Killing Hitler


Nov 5, 2016
Today: Time Traveler steps into teleporter vanishes

October 1907 Vienna: The time travel see's a young Hitler who just dropped out of art school leaving the bank.

Time Traveler: I could do the world a favor and kill hitler. What would take his place??a most diabolical madman then hitter? There is still
and Mussolini. do I kill them too what takes the emperor of Japan and Italy if I gun them down in their prime. What if I stop the sinking of the titanic . the zeppelin save the Kennedys? Am I acting in gods will or against? what if Everly action I take in the past creates a strong force like a tidal wave in the future. The time traveler reluctantly an feeling nervous draws out his revolver



An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
First: time travel can't happen.

Then: given your scenario, any change that happens would result in a different time sttream so in the traveler's original timeline no change would happen but in every resultant timeline the changes would have a multitude of different results based on every interaction from the moment of change forward.

Plus: killing that person would not be the only way to change the timeline. The very presence of change, would change all probabilities from that moment forward.

Then again: Time travel can't happen.
For time travel (a time jump) to happen one would need to calculate the position and state of everything in the Universe everywhere, everywhen.
There is NOTHING capable of such computation. Not even the most advanced AI you can imagine. Because by everything it includes both macroscopic and quantum states.
Change one thing and the calculation fails.

BUT: this is Creative Writing and in Creative Writing...Anything is possible.
So if you want to explore fantasy - good job but it certainly does not have scientific support.

Perhaps you should look into the Alternate Timeline genre of speculative fiction.
I seem to remember this being addressed in a few different stories.
Perhaps you would have better luck if your traveler influenced someone Hitler trusted.
That might be unique enough to gain a publishers interest.

Good luck with your creative writing endeavor.
Try to remember unique sells.
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