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An Old Friend
Hi coolscifiers :cool:, It's Thursday afternoon and I cant figure what I'm gunna do tonight. Any suggestions? Will probably watch CSI & The Mentalist later.

Got the idea for this thread from another community I work at. Its pretty popular there and gives us a chance to converse about anything whenever we visit.
Thought I might give it a go here.

So whats everyone upta? Hows work? Got yer fishin license yet? Goin on vacation this summer? Is it raining? LOL, and a multitude of other off the wall questions...

I should probably ask Kevin if he can sticky this...oh, :eek: right, I just did.

Hey, do you realize any stories with Osama Bin Laden still alive is now alternate reality?

So whenever you come to CoolSciFi come say hey in this topic. Or say anything ya want. Just stay within forum guidelines.
My Dad's Birthday was May 15th 1912 he would have been 99 years old this year

My Mom's birthday was May 13 1921 She would have been 90 years old this year

I'll be 50 in July
So, nobody is interested in idle conversation?
I missed this thread. :P What I'm really shocked at is that you bumped it a few times and I still missed it.

With all our technology and resources why can't we have Carmel M&Ms?
I had to reread that... my first response was "There is Caramel M&Ms now?! I know Rolos are out there but their shape allows for a manufacturing process where the caramel could be squirted into the upside cup shape and them topped off to seal it. I can't think of any round hard-shell type candies like M&Ms that have a liquid center. HHhhmm....

Buffering Primeval Season 5 Episode 1
Is that the new season just starting to air in the UK?