Legend of the Seeker

I've read all but the last book and must say the the producers must not have read any at all. It like they have taken the character names and just re wrote the whole thing, I nearly chocked when they hooked up with the sisters of the light. Richard is weak as a character and Zedd not the great wizard I was expecting. The only redeeming part is Kahlan is so hot.
I just finished watching this series on Netflix streaming. It had good production values but the writing was kind of weak. Not enough good fantasy TV shows on.
I would like to hear any thing on what you think of the Sword of Truth books or the Legend of the Seeker TV series.

So if youve seen the show or read the books LET LOOSE I want to hear everything
I watched the series before beginning to read the book. I like the first season or so, but not so sure about newest season. I'm only on Ch. 3 in the "Wizard's First Rule," and i'm loving it. But i've not read enough to compare the tv series to the film. One of the major differences i've heard is writing Darken Rahl as Richard's brother instead of his father. Not sure why the writer's decided to take this turn. It would have been interesting to keep this story fact. So, we'll see. Still watching though. I'd love to see Richard and Kahlan's relationship develop a little more obviously. I guess only time will tell.
So far I'm digging the second season. I really like both Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell. It's nice to see some new female faces on TV that are both attractive and talented.
Im a huuuuuge fan of the TV show. I may start reading the books...but it
sounds like id be in for a big suprise if i do!! lol
Luckily my gf loves it too (im very aware that she fancies richard!)
But hey, i get to see kahlan lots, and there are some really good
scenes like when she was naked in the lake (when it was meant to be an imposter)
and that awwwwwesome scene in the previous seekers tomb..
OMG that was hot. And again she was'nt suppose to be kahlan really!
Still looks damn fine when she is possesed!! Haha!

Anyway, i never knew of the seeker at all untill i watched a short 'preview'
on youtube introduced by lucy lawless, and since then i'm completly
obsessed with it. Love all the characters. Even good old zed! haha

Can't wait to see what's happening in season 2 now that cara girl is
joining the gang..shud be interesting!!


Seen about 12 episodes of the second season and so far it's really solid. Cara is a nice addition and definitely easy on the eyes. ;)

Wish they had more fantasy shows on TV with good production values and characters like this one. There are so many good books/comics that they could adapt.
Like the books it is based on, the entire series is cliched and trite, although it does fill me with nostalgia for 90's fantasy television shows. Nice to see that a work of medieval fantasy can still do wonders for a producer's bank account.

The sex appeal is a definite plus. Hope they can keep this going for a few seasons.

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