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Quiet Disaster

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i haven't watched conan in a while... sadly. :( the tv in my room get staticy... the cable line is messed up or something. so i don't bother watching tv in my room. and i'm too lazy to go out in the living room. so i missed when conan was in canada. :( and a lot of shows before that and after. probably haven't watched him in like a month. damn.


The Bubbly
Heh - I saw the repeat of The Donald on the other night talking about The Apprentice - how hilarious was that when Conan's was like 'Conan is the boss of late night... and I can fire whoever I want - so you are fired!'

lol :lol:

Not to mention, lately I have been going (for no apparent reason) Late night with whooooo???
conan is sooo funny! omg i just laugh my ass off when i watch his show!!! hey did you see when he held his great speach to finland??? it was so funny and made me soo happy!!!(i'm a finn, if you didn't get it...=)) i love the string dance, and when he pulls the lever and his gr8 jokes!!!
conan roxx!!! :lol:


Super Fantastisch
OMG Conan is my favorite EVER! Unfortunately, I can't watch him nowadays coz of work... :( But I friggen love the guy! :lol: My friends and I from highschool (back in the day) had a fan club going. :lol: And my friend Katie wants to marry him (and yes, she knows he's already married). LMAO. But yeah, I miss watching him, coz he is so damnfunny. No one else even comes close, especially the other "late night" people. Plus, you GOTTA love the hair. :lol:



Phase~1~girl said:
he is so worth staying up for up to c!!!

and OMG he is gonna be the host of the tonight show in 5 years how great is that!

That is really awesome!! I love Leno but i think Conan will do awesome (y) !


Sydney's Lover
Conan rocks! Funniest guy in late night that's for sure!

I'm really happy that he's gonna move up to do The Tonight Show in 2009.

I just hope he brings his whole act to that show. Late Night with Conan O'Brien RULES!

His dance sequence at the beginning is hilarious, as is 99% of his show!

Max Weinberg is funny too.


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()aliasyeah() said:
conan rocks!  the string dance and his trump impression always get me!  anyone else want "the walker texas ranger lever" back?  :smiley:

yeah that lever was hilarious :lol:


mrs. charlie
What I want ot know is how his hair is so poofy lol I love the pompador There doesn't seem to be any product in it because he runs his fingers right through it and plays with it when guests asks him to.


Super Fantastisch
LMAO. I dunno how he does it, but he just does.

It's so funny that you brought that up, because I recently got "The Best of Will Ferrell" on DVD and there are a couple of interviews on there with Conan. And it's when Andy Richter did the show with him... OMG his hair was SO different!!! :eek: Firstly, it doesn't even look as much red as dirty blond, and it's also shorter, so there's no "pompadour." :lol: It was shocking, to say the least.
Guess who has tickets to Conan on May 17th?! That's right, me!!!! I can't wait, he is my absolute favorite talk show host. My favorite classic Conan moments have to be:

Inspirational Jesus Sports Figurines
Triumph at the Star Wars premiere
Trying to sell his '93 Ford