Leviathan Wept - Daniel Abraham

Hmm, so they won't maintain that section anymore? Wasn't it just submitted rather than paid works?

Reminds me, now I've settled into my workflow I need to do more writing for myself nowadays and not merely the poetry I churn out on facebook
I'm able to load about 40% of the works so far and I have been converting them to word docs so I can read them later.
The first link is to my google docs and spreadsheets conversion of the 2nd link.
I made no changes to the content - Its a bit more readadble now.
I have about 2 gb of short stories and trivia I will be uploading to Google Docs&Spreads so I can share them. I will probably post the majority of them to my forums but some of the best I will also post here.
I will try not to get too carried away...