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Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by The Kate Vartan, Dec 26, 2002.

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    Dec 16, 2002
    This is my first fan fiction, so I hope you like it. Please give feed back.

    Chapter One

    Sydney and Francie’s apartment

    Sydney’s POV

    It’s 6:30 AM. As I roll out of bed, I can’t believe that it’s already morning. Last night, Francie, Will and I went out the Francie’s restaurant for dinner and then we helped her close up. I was having so much fun with them that I completely forgot about my morning meeting with Sloane.

    I groggily walk around my bedroom looking for my clothes. I stumble over one of my shoes that I didn’t put away last night. Finally I manage to pull on my work clothes and proceed into the bathroom. As I am brushing my teeth I can’t help but wonder how I ever got myself into this double life. I look back to when I was first starting at UCLA and then SD-6 recruited me. I was so excited that the United States government wanted me! In contrast to present situation, that time seems like bliss to me. For a moment I wonder what it would be like if I never found out that SD-6 was not a black ops division of the CIA as it claimed to be. I finish brushing my teeth and quickly put my hair up in a French twist.

    I walk into the kitchen and press the start button on the coffee maker. I walk outside to get the newspaper and notice an old woman walking her dog. She looks so peaceful and content. Now why can’t I be more like that? Then the little voice in the back of my head pops up and tells me to be happy with who I am and what I do. If I hadn’t been recruited to SD-6 then I wouldn’t have been recruited to the CIA. And if I hadn’t been recruited to the CIA I would have been blindly working against my country and would never have met Vaughn. As my mind drifts off into dreamland, I am snapped back into reality at the sound of my neighbor leaving for work, so I grab the newspaper and go inside and get a cup of coffee.

    As I sit down at the kitchen table, I try to drink my coffee and read the paper, but I can’t focus. My mind keeps meandering back to images of Vaughn. He is my life. He is my reason to get up every morning. Without him, I probably wouldn’t be working at the CIA anymore. But, my thoughts are interrupted by a big looming image of Alice, Vaughn’s “girlfriend”. Why did she have to be in the picture? I know that she must be a nice person if Vaughn was dating her, but I can’t get over my jealousy of their relationship. One of the most infuriating things about working for the CIA is protocol, so even if Alice was out of the picture, I could never share my feelings for him. I wanted to explode with jealousy when Vaughn and Alice walked into the bar where Will and I were talking. My first thought was what is she doing her and then oh my god! The security cameras! Naturally, I couldn’t just ignore them when they came in, so I had to greet them. At first, I was worried that Will wouldn’t catch on and slip up by calling me Sydney or mentioning the CIA. But my anxiety was unfounded. He played along like a good sport. I couldn’t help but feel bad for him because I could tell that he can sense my feelings for Vaughn are beyond a professional relationship. Speaking of a professional relationship, it has been very hard to contain my feelings for him when I’m around him. I feel intoxicated by his very presence. I know that I will never be able to and never will act on these feelings towards him because I’m sure that he doesn’t feel the same way. Someone that amazing would never fall for someone like me.

    All of a sudden I was brought back to reality as Francie walked sleepily into the kitchen in her pajamas. I glanced hurriedly at the clock. It’s 7:10.

    “Francie, I’ve got to go to the bank for an early morning meeting with some east coast clients. I’ll see you later. Bye!”
    “Bye Syd!” replied Francie.

    Francie’s POV

    Wow. I can’t believe Sydney. She’s absolutely amazing. No matter how late she stays out, she’s always ready and raring to go the next morning. I can’t image where she gets all of her energy. On top of that, she’s such a sweet and kind person. In fact, she is probably the nicest and sweetest person on the planet. Although she is all of those things, her life must be pretty hard. She works long hours and goes on numerous business trips. Rarely does she get to enjoy herself as she did last night and afterwards, she probably regrets going out because she’d be tired for work the next day. I really hope that the bank gives her a break some time soon of she’s gonna to get with all the stress in her hectic life.

    At SD-6

    Sydney’s POV

    I walk into the bank building and head towards the elevator. I get inside and push B6. As the elevator takes me down to the SD-6 headquarters, I can’t help but wonder what Francie must think about my job at Credit Dauphine. After all, I’ve had this job since I entered UCLA and banking can’t be that exciting. Oh well. At least it’s a pretty average job so it doesn’t really draw attention to itself.

