Las Brujas de Mexico (The Witches of Mexico)


In the deep amazon of central Mexico their exists a beautiful paradise called Las Huastecas. It's a tropical paradise amongst Montes and Valleys with crystal clear waters and roaring waterfalls. It once formed a part of the Mayan empire and original indigenous languages are still being spoken today. It is from this tropical paradise that the stories I am about to tell you are from. These stories have been passed down in the family and seen in modern day by eye witnesses, the following stories are my families account of their experiences with Las Brujas de Mexico (The witches of Mexico).

My grandfather was a tall and powerful man, and when I mean powerful I mean that he worked on his own fields owned his own lands and when he went down on one knee he was still as tall as a horse no joke we have pictures. He ran several Ranches and had groups of men to help man the lands he owned. He was a strong man. In the valley up the hills and mountains of his pueblo though strange sightings of lights where seen at night and during twilight zooming through the trees. The lights where visible from the valley below and it was said to be rumored that somewhere amongst the Jungle and the trees that their was a school of Magic for Witches from all over the world. The lights moved up and down and in between trees and sometimes seemed to duel. The locals feared the unknown and kept to themselves for the most part despite the strange occurrences.
On one of my grandfathers routines one particular night though one of the lights came dangerously close to his livestock and fields. Just at the edge of the trees my grandfather could see a fiery ball of light going at a faster pace than he could chase it with his horse. Taken by curiosity and worry for his land and property my grandfather took into the jungle with his horse and went up the hills to chase it away. At some point he said he had a clear sight of it and decided to shoot it down. He fired one bullet and to his surprise the fireball dimmed and feel in its tracks my grandfather had finally not only come close to one of these things but seemed to have finally caught one of them as well to his surprise though he rode up to the crash sight and found a naked woman instead wounded by gunshot and bleeding all over the floor. This is when he realized he had shot what seemed to be a person. He picked her up, covered her up and took her back to his Ranch where they stitched her up and cared for her overnight. He didn't want an innocent woman to die and if she had really been the ball of light flying around he was responsible for her care. The wound however looked to be fatal and it seemed that she would not survive the night. At some point though in the middle of the night when they weren't looking she disappeared somehow. They say that her bed was made and that for the type of wound that she had that their was no blood trail or anything and that they didn't think it was possible for someone to survive in the jungle without proper care but she vanished from the pueblo without a trace no one saw her leave the house property or pueblo. They even searched for her and found nothing. My grandfather was shaken up by the experience and said that he didn't know it was a woman that he had no idea that the ball of light was a person. He was convinced now more than ever that the floating zooming lights seen in the monte hills and mountains really where witches and that he had just had an experience with one. He never shot another ball of light again but then again no more lights descended the pueblo below that close ever again.

My Grandmother told me that it was no secret that they lived amongst magic folk. She told me that they where the people of the mountains and hills and that they actually traded with the pueblo regularly but mostly kept to themselves. They never harmed anyone and as long as they didn't harm anyone the people of the pueblo and the mountains and hills lived side by side peacefully. My grandma said that they would bring their fruits and crops and trade for grain and bread and other crops in the pueblo village. On one of these trade visits my grandmother said that she made friends with one of the magic folk who had told her that her cat had recently had kittens. My grandmother was ecstatic for the opportunity of having a new kitten in her home and offered to trade produce and grains for one of the kittens. To my grandmothers surprise the woman agreed and explained to my grandmother how to get to her house. The trek was through the jungle and my grandmother had to go a bit of a ways away but she made the trip to pick out her kitten from the litter herself when the kitten was finally old enough. She said that the woman was kind and happy and that they mean no harm. My grandmother brought the kitten home and cared and loved for it she sad it has her magical beast. The kitten grew up well loved and pampered at home and in the pueblo.

My Uncle
SOOO... We all grew up hearing these stories and thinking of them as old wives tales including my uncle. My uncle is a religious man but a practical man as well. He listens to reason and logic and understands scientific reasoning and importance. He never believed much in the stories until he took the pilgrimage back to my grandfathers lands himself a few years back to deal with some property issues and to his surprise he got to witness the balls of light with his own eyes. They still float above the pueblo and he says that they move too fast to be planes. They could be drones but he said that they moved quickly amongst the trees without hitting a single object on the way down at remarkable speeds.

Today many sightings of brujas and balls of light have been reported over various parts of Mexico always amongst the hills and montains of the jungles and montes.

Searching the internet I have found similar stories of these balls of light and most of those stories come from Monterrey but the stories remain the same. Flying witches and balls of light. These videos can also be found on youtube.


Bellow is a photo of my Grandfather in the middle on one knee at the same height of the horses head with his men.
a sighting of a flying witch in Monterrey and picture of Las Huastecas and photo of a captured fireball on camera.


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This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
thanks for sharing
a man named Carlos Castaneda wrote a series of books about a supposed brujo named Don Juan. (the whole thing was pretty stupid, sad to say.)

I've heard that there is a lot of what might be called non-Christian activity in that part of the world. shamanism and 'magic mushrooms'. fascinating subject.

They say there's a place down in Mexico
Where a man can fly over mountains and hills
And he don't need an airplane or some kind of engine
And he never will

from the song 'Hypnotized' by Fleetwood Mac