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Sydney stepped into the apartment bewildered. It was fantastic. Everything was perfect.

"Thank you so much Viv!"

"Syd its cool"

"You don't know how much this means to me!"

"Syd. Your overeacting!"

"Wait till you live with my parents and you'll see. I am definatly not overeacting! I mean living with your parents till you twenty! It sucks so much!"

"Ok ok! But Syd we've been through this. Your doing ME a favor. I really needed and extra person to pitch in with the rent! But i warn you. My other rommie can be a real pain if he wants to be!"

"So how did you two meet then?"

"We used to go out."


"I know what your thinking..."

"But like doesn't that make things. JUst a tad awkward?"

"No not really. Were good friends thats all"

"Well if you say so." Sydney said smiling.

Viv threw a pillow at her.

"Thats not funny Syd!"

"Yes it is. From what you've been telling me he sounds like a total retard!"

"But he's like majorly HOT!"

"Someone's still got the HOTS for someone."


"OK ok."

"Ok you wait until you see him. Then you'll see what i mean."

"Yer right"

"No Syd seriously"

"Ok. Im gonna go set up my room and unpack soem stuff ok?"

"Yer cool. By the way. He has a toilet that joins on to his room but not a shower so her uses the one that joins onto yours. So he might just walk in your room sometimes without knocking cause hes not used to anyone staying in there. You know?"

"Yer. Thats cool."

Sydney went to her room and started unpacking. She had just about finished. She was hot, sweaty and tired. She went to the fridge and got a ribena. She drank it pretty fast. Before looking down at her shirt and realizing some of the ribena had dribbled onto her white v-kneck shirt. DAMN! sht thought and went to change her top. She was standing there topless, but with a bra on. Looking through the boxes of clothes she hadn't unpacked for another shirt. When suddenly her door opened. She turned, forgetting she was wearing no shirt. To see what could possibly be the most sexiest man she ever saw.

"uhhh...Hi. Umm... Sorry. UH. Maybe i should go."

"Just one second."

In a blink of the eye Sydney had on a tight black shirt. She saw the strange guy staring at her chest.


"Hi. You must be the new roomie."

"Yer. Im Sydney"


"Cool. I guess ill be seeing a lot of you now."

"Yer i guess so"

He grinned at her. God he's hhhhhhhootttt! Thought Sydney.

"I better you know...ummmm. Get out of here."

"Did you walk in here for a reason."

"Ummm... I cant remember."

Sydney grinned. Her without a bra on seemed to make this guy speechless. And she liked it. She laughed.

"Ok. BYe."

He stood there still staring at her for a moment then quickly left.


NIce one dude. You see a sexy girl without a shirt and FREAK OUT! What is wrong with me. IM Sark the sexiest guy at UCLA. I dont get freaked out when i see women without there shirts! God. There was definetly a LOT of sexual tension in thatn room. im telling you now.

HoPe YoU lIkE

Sydney cautiosly went into the kitchen. HOping she would bump into Sark. She got a glass of juice and drank it as slow as possible. No Sark. Damn. She reluctantly went back to her room frowning. She stopped at Viv's door and knocked.

"Hey Viv"

"Hey Syd. HAve you met Sark yet"


"Major hottie huh?"

"I guess. You so still have the hots for him."

"I do not! We went out ages and ages ago. It's OVER."

"Whatever you say" Sydney said disbeliving.


Sydney exited the room smiling. She closed the door and started walking to her room. She passed Sark's room slowly. Listening for a sound. Nothing. She sighed and kept walking. She didn't hear Sark's door open. She didn't know that Sark was staring at her back smiling. And he made sure she didn't.

Sark went out with his mates to a local club called VeFrE. He secretly hoped Sydney would be there. But then again he hoped she wouldn't be there.

"Hey man!"

"Sark! Sup?"

"Nothing much. You?"

"No not really."

"Im gonna grab a drink."

"Come back. By the way your girlfriends up there"


Sark walked to the bar reluctantly. Not wanting to see his grilfriend. Which was strange. Usually all he wanted to do was hold her but not now.

"Hey babe"

"Hey Mel. What are you doing?"

"Waiting for you." She gave him a sexy smile.

Sark forced a small smile. She didn't notice. He ordered a drink.

"Aren't you going to order me a drink babe?"

"Im in a hurry i got to go"

"Baby. Come on stay a little longer."

"NO seriously i got to go."

"Can you at least take me home"

Sark thought rapidly. He couldn't think of a reason not to.


It was the longest ride to her house. She put her hand on his leg but he moved away forcefully.

"Sark what's the matter?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yer. Im just a little fustrated today"


He stopped outside her house.

"Bye babe."


And she leaned over and gave him a full fleged kiss. Sark had to admitt he enjoyed it a lot.

"Do you want to come inside?"

"Sorry i cant."

Her face fell.

"Ill see you later."

"Ok. Bye"

Sark drove back to VeFrE. Glad he didn't have a guilty conciounce. And there she was standing there sexily. While one of his mates chatted her up.

"Hey MArk!"

"Sark. Man this is Sydney."

"We've met." He looked at her. She stared at him.

"Hey Syd."

"Who said you could call me Syd?"

"No one"

"Then why did you?"

He grinned.

"I have a lot of power around here"

She laughed.

"Yer right. Dream on Sark boy"

And she stauntered off. Sark stared at her tight hip-huggin black leather pants and black tank top. He made sure she didn't know he was staring.
He followed her to the bar. And slid into the seat next to her.

"We meet agiain Miss Bristow"

"Yes we do"

"I was thinking it is such a shame for the two of us not to get toghether sometime."

"You have a girlfriend"

"My loyalties are flexable."

"Whereas mine are not"

"Mmmmmm... I see. I think i can change that."

"Dream on"

"You don't know me well enough MIss Bristow."

"I know you enough"

"mmm... Your exactly what i need."

"For what?"

"I think i have a job for you."

"A job?"

"Yes a job. Do you fancy one?"

"I have one."

"But not this type of job."

"I think i can deal without having whatever type of job your offering me"

"mmm... Do you like to dress up Miss Bristow."

"Every female enjoys dressing up"


"Whats perfect?"

"Do you have any experience with guns and martial arts."

She narrowed her eyes. He knows. He knows i work for SD-6. felgercarb no. BUt she looked at him. He smiled. She lost control.

"Maybe i do."

"Then you've got a new job."

"Who said i wanted one."

"Dont mess with me Miss Bristow."

He grinned and walked away.

HoPe YoU lIkE
Sydney sat there puzzled? What had just happened to her? Some guy she had never heard of till now offered her a job. I work for SD-6 a secret section of the CIA. What am I doing? This guy Sark. HAS to be evil. What do I tell Sloane. Ahhhhhhh… But the proposition is so tempting. Ill go to work on Monday and search him. If he’s evil. Then no way am I going to take him up on the job. No WAY!

Sark grinned to himself in his car on the way to his apartment. I’ve got her right were I want her. She’ll take me up on the job, I know it. But what about my rule? Never mix business with pleasure? Well then im just going to have to hold my feelings back. She’s the best agent out there. And now she’s mine. He smirked to himself.

Sydney walked into SD-6 with just a little bit of guilt trickling through her. What am I doing? I can’t work for him. Why am I even researching him? Why does this stuck-up, arrogant dick have to intrigues me so much?

Sydney walked to her desk and typed in her password. She took a deep breath and searched Sark. It came up with an extremely long criminal list. I knew it. Im living with the enemy. Im attracted to the enemy. The enemy has offered me a job! God know. Why me? Is Viv evil then? What am I supposed to do about the job offer if I don’t accept he’ll probably kill me. Great ive got myself stuck in the worst situation ever. Should I turn on the CIA?

Sark woke up late. He knocked on Viv’s door.

“Were’s my baby girl”

“It’s open”

Sark opened the door and walked in.


He leaned over to were Viv was in her bead and gave her a hot and steamy kiss.

“I thought oyu didn’t like to mix buisness with pleause.”

“Im not”

“But you just kissed me”

“In some counrties that is considered a greeting.”

“Is sleeping with someone also considered a greeting?”

“In my book it is an extremly polite way of greeting someone.”

She laughed.

“So have you talked to Sydney about the buisness proposition?”

“Yes I have.”

“What did she say?”

“Dream on”

“Looks like you don’t have the same affect on her as you do to other woman”

“As a matter of a fact ive got her right were I want her.”


“I was thinking I haven’t politley greeted you in a long time”

“The pleasure is all mine”

Sydney shuddered at the thought of the very man she was livving with evil. I have to tell Sloane. The other side of her refused. felgercarb. Im going to have to accept.
Sydney shuddered at the thought of the very man she was livving with evil. I have to tell Sloane. The other side of her refused. felgercarb. Im going to have to accept. Sydney shivered at the thought of having to work with such an evil monster. She went home, nervous about what he would say to her.

She unlocked the door and entered. The whole place was silent. Thank god she thought. Suddenly the door to Viv’s room opened and Sark came out with no shirt on. Sydney gasped. Luckily his room was down the hallway. If it was near the door he would have seen her. Sydney breathed a sigh of relief. Wait. What had just happened. Sark had just come out of Viv’s room? Without his shirt? Hold on. Are they dating? Sydney rushed to Viv’s door and knocked on it. Hard.

“Come in”

Sydney opened the door to see Viv in bad. And from what Sydney could see it looked like she had no clothes on either.

“Hey Viv. I just saw Sark walk out of here without his clothes on. Are you two getting it on or something. Cause from what I see it doesn’t look like your wearing anything either.”

“We just play around every now and then. Its no big deal”

“Doesn’t he have a girlfriend.”

“I don’t mind”

“Viv. He has a girlfriend”

“So? We have fun that’s it.”

“That is really gross Viv”

“Syd. I bet you all the money in the world that one day you will sleep with Sark and then you will continue too. Not caring that he had a girlfriend or whatever.”

“I highly doubt that”

“Trust me. You will. Im going to get changed now. Im going out,”

“See ya later.”

Sydney left the room completely grossed out. One of her best friends was sleeping with the most evil guy in the world and she didn’t do anything to stop it. Sydney sighed and went into her room. She heard the front door shut not too long after she had left Viv;s room. Suddenly the door to her room opened.

“Don’t you ever knock?”

“I like to catch women by surprise.”

“You are completely gross.”


“What do you want?”

“Have you thought about my offer?”

“I have just one question. How do you know that I am good at martial arts etc…”

“I’ve seen you in action Miss Bristow. A multiple number of times. You are the best I have ever seen”

“Fine. It’s a deal.”

“IM glad to see that you have come to your senses.”

“So when do I start?”


He turned to leave.

“One more thing. What is going on between you and Viv?”

“Are you jealous”


“I think you are. We just have a little fun on the side”

“You are completely gross.”

“Pleasure doing business with you.”

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