LEGO Ideas sci-fi project needs help

Hello all.

I haven’t asked in a while, but I thought if I were to ask again, now’s the perfect opportunity.

I created a space outpost out of LEGO bricks and posted it on LEGO Ideas, a site where people submit their designs and if enough add their support to it, LEGO designers will look at it and consider turning it into an actual set.

My project is nearing 1,000 votes but is slowing down. It’s been slowing down for a good long while, and I’m not sure it’ll make that milestone on its own. If it does, it'll gain an extra 6 months of life.

If you haven’t already done so, would you be willing to add your support to it over on Ideas?

I need 123 more votes in the next 39 days.

Classic Space Outpost - 40th Anniversary Set

Any help would be gratefully received :smiley: