Left 4 Dead 2 map in Disneyland

You almost got me excited Az that I ran to the l4d2 workshop to see if this was a campaign map only to find it's only for "survival" in L4D2 which is part of the game I rarely play. :D #howdareyougetmyhopesup

For anyone interested in this Map, that plays l4d2, you can down load this in the l4d2 workshop on steam. Looks quite good just a pity i don't play survival mode. :(
Ahhh, I thought it was available for the entire game. Shame... it looks really good :D

Yeah, quite a few of the maps created by their respected authors are survival or vs only but you get your fair share of campaign maps.

The map in question can be downloaded here Steam Workshop::Journey to Splash Mountain - Part 1 and you will have to subscribe to 5 parts (subscribing = installing) on the workshop. Might still give it a try though just to see what it's like.