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Leave the gun take the Rambaldi

Discussion in 'General' started by girlincognito, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. girlincognito

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    Mar 8, 2003
    :D This fic takes place between part 2 and part 3. Syd and Vaughn are sent on a mission to Lake Tahoe Nevada to retrieve to go under cover and get a Rambaldi manuscript from crime lord Micheal Corleone.

    *A.N. :ok i know that the time line is a little screwed up since part 2 took place in the 70's but forgive me I am one of those wierd Godfather people. fyi this is taking place in current day. ok this is my first fic ever so be gentle but honest.

    Disclaimer:i dont own Alias or the Godfather although i promise u this i will be in the next godfather movie if they make it. ;)



    Kendall: Recently we have discovered the whereabouts of 47 pages of Rembaldi's memoirs. Thes would be very valuable to us. In these memoirs Rembaldi speaks of where he hid his 47th invention. Although we do not know where he hid it or even what this invention is we do know that we must find it befor Sloane, Derevko, Sark or anyone else looking for it. All we know is that this is one of his most crucial inventions, he wrote much about in in several of his manuscripts never saying what it was however. So we need to go in and retrieve those memoirs.

    Sydney: Where are the memoirs?

    Kendall:We had an annonomous tip from someone several months ago that we would find it in Corleone Sicily. So we had a team go in to retrieve it but we soon learned that the property the memoir was supposed to be burried on belonged to Vito Corleone the crime lord who has been deceiced for several years. He left the property o his son Micheal Corleone. Micheal Corleone then had the land dug up and it was found. He kept it as a collectors item and the only interest he showed in it was as nothing more than a collectors item. We went undercover as collectors and tried to buy it from him. He refused. So now we have plausible reason to believe that he is in the works of a deal with Sloane or Derevko. Now if You havn't picked up yet micheal Corleone is head of the county's most powerful crime family. Agents Vaughn and Bristow, you will be going in as yourselve's.

    Vaughn:If he already offered to sell what makes you think he is going to sell to us.

    Kendall:We are going to make him an offer he can't refuse

    *A.N. tehehehe sorry just had to put that line in. The rest of the story wont be in that format occasionally if you ahve a problem with it let me know.*



    Lake Tahoe

    Tom: Mikey, there are some people here to see you.

    Micheal: Who is it?

    Tom: Two agents from the CIA.

    Micheal: What !? What do they want?

    Tom: They refused to tell me, they said that they would only speak to you directly.

    Micheal:send them in.



    Sydney: Mr. Corleone my name is Sydney Bristow, and this is my partner Mchael Vaughn we are here to talk to you about something you have and something we want.

    Vaughn: we have recently learned that you have a milo Rambaldi memoir. now we are prepared to make you an offer that we believe will be in your best interest to accept.

    Micheal: Now what would that be?

    Vaughn: Legal immunity.

    Micheal: I don't think so. And i will tell you my reasons, first introductions are in order this is Tom hagan my lawer. Now I will tell you why I am refusing your offer. I have already spoken to someone else who has made me a better offer by the name of Arvin Sloane.

    Upon hearing this Sydney jumped out of her seat she grabbed Micheal Corleone's head and slammed it on the desk and screamed...


    *A.N. Again I'm sorry i just had to do it again i couldnt help myself. tehehe so far this fic doesn't make much sence unless you have seen the Godfather a number of times. but that will change hopefully*

    Vaughn had the gun pointed at Tom, but was ready to save Syd if she needed it.

    Micheal: So thats how that felt.

    Sydney: What the hell are you talking about?

    Micheal: Nothing. Nothing at all.

    suddenly the bookcase opened and out walked the last person that Sydney wanted to see.

    "Hello Sydney."

    *sorry bout the cliff hanger let me know if i should keep going. if u havnt seen the godfather rent the first two to be able to understand this. ok bbye ok read and review.
    Simone :angelic:

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