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Can anyone recommend a gaming type laptop for under $600?

I know that is not much to work with.

If possible, a laptop that would play the new World of Warcraft "Cataclysm". I do not play WoW myself..but..I have a friend that loves to play.

Again, I know that is not much to work with..that is what is in the budget right now.





Try Toshiba, I got one in June last, it cost around 600 Euros and World of Warcraft's latest expansion runs perfectly. If you get one now it will probably be more advanced so you shouldn't have any trouble.


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You could check TigerDirect or NewEgg for a barebones that you build yourself. High quality at a low price (Watch for component sales)
Open source operating system is free so you can save money there too.
There are lots of good free antivirus and other programs as well
Check Gizmos Freeware at techsupportalert

You can also save $ by going with a small hard drive (60 or 80G) then getting a HD enclosure on usb - 2 TB is about 90$ now and dropping

My son has a toshiba and it runs about anything he wants - starcraft 2 didnt even slow it down.
I have an old presario that will barely play a youtube video

Personally I am a desktop guy.


Thanks so much for the suggestions.


I have spent so much time in store and not getting a good answer.

Thank You!


You know..

I did think about a desk top..


I hate being stuck at home.

There are so many places that have free wi-fi where I live that it is easier for me to get out than want to stay in.

Thanks again.


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Start looking for laptop sales sites online, maybe student orientated ones, selling laptops that are out of fashion. You can get some okay ones that should play WoW within your budget. Laptops are highly priced for what they are and go out of fashion very quickly.

I suggest when you are checking the "dedicated graphics" options you do a lot of googling, to rank the power of them and also check the fps rates of games. there are some sites out there that list them. The cpu/ram on what you are buying will affect the figures given in those tests.