Jimmy O'Brien and the Meteorite of Death

I have been writing a series of Sci-fi books about a teenager called Jimmy O'Brien for around 2 years now. So far I have one completed manuscript which I have published myself as a Kindle ebook. (Type in the full title to Google and you should get a hit)

Part two of the story is written (in ink!) but not yet typed into my PC and I am working on the third part of the story. I generally fit in the writing when my eldest son trains with his local swimming club, or attends galas. It's amazing how much you can write if you have a couple of hours a week to dedicate to it, even though each session may only produce a couple of pages of hand written work.

The stories are set in an unnamed future year when a meteorite collides with the earth. Before the impact as many children as possible are evacuated to various colonies around the galaxy. Jimmy ends up on Mars along with an American boy called Dan Daniels (but known as DD). There, he is dismayed that he still has to attend school; falls foul of tyrannical Head Tutor Dr Thrang, clashes with school bully Dean Briggflatt, and while exploring the dramatic Martian canyons with a local girl called Jo Cautley, uncovers a blackmail plot that will lead to the discovery of a dreadful secret.

I have set up a Jimmy O'Brien website: http://www.jimmyobrien.net/

which contains some more stuff about the book (including the first few chapters), plus other musings on sc-fi, life on earth etc. I keep adding more bits from time to time.