Kindle eBook Collection Management?


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Mar 20, 2004
A number of Kindle devices are starting to show up in the family. I, however, am not a Kindle user (still prefer physical books) but I am starting to get involved with managing the devices. "Hey, Kevin, can you help me load this book on my Kindle?" "Hey, Kevin, how do I load free books on my Kindle?" "Hey, Kevin, is there a way of sharing books between our Kindles?"

I know that I can plug in a Kindle via USB and drag & drop files to the device and they'll show up just fine but are there any PC based apps for managing large collections of .mobi files?

With MP3 files, for example, there are apps like MediaMonkey that will find duplicate files, allow for bulk editing, and generally make managing collections pretty easy. When my wife & I converted our CD collection to MP3 using MediaMonkey saved a huge amount of time.

So far I have come across Calibre which seems like a great way of compiling the collection into a DB to easily edit the meta properties of the books but I am not seeing features like finding & deleting duplicate titles. :(

Anybody having to cross this bridge yet?


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Nov 23, 2008
Nope, my wife and I have Nooks, and just use the USB cable to transfer files from my netbook to each device...
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