Just a little comment


I thought I would leave a little feedback on the forum, even though I have not been around much I thought I would post a few of my thoughts and more so offer my congratulations on the work that has been done.

I saw this forum when it was just at a couple hundred posts, and I also saw the forum that was merged with it when it first opened. Both were great communities and have some great members. The addons and features on this forum is also great and makes people's stay really good and makes me feel like I am at home even though I have not been around much.

So congratulations to the staff and the members, I thank you all for creating a great community and I hope the success carries on.
Appreciate that Roach

Hope you do enjoy all we have to offer. We (myself and Shelley) are always working on different things, trying to bring the best available experience to Walking Dead fans. If you have any suggestions, let us know. Hope you come around more often.
I will be sure to suggest all I can think of. I really need to get more into the series so that I can join in more than I currently do :smiley: