Sky One has not shown any interest of showing Alias in the UK. We are very ANGRY :mad: , and have now found out that Channel five may not either. This means that we will not be able to watch any more [we're only on season 2], and the Alias fans in the UK will die out and become extinct. lol. :angelic:

Even if you are in the US or any other country, please support Alias and it's publicity, and keep the UK users online!!!!!!!!!

Please PLEASE PLEASE, sign our petition, and if we get enough people signing it, they may change their mind.

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I signed it but I have faith in CH5, I am fairly sure that they already have the rights and thus it will get shown... eventually


hey guys! thanks for signing the petition!

it would be very helpful if you could add a link to the petition in the signitures (i haven't yet. lol.)


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me, my boyfriend and his mum signed!!! there is another petition too for sky and 5!! i'm off to phone my pals who watch the show!!! :)
good job guys!!
kepp Alias on TV!!! :)
Another course of action would be writing letters to the U.K Broadsheet Newspapers like the Guardian and Independant. These papers are more left wing/liberal and are kind to Cult TV shows. The Guardian has a media/arts section on Monday , and it has featured more than a couple of articles on Buffy in the past. In fact they even had a feature on Buffy fans being enraged by the way BBC2 scheduled Buffy. Anyway , just a thought