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Can you say AWESOME?!?

cause that definately decribes this fic. totally amazingly splenderifically awesome!


and send me a pm when you do.

muhahha, now i shall read your other fics.
Hey Kristina.. Just read the entire story again and I loved it just as much the second time as I did the first. Any chance of an update soon.. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Darn it, I have no Idea where I left off.

yay, time to read it over. That will take me a few days... lol.
But I remember the most part of this... dang. You rock.

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Ah, ah, ah! I just read this (finished it in two days, I did. :D) and I love it! But you must help Syd! Don't leave her paralysed! I'll cry if you do that! :( And please send me a PM when you update.
Mate! This story is brilliant! I love it! Pretty pretty please (fingers crossed) can you add me to the PM list?

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Well, it has taken me a while to read through... i think this is one of the longest stories i have ever read. But was so WORTH IT!!!!

Joes Bar and Grill... i loveit, please when or if you decide to update, add me to the PM list??? Pretty please. Its a real shame to leave one of the best fics incomplete....

Pwety Pweeze.....
update!! Please Please Please Please Pl Pl Pleaseeaseease Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Ple Pl Pl Pleaseease Pleasee Pleasea Pleasesea Pleasese PleasePlea Pleasese Please Please Please Please Please
I apologize to all who were regular readers of this fic. I have been extremely busy with school, work, family, and an amazing boyfriend whom which I love to spend all my free time with. I'm going to try an start this up again, and then gradually the other ones too. I wrote this story so long ago, my writing style has vastly changed in many ways. So, I plan on slowly, chapter by chapter, revising it and making it flow more naturally and make it more consistent. I enjoyed writing this story, and I'll love re-writing it. I will not repost the chapters over again, I will simply edit them.

Hopefully, I'll be posting soon.

Thank you!

holy dingle dwarf!
i've only just read the whole ting and let just say HOLY DINGLE DWARF
:eek:scar: :eek:scar: u deserve 2 cause u made :vaughn1: stop and go back to his family like always the BRISTOWS!!!
if u have an actdicted list can i join the list???
and please pm me when u update that is hopfully soon that is (i know it's kinda late, but hey it's better late than never!)
Pheonix :P :captain: