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kaijuice music for monsters & robots

Discussion in 'Open Chat' started by alphaomecha, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. alphaomecha

    alphaomecha alphaomecha

    Jul 5, 2005

    Godzilla, pacman, ultraman, pikachu, mothra, hello kitty, transformers, power rangers, megaman...oh who save us???

    Top Secret musicians from the USA and all around the planet answered the call to defend the universe with their music. New York, London, Tokyo, Australia, and beyond offer up every kind of Style, Sound, and Song imaginable to the Kaijuice project. Armed with original tracks inspired by Japanese, Pop, Sci-Fi, and Toys we invite you to stomp, scream, and sing along.

    Get ready for a retro mega ultra uber eclectic audio attack of monstrous proportions!!! This unique and ultimate music experience has been collected and created for you in Kaijuice, our first compilation . Kaijuice is over 33 original tracks, on 2 CDs, enhanced content, videos, animations, and of course

    Kaijuice volume 1 was designed to expose signed, unsigned, independent, and record label artists to a international audience who share a love of Japanese, Robots, Monsters, and Super Heroes.

    If you love Godzilla and killer music, then Kaijuice is for you!


    The invasion begins
    SUMMER 2005!

    Sponsored by Gohero, Super7, Rocketworld, Android 8, Optikon Rekords, Kaiju Big Battel & Mechabot


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