    The elevator stopped at B6 and I got out. Before going to my meeting, I stopped by my desk to deposit my handbag and then continued on to the conference room for my meeting.

    Sloane and Sark were already seated as Jack, Marshall and I entered. Everyone took their seats and Sloane began detailing the mission.

    “We’ve recently gotten some new intelligence from Mr. Sark about a clue leading to a Rambaldi device is located in Shanghai. Sydney, you and Mr. Sark will got to Shanghai infiltrate the warehouse where the device is hidden and bring it back to SD-6 so we can examine it. The plane leaves in three hours. Are there any questions? No? Okay, this meeting is dismissed, but Jack will you stay behind?”

    Jack’s POV
    I wonder what he wants to talk about? Probably something confidential. Then Sloane began to speak.

    “As you know, I ended Emily’s suffering a few months ago and now someone is blackmailing me. The party in question is threatening to give out information about the Alliance, which would prove damaging to all parties involved. So, I have hired Ariana Kane, counter-intelligence for the Alliance, to investigate and hopefully solve this problem. From what I have heard, she is an excellent game strategist like you and I have full confidence in her capabilities. I understand that she has been questioning you and I would like to know how that is going.”

    I took that statement as an implied question so I answered. “I believe that she trusts your judgement on the subject of my innocence, but she still continues to question me. Just the other day, I believe she and I reached an understanding regarding such questioning. She asked about my private life and I immediately could tell that she was insulting my intelligence and trying to see the kind of person that I was by backhandedly doing so. I called her on her behavior and we both reached the conclusion that I would rather be tortured and she would rather do the torturing than have me questioned in such a stupid manner. With that meeting, I believe that she has begun to trust me. She is one of the best game strategist that I have ever met and have full confidence in her ability. I sincerely hope that we will get to the bottom of this matter as soon as possible.”

    “That’s just as I expected. I’m glad that your experiences and my beliefs are the same. That is all.”

    “Oh, before I leave, I have one question for you. Why do you continue to work with Sark when his intel has not proved helpful to SD-6 and the Alliance?”

    “Oh Jack, that’s a complicated one. Over the years that we have been working together, I have been trying to become a full partner in the Alliance. Now that I finally have, I need to bring even more progress to that council in order to keep my value and continue to be trusted and useful to them. If I do not, then they may as well assume that my whole division is corrupt and cheating them and that would seriously jeopardize everyone in this agency. My hope is that this next mission will be successful and my partnership with Sark will be proved worthwhile, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. I would hate to have to terminate him. It would be so unsatisfactory. Sometimes it seems as if some other force is working against us.”

    That last sentence really caught my attention. But my practice reflexes saved me from showing any sign of heightened emotion. “Thank you Sloane. Goodbye.”


    As I left Sloane’s office, I wondered whether he was really suspicious about another agency or if it was just a casual remark. Either way, I can’t take any chances, so the next time I see Sydney I’ll be sure to tell her to be on her guard.
    Syd’s POV

    I wonder what Sloane wanted to talk to Dad about? Oh well, I’d better go over to the CIA and get my counter mission so I’ll have to time to get ready and pack.

    I took to the elevator back upstairs and got into my car. I need to call Kendall to tell him that I had received a mission from SD-6 and needed my counter mission. Kendall answers the phone.

    “Agent Kendall here.”

    “This is Agent Bristow. Request for a counter mission.”

    “All right. I’ll send Agent Vaughn to meet you at the Warehouse in 20 minutes.”

    At the mention of Vaughn’s name, an involuntary shiver ran down my spine. I couldn’t help it. Whenever people talked about him or even just mentioned his name, I got butterflies in my stomach. I can’t quite put my finger on why. I know that I have feelings towards him, but that doesn’t explain my crazy symptoms. Or does it? Either way, I need to stop thinking about him and prepare myself for the meeting. If my head is still off in dreamland when I get to the Warehouse, I’m in for some trouble. For the rest of the car ride, I listen to the radio to distract myself.

    Vaughn’s POV

    I’d better answer the phone. “Agent Vaughn.”

    “This is Kendall. Agent Bristow has just received a new mission from SD-6. Meet her at the Warehouse in 20 minutes.”

