Sci-Fi Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969)


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Title: Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

Tagline: You will meet yourself face-to-face when Earth meets its duplicate in outer space!

Genre: Science Fiction

Director: Robert Parrish

Cast: Roy Thinnes, Ian Hendry, Patrick Wymark, Lynn Loring, Loni von Friedl, Franco De Rosa, George Sewell, Ed Bishop, Philip Madoc, Vladek Sheybal, George Mikell, Herbert Lom, Nicholas Courtney

Release: 1969-08-27

Runtime: 101

Plot: A planet is discovered in the same orbit as Earth's but is located on the exact opposite side of the sun, making it not visible from Earth. The European Space Exploration Council decide to send American astronaut Glenn Ross and British scientist John Kane via spaceship to explore the other planet.
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969)

There is nothing special about this movie, Typical 60's era scifi. So, you are asking why I decided to post this particular movie for this particular website?

Its not the movie but the concept behind the movie that I find noteworthy.

As I explore the dimensional possibilities inspired by the old Sliders TV Series I tend to seek out similar representations. This movie focuses on the possibility of a mirrored reality. The movie poorly represents the implication but it does go there. The concept of this movie represents science fiction and should be viewed before anything you might find on SyFy if you are a science fiction fan. This is my way of saying, "Here, have a look at science fiction."

This gives me the opportunity to call for citations of other movies that deal with dimensional deviations. Do you know of a movie that explores this facet of science fiction? I know of a few but it would be nice to use this topic as a jumpstart to some scifi discussion, Care to join in?

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