Season 3 Let's establish right now who is going....


Jun 28, 2003
OK, here's what happened (and keep in mind, my memory's not the most specific):

At the beginning, the cube with Rambaldi's tissue is taken by some people (I forget who), so that they can analyze it. Marshall said that he wished he could put a tracker on it.
Then, back at Sydney's apartment, somebody sneaks into her apartment and hits here with a tranquilizer dart. When she wakes up, she's in a plane with Kendall. He tells her that he knew she was alive, but she didn't want him to tell her. But he tells her anyway.
Kendall told her how she was taken to her own memorial, but she was in a van with tinted windows and she was given a drug that made her immobile. Apparently when someone's badly burned, they do DNA tests on the teeth. So the Covenant took something from her teeth and implanted it in a corpse.
He explains how she was supposedly brainwashed by the Covenant. The only reason it didn't work is because of Project Christmas made her able to resist high levels of brainwashing, or something like that. To prove that it had worked, the man that "brainwashed" her (dammit, I forget his name to! :mad:), took her in front of a board of people. One person told her to stab somebody (they never showed his face, but I could tell by his voice that it was Cole), so she did stab that person. Nine months after the Covenant took her, she contacted Kendall. She went to see Vaughn, but he was with Lauren, so she told Kendall that she'd do whatever he wanted.
One of the people the Covenant sent her to kill was Lazarey. Instead of killing him, however, she worked with him. One of the things they did was went to a cave to get the cube with Rambaldi's tissue, where there were 12 keyholes with names that had corresponding keys. Lazarey had to hold one of the keys because it wouldn't stay turned, and when little panels closed over all the keyholes, Sydney/Julia had to cut his hand off. She was supposed to give the cube to Kendall, but instead decided to keep it. Sydney figured out that she hadn't really sent a letter to Sloane, it had been forged by the Covenant so that she would go looking for the box and they would find it.
Part of the prophecy was that the person who was in the prophecy would carry Rambaldi's child, which was why his tisuue was preserved. Sydney's scar was there because, as she put it, they took her eggs.
Instead of sending Kendall Rambaldi's tissue, she sent him a CD with her explaining how everything was stolen. She'd found a doctor that specialized in long and short-term memory loss or something, and he removed her memory. She asked that Kendall didn't tell her any of this, but obviously he did.
In the end she asked Marshall if he had put a tracker on Rambaldi's tissue. At first he dinied it, but then he admitted it. So she and a few other people, including Dixon, went to where it was located. Before they went Dixon said he knew what had happened to her the whole time, and now he understood what it must have been like for Sydney with SD-6.
Before they got to where Rambaldi's tissue was, it showed people, including Sark, taking something from a tube labelled Sydney A. Bristow. Presumably they were fertilizing Sydney's eggs. When Sydney and the team got there, there was a bunch of shooting. Then Dixon commented on how they were supposed to bring everything back to be analyzed, then told Sydney to "do her thing," which is when she torched it all. Then they took Lazarey, who had been there, in an ambulace to a hospital.
Sark was shown fiven orders over a phone to take care of his father.
In the ambulance Lazarey asked Sydney if she knew who the passenger was. She said that they'd talk at the hospital, but when they got out of the ambulance, a sniper killed Lazarey. Then they showed Lauren packing up a gun, meaning that she killed him.
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