Have you taken your meds?
I watched Journeyman for the first time the other day, and of course watched the second episode.
I thought it was good enough to keep watching.
I was struck, though, by the similarities to a short story that Neary once mentioned called "If This Is Winnetka, You Must Be Judy"
Would anyone whose both seen the show and read the short story agree?
Neary? :confused:
Not read that story and only watched the first episode of the show when it very first aired. I assumed it would get cancelled and it did. Unfortunately can't comment on similarities!
Digitalspy is handy for tvshows as well as other freaky things :smiley:

Time runs out for 'Journeyman'

Thursday, December 13 2007, 15:59 GMT
By Ben Rawson-Jones, Cult Editor
Journeyman will conclude following the broadcast of its initial run of 12 episodes, according to reports.

NBC had until Tuesday, December 11 to order more instalments of the time-travelling drama starring Kevin McKidd. However, Sci Fi Wire reports that the broadcaster has let the option lapse, following decreasing ratings in recent weeks. The series has drawn critical acclaim, but failed to retain much of the audience from lead-in show Heroes.

Last month, Journeyman creator Kevin Falls admitted his fears about the future and "wrote [the 12th episode] in a way so it could be the series-ending show".
I never saw any of the episodes. Before it aired I thought the premise reminded me too much of 7 Days so I put it on my "Eh, if I'm totally bored I might watch it." list.

I did not realize, though, that it was based on a short story.
Oddly enough i read this post a couple of days ago, while i was in the process of "aqcuiring"the first episode of journeyman, so sideshowspacegirl you can imagine my surprise when you were drawing similarities to the short story "if this is winnetka..." and i have to agree with you it certainly reminiscent of the story, albeit with a bit or quantum leap thrown in for good measure, but that would always be the case where you have a time traveller helping people. I actually quite liked it, there is obviously something deeper going on, but as i've said i've only seen the first episode so hopefully i'll see the rest in the next week or so. But as usual, reasonably quality shows get cancelled
I thought it was ok, like a weak version on Quantum Leap. I didn't know it got cancelled, though I'm in no way surprised. It might have done better is Heroes had had a better season, which in my opinion, was kind of weak.