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I have an urban fantasy novel on Smashwords that I'm giving out for free until next Wednesday (November 18).

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International aid worker Frank Bowen's wife, Liz, goes missing in the wilds of Belize. The constables of San Ignacio find no trace. Years later, on a pilgrimage to Liz's remote 'grave,' Frank loses his way and his world. Exiled for witnessing a convergence of worlds, Frank becomes the ultimate 'doctor without borders,' tracking Liz's faint trail through the back roads of a parallel world at war.
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Here's a review:

"I must admit, when I first started reading this book, I was a little apprehensive. Often, I thought new and un-spoken for writers can be quick to dull and annoy, much like one of the books I had to review earlier was...

On to the review:

This book is a fantasy, yet not quite a fantasy. The book is littered with humans, their politics, cultural differences and common human error in judgement. yet, the concept of parallel universe, while not new, is artfully re-produced and introduced in this book that makes all the relationships between humans, their loyalties and cultures so much more complex, twisted and wonderful.

It's been a while where I stopped breathing for the main character, felt my heart race in comprehension of what might be happening next and swore out loud when I realise it's (yet another!!!) cliffhanger. so please, let me know what happened next SOON!"
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