Action John Wick (Chapter 1: 2014, Chapter 2: 2017, Chapter 3: 2019)


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Mar 20, 2004
In the John Wick film series, the first movie (later renamed "Chapter 1") focuses on John Wick (Reeves), a retired hitman seeking vengeance for the theft of his vintage car and the killing of his puppy, a gift from his recently deceased wife. The second movie, Chapter 2, picks up a few days after the first and shows John running after a bounty has been placed on him following a job that he was forced to do.

Even though they killed the dog (No, not the dog!!) in the first movie I liked it and thought it was one of Keanu Reeve's better movies lately. The second movie wasn't bad but I didn't like as much as the first. The second movie though does go deeper into the world of The Continental which is actually the basis for a proposed TV series (Starz). When viewed as a whole I can't help but ponder what came first to the writers of the first movie, the idea of the Continental or the character of John Wick? The movies could be likely dubbed "John Wick: A Continental Story" and it'd still make perfect sense.

What has me wondering though is if John Wick is the son of Winston who runs the Continental chain? :unsure: At the end of Chapter 2, in the scene with Winston & John, I kept waiting for John to call him "Dad", especially considering that Winston is the only one who calls him "Jonathan".


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Dec 6, 2004
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I like the first one okay, the second was meh, don't really care if another is made or not.
I'm not really a fan of Reeves, so wooden.

I was impressed with the film The Accountant (2016)

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