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Just a story...

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by nancee, Jun 5, 2003.

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  1. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    Hey! I wanted a new story. This isn’t that good yet because I didn’t think it through much and might be kind of slow. Well if this doesn’t turn out well, ooh well. :) Read and enjoy everyone!
    Michael C. Vaughn woke up in the middle of the night to someone poking him in the shoulder.

    “Daddy…Daddy, wake up,” came a small voice.

    Vaughn turned on the small lamp on the nightstand. He saw a pair of baby blue eyes and a small head with blonde bouncy curls.

    He spoke to his four year old daughter, Haley Michael Vaughn, “What is it Baby?” he whispered back not wanting to wake up his sleeping wife, the famous Sydney Bristow.

    “Daddy I can’t sleep.”

    He sat up and scooped the little girl into his arm. She snuggled next to his warm body as he walked down the stairs and to the dark living room. Haley clung to his neck as they sat down in the rocking chair.

    “Why can’t you sleep?”

    “I don’t know. Sleep with me Daddy.”

    Vaughn leaned back and quietly rocked back and forth as they both fell asleep.

    Sydney Bristow woke up to a whisper in her ear.

    “Mama, wake up…Mama.”

    She turned around to see a little boy of four years old with the same looks as Haley: blue eyes and blonde hair; Harrison Donahue Vaughn (Donahue as in Jonathan “Jack” Donahue Bristow) sat next to his mother on the bed. Every time Sydney looked at her two children together, she wondered how two people with green and brown eyes and brown hair could possibly have twins with blue hair and blonde eyes.

    “Mama, Haley’s gone. So is Daddy. Can I sleep with you?”

    Sydney looked around to see where her husband could be. Probably outside with Haley again she though.

    “Yeah come here babe.” She lifted the comforter to let the little boy climb in. He crawled on top of her and settled his head on her chest.


    “What is it?”

    “You smell nice.” Then they closed their eyes and slept.

    The winter sun shined through the curtains of the living room window, forcing Vaughn to pry his eyes open. The small girl was still comfortably resting in his arms. He got up and walked and went to the clock on the mantel. Nine thirty. Sydney was gone at work and today was his day to be home with the children. He crept to the twins’ room and found two empty beds. He walked to his room and found a small lump within the many layers of sheets. He pulled back a corner and laid the little girl next to her brother. He grabbed a towel and took a shower. When he got up they were still asleep.

    Vaughn cooked a breakfast that consisted of frozen waffles, eggs, and orange juice for the twins. By the time he finished, to blonde heads came out from the stairs.

    “Eat and then we’ll do something fun today,” Vaughn said to them.

    “How long will Mommy be gone this time Daddy?” Haley questioned as she drenched her waffles in maple syrup and whipped cream.

    Harrison looked up from his sister’s plate and also awaited his answer. They got used to the fact that she won’t always be home but she had to work and might not come back for a few days. “She’ll be home today. Don’t worry kids.”

    He sipped his coffee and thought about the problem he and Sydney had when they told Kendall and Jack that they were going to get married.


    “Um Dad? Vaughn and I are going to get married,” she said quickly. They waited for the harsh reply.

    Kendall looked at them in disbelief. Jack Bristow was not the person you wanted to talk about marriage. Jack glared at Vaughn and darkly thought, how dare he take away the only good thing in my life?

    “Go Balls of Steel!” shouted the hilarious Eric Weiss. “Nice way to get on the bad side of Jack!”

    Vaughn grinned at him. The whole office waited to see what the famous Jack Bristow would do.

    Jack took in a breath and spoke at last, “I’m glad for you hunny.”
    He embraced his astonished daughter. But Kendall took them both to the debrief room.

    “You understand what this means right? Just because you are going to get married doesn’t mean that you will quit right?” they nodded. “But when you both decide to-erm- have children- one of you will have to stay home. Agent Vaughn, you will stay home.”

    “Why?” he asked.

    “Because we need Agent Bristow more than you,” then he walked out.

    But it was different when they told Sloane. Sloane smiled and congratulated them.

    *end flash back*

    He smiled. He remembered Sydney telling him that he wasn’t useful enough. He jerked back to reality when Harrison’s voice loomed into his thoughts.

    “Daddy? Want a bite?”

    He took the bite of soggy waffles that was dripping on the floor that his son offered him.

    “Come on guys. We are going to visit-“he was interrupted by his cell phone ringing. “Hello?”

    “Vaughn it’s me,” Sydney replied “you got to come in. take the kids to Will’s place. Sloane wants you to come in.”


    She sighed, “Because we need you here.”

    “Okay.” He sighed at his life as a double agent as he dialed Will Tippin’s phone number but no one picked up. He thought of who to call. The nanny that usually stayed with the twins was on vacation and no one was capable enough to take care of them. He couldn’t do anything except take them along. “Guys, want to go work with Daddy?”

    They didn’t answer but scrambled down from the chairs. Vaughn gave them some instructions on the way to SD-6.

    “Don’t touch anything and stay at Daddy’s desk okay?”

    “Yes Daddy,” the said in unison.

    Vaughn carried Haley in his arms and Harrison clung to his hand. He led them to floor 47 and left them in his office with Marshall Flinkman.

    “Thanks Marshall!” he yelled as he ran out the room.

    Haley turned to Marshall and asked him, “Are you the cocky British son-of-a ***** that Mommy talks about?”

    “Uh- Mr. Vaughn?” Marshall called for him.

    Vaughn stepped into the white room and blinked a few times as the room was illuminated by a red light. He nodded to a few people as he made his way to the glass room where he saw Sydney, Sark, and Sloane sitting. He sat down.

    “Mr. Vaughn, I would like to inform you will be sent on a mission with Mr. Sark to extract somebody from Moscow.”


    “Irina Derevko.”

    Sydney’s head snapped up.

    “What?” she asked.
  2. supergirl14

    supergirl14 Rocket Ranger

    May 5, 2003
    i'm interested, keep going, i see potential.
  3. Alias_luver33

    Alias_luver33 Rocket Ranger

    Apr 9, 2003
    MI, US
    Great so far!! Keep up the good work! (y) (y) Oh yeah, LOVED the Marshall part!!!!! Hilarious!

  4. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    actually now that i think of it..this is boring...i dont like it..its not going anywhere...i htink i might close it...
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