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It's crazy around here as well. The past few weeks we've been going from freezing rain to 40* sunny days to snow squalls back to sunny days back to freezing weather.

I'll be so happy when spring & summer comes.
Well, the temp has dropped again. Yesterday was tee shirt weather and today is frigid. My nose dripping is making me mad.
They are expecting freezing rain and heavy snow.
Working in Auto Parts i doubt we will be very busy - I know I wouldn't want to work on my car in this felgercarb.
Getting sent home because of no business is nice until payday comes and there isn't enough money to pay the monthly bills.
The storm could dump six or more inches of snow Tuesday. The city itself could get 7.5 inches of snow, said Ben Miller, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

At 6 a.m. today, the temperature was 39 degrees -- a big drop from the 66 degrees at midnight, and Sunday's high of 78 degrees (one degree shy of the record high set in 1992 and 1976).
The snow will be heaviest in a 30-mile swath along Interstate 44. Total accumulation? Six to nine inches of snow but "7 1/2 inches for the city of St. Louis," Miller added. "Give or take, we're still a day away."

Guess What its doing right now - Yup - Raining

Should be a nice layer of ice under all that snow.

I grew up in upstate PA so I can drive in this OK but most of these people around here haven't got a clue.

Grocery stores will be rushed and the town will run out of deicer. People will call off work, schools will close and businesses will stay closed.

I wish I had a 4wd with a winch or a tow truck. I could make a killing at $75.00 a pop.
The midwest is filled with crazy weather, we normally wait a few hours for it to change. Even part of Lake Michigan was considered another "weird weather triangle" like the Bermuda Triangle.