Land That Time Forgot


An Old Friend
Remake of Edgar Rice Burroughs Film
LDS Forums ~ Provo, Utah ~ April 1, 2008
Sunstorm Productions has announced that they will begin filming a new adaptation combining two of Edgar Rice Burroughs classics, The Land that Time Forgot and The People that Time Forgot. They will be combined into a loose adaptation under The Land that Time Forgot title. Executive Producer April Pazzo, has selected the campus of Brigham Young University as the setting for the film. “This is an ideal location for the film. It has all the ingredients necessary for a realistic period piece. We were at first skeptical of reports from our location scouts, but once we saw the campus, we knew it was perfect.” Filming begins in August and the call for a cast of a thousand extras will come as early as May 1st, next month. “It will be a real savings for our production budget, in that we are going to ask the natives to just show up in their street clothes,” she added. “That attests to the marvelous job our location scouts have performed.” Early reports suggest the possibility that Utah favorites Dell Schanze or Jimmy Osmond may possibly be considered for the part that was once played by Doug McClure, although no definite decisions have been made.
altough i still do watch the originals on the telly at times, i do hope these get made quickly yet correctly. i dont know if combining the two movies together to make one is such a great idea as the originals held so much detail that wove the stories like the books did.