominoid become one accumulating and passing on their knowledge to the next host and so on and so forth. It is a huge honor to be chosen by a Trill as a host and only the most elite can become Trill host ensuring not only the survival of their race but betterment of their people all around. Accepting Jesus into your heart is not so different from being a Trill. The same concept stands, we are chosen set apart and live with this other worldly entity inside of us that is supposed helps us grow and evolve into a more understanding and sympathetic people. The knowledge of our collective experiences are passed on amongst ourselves which is why it is so important for us to not forsake the gathering of our brethren but what exactly is this other spirit entity that we join with? To Christians it is known as the Holy Ghost in other cultures and believes the human body itself is a spirit form in a corporeal form and we are limited to our own understanding of ourselves due to our current physical state of being. We must learn to be first self aware of our spiritual being and then grow by improving ourselves through either prayer or meditation becoming self-aware of our surroundings and the things both seen and unseen around us that we can feel.
I know it may seem out their to some people but I believe Jesus came before the age of technology so that we could grow in faith and not so simply debunk him with our own technology or try to not only imprison him but dissect him for study like we probably would today. If we where created by more intelligent beings who is to say that they aren't from another world after all don't we flaunt being NOTW (NOT OF THIS WORLD) to the world all the time? I believe that we are not the only form of life in the universe and with that acceptance I also believe that we have already experienced first contact and if we are simply open up to the possibility of other dimensional forms of life we can study a whole new world of possibility where humans and aliens already coexist side by side and acceptance the way we have been accepted can become our new truth.


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