    As I hang up the phone, my first reaction is ‘yes’! I get to see Sydney. Then I realize that I need to calm down and put on my façade or else I might give myself away. If only protocol wasn’t such a big deal I would give way to my emotions and tell her how I feel, but of course, I can’t do that. Also, I don’t want to damage our friendship. I am the only person that she trusts completely. If I tell her that I have loved her since the day we met, she might feel embarrassed and uncomfortable and I can’t risk that. I know that in my heart, eventually I’ll be able to tell her how I feel, but for now, I need to keep my emotions in check and just be there as her friend and faithful CIA contact.

    At the Warehouse

    Syd’s POV

    As I pass the Warehouse to make sure no one is following me and then I turn around and go park in a hidden location. I get out of the car and carefully enter the Warehouse. I continue on until I get to our meeting place and as usual, Vaughn has managed to beat me there. Keep calm. Just smile and pay attention. Here it goes.


    “Hi Sydney. Kendall called and told me to meet you her to give you your counter mission. So shoot.”

    “Okay. Sloane is sending Sark and me to Shanghai to retrieve some information that will help SD-6 find another Rambaldi device. We are supposed to infiltrate the building where the information is hidden and bring it back to SD-6 so they can examine it.”

    “Did Sloane give you any details on what you where looking for?”

    “No, but I’m assuming that it’s probably a file on a computer because Marshall gave me some a hair pin embedded with hacking equipment and a disk to put the info on.”

    “All right. Since Sark is going with you, we can’t very well give them a fake disk because he’ll probably know the difference, so I’ll get the CIA to give you another disk so that we can have a copy too.”

    “Thanks. By the way, did the agent you sent to the bar retrieve the disk?”

    “Yes and I’ve made sure that it’s been destroyed. So there is no need to worry.”

    “Good. I’ll call you when I get back from the mission.”

    I turn around and started walking out, when Vaughn called me back.

    “Hey Syd…”

    “Yeah?” I eagerly walked back.

    “Can I ask you a question?”

    “Sure. Go ahead.”

    “Let’s say that you really like this girl, but you don’t know how to tell her and you’re not sure that you want to because she might not feel the same way. What you should do?”

    “Umm…let’s say that you were the guy and I was the girl, hypothetically of course. I would want to hear what you had to say even if you weren’t sure how I felt because it’s always nice to be admired. And I’d probably feels the same way about you, but you’ll never know until you take the risk. Does that help?”

    “Yeah. Thanks.”

    As I turn around to leave again, he calls me back one more time.

    “Uh, Sydney?”

    “Yes,” I say stepping closer to him.

    “Umm….Good luck on your mission. Be careful.”

    “I will. Bye.”


    As I walk to my car, I feel more and more sad and let down. At first, when he asked me how he would tell a girl how he felt about her, I thought that maybe, just maybe I was that girl. But sadly, as our parting confirmed, I wasn’t that person. I got into the car almost in tears and drove home to pack for my trip.

    More soon!
  2. I like it. keep it up. I wanna see some action soon. :D
    --Mandy :angelic:
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    Dec 8, 2002
    Yay!! It's good!! Please post more of it!!!!!
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    Dec 8, 2002
    its great i love it please write more!!!!!!!!
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    Dec 16, 2002
    i'm glad that you like it! i'm almost finished with the next segment! it'll probably be up later tonight.
  6. aliaschica47

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    Dec 8, 2002
  7. The Kate Vartan

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    Dec 16, 2002
    Here's some more.

    Chapter Two

    At the Warehouse

    Vaughn’s POV

    Uh! I can’t believe that I was so stupid. I was going to tell her how I felt and then I just chickened out. I can’t believe myself. Now she’s going on a mission and who knows what’s going to happen? She could get seriously injured or even worse killed. I have to stop being so concerned about possible embarrassment and just tell her. Like she said, if worst comes to worst, at least it’s nice to know that someone admires them even if they don’t return your sentiment. I vow to tell her how I feel as soon as she comes back from her mission. I don’t care how I’m feeling that day. I’m going to do it. She has to know and so do I.

    Driving home

    Syd’s POV

    Calm down. Calm down. You’re going to swerve off a road or bridge or something if you don’t pull it together. Your whole life isn’t going to shatter if he doesn’t love you. Or will it? Up until know, nothing has been definite and there was always room for hopes and dreams, but know, it seems as if it’s not going to happen. You know what? I’m sure that I’ll be able to think about everything more clearly once I’ve gotten some sleep. The flight to Shanghai is going to nice and long and I’ll be able to get some sleep then and think about Vaughn in a more rational state of mind.

