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Game On for 'Lost' Fans
Globe-hopping 'Experience' launches in May

"Lost" fans worldwide will soon have yet another avenue by which they can try to unlock the secrets of the show's mysterious island.

Starting next week, ABC and networks that air "Lost" in Australia and the United Kingdom will launch something called the "Lost Experience." And that would be? In network parlance, the "largest global interactive challenge based on a television series."

To Losties, it's a big puzzle that could help them figure out just what exactly is happening on that island. The various networks involved -- ABC, the U.K.'s Channel 4 and Australia's Seven, and some 20 other broadcasters on five continents -- are also hoping it might draw some new viewers to the show, as they say it won't be necessary to know your hatch from your Hanso to play the game.

"The 'Lost Experience' gives the mystery, intrigue, twist and turns that 'Lost' provides as a television series," ABC marketing head Mike Benson says. "[The game] adds worldwide challenges for participants that require ingenuity and tenacity on their part. It's like a giant, mysterious jigsaw puzzle that will come to life for all the world to solve."

"Lost Experience" will track a storyline parallel to the occurrences on the show but not featured on-air. The first clues to the game will show up during episodes airing next week: Tuesday, May 2 on Channel 4; Wednesday, May 3 on ABC; and Thursday, May 4 on Seven.

Clues will vary from place to place, meaning fans will have to connect with fellow Losties from around the world to piece together the complete picture. The game will be Internet-based, but ABC stresses that clues will pop up on other platforms as well. And, given that most of the rest of the world hasn't seen as much of "Lost" as the United States has, solving the puzzle won't depend on players having seen every episode.