Klingon Rituals & Traditions


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Klingon Rituals & Traditions

This section will guide you through the fascinating aspects of Klingon rituals, traditions and ceremonies. All are listed in alphabetical manner and include hyper-links within the database itself. (More entries will be added later as time allows.)

A [SIZE=-1]Adoption | Age of Ascension | Arbiter of Succession | Assassination[/SIZE]
B [SIZE=-1]Black Fleet[/SIZE]
C [SIZE=-1]Challenge Rituals | cha'Dich[/SIZE]
D [SIZE=-1]Death Howl | Death Related | Discommendation | Dishonourable Killings[/SIZE]
F [SIZE=-1]Fek'Ihr[/SIZE]
G [SIZE=-1]G'now juk Hol pajhard | Gre'thor[/SIZE]
H [SIZE=-1]Hegh'bat[/SIZE]
J [SIZE=-1]ja'chug | Jat'lyn | jinaq[/SIZE]
L [SIZE=-1]Laws and Justice[/SIZE]
M [SIZE=-1]Manhood Tradition | Mating Ceremony | Mauk-to 'Vor | MajQa | Mek'ba[/SIZE]
Q [SIZE=-1]Qab jIH nagil[/SIZE]
R [SIZE=-1]Rite of Passage | Rite of Succession | Ritualized Killing | Ritualized Suicide | Ruus'tai[/SIZE]
S [SIZE=-1]Sonchi | Sto-Vo-Kor[/SIZE]
T [SIZE=-1]Tea Ceremony | Tlinghan jIH[/SIZE]