Life imitating art...... (Real Genius)


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Does anybody remember a movie with Val Kilmer from a few years back called Real Genius? The Cliff Notes version of the movie is that a bunch of college whiz kids work on an airborne laser system for the military.

Well, I don't know if college kids are involved but the US military is getting ready for it's airborne laser arsenal with a working 15-megawatt unit by the end of the year and a 150-megawatt unit within a few more years. :eek:

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two more laser tactical weapons that have been valid for approximately 15 years.

1) tank mounted laser cannon. batteries for laser mounted on tank externally, can fire one shot before requiring the batteries to be recharged. can pierce a 1" round hole in a tank, leaving it prone to chemical, biological and nuclear weaponry. and if the laser happens to hit people inside the tank by line of sight...................................

2) rifle mounted lasers for the use of blinding enemy troops. the chinese were supposed to be preparing to manufacture about a million units back in the early 90's. when you fire the laser, it blinds enemy soldiers in 1 second. if enemy soldier using optics like binoculars, it will blind them 4 times as fast!