    Syd’s apartment

    I pulled into the driveway and ran up to my apartment. I have to pack quickly so I can catch my plane. As I hurry into my room, I start to make a mental checklist of everything that I need to pack. Besides all the normal things one would take on a trip, I have to bring these skimpy outfits that drive me crazy. For some reason, they are always required. Hopefully for this trip, I won’t be practically living in them like some of the other trips I’ve been on. I threw everything into my bag and ran out the door. I forgot to leave a note on the table for Francie, so I called her and left a message on the answering machine.

    At the airport and on the plane

    On the way to the airport I make a quick stop by the CIA to get the disk for me to copy the files onto. I arrive at the airport and park my car. Since I am flying on a private jet I didn’t need to check my bags. Fortunately, Sark wasn’t on the same plane because SD-6 didn’t want us to be traced together. I take a seat by the window and look out onto the runway. For a few moments I just stare into space letting my mind wander. Once the plane takes off, I get out my assignment and review it so that I can get some sleep and just relax. Well as much as you can relax and sleep on a plane.

    The mission is fairly simple so I finish looking over it pretty quickly. Then I pull out my journal and start writing about the day’s events.

    Dear Journal,

    Today has been quite a trying day as a whole. First, I had to get up early and got to a meeting as SD-6. It wouldn’t have been half as bad if I hadn’t been given a mission with Sark. Why Sark? He’s the worst choice out of anybody Sloane could have picked to go with me. I guess Sloane wants him to go with me in order to make sure that Sark is holding up his end of their partnership, but that doesn’t make me any happier. Of course I can’t just tell him that I hate Sark’s guts, so I’ll just have to deal with him.

    At first, when Sark came to work with SD-6 I was really nervous about him betraying me to Sloane, but that passed once we reached the understanding that he couldn’t tell him about my involvement without revealing himself. Although that problem has blown over, I still have to watch my back just in case he decides that it is better for him to tell Sloane because they now trust each other so much. Also, I still don’t know what was written on that paper he told me about that was his second proof to Sloane. It could have been an e-mail or letter from one of the Alliance members or various other enemies ordering his execution, but it could have been something totally unrelated.

    On my last mission to Paris with Sark, he said this thing that really cut through to me. He told me that he thought of Irina Derevko as a mother as well. I think he could tell that what he said disturbed me a little because of my reaction. I told him that we aren’t and never would be friends no matter what. I should have just kept my head and dismissed his comment. That would have been a much smarter thing to do. I guess one the reasons that it really jumped out at me is that he might have meant his statement more literally than one might interpret. He could actually be my brother! I don’t even want to consider that possibility. I just can’t. Anyway, enough about Sark.

    After receiving details on my mission I met with Vaughn to get my counter mission. At first the meeting was very professional and I was calm and collected, but then he asked me how to tell someone (presumably a potential girlfriend) how he felt about them. I prayed that that someone was me. I even used myself as girl X and he didn’t ask me. For a second I thought he was going to, but then he just wished me good luck on my mission and told me to be careful. After that encounter, I wished that I never set myself up for a fall like that one. I shouldn’t have made mountains out of molehills. The whole miniature golf thing was probably more or an inside joke then anything romantic. But that still doesn’t explain what he said about his father’s watch. Maybe there is still hope that he could possibly feel as strongly for me as I feel for him.

    All right, I’d better get some sleep and as I promised myself before, I’ll think about it later and maybe a solution or some sort of consolation will dawn on me.


    I put away my diary and feel asleep until I landed in Shanghai.


    I get off the plane with my luggage and walk off the runway into a small airport. Customs goes pretty quickly because SD-6 owns the airport and has been notified of my arrival. I walk over to the rent-a-car desk and get my car under a reservation for Wanda Franklin. Sark and I have agreed to meet a few blocks from the Warehouse in a back alley behind the hotel I would be staying in. As soon as I got onto the streets of Shanghai, I realized how unrealistic it was to have a car in this city. There were so many people there and hardly any of them had cars.

    After getting stuck in traffic (caused by people not cars) I finally reached the hotel where I would be staying. I walk into the hotel and check in before going up to my room to change. I quickly change into pants, a shirt and jacket, all black of course. I peak stealthily out of my room before darting down the hall and out the back stairs into the alleyway. Although Sark has been expecting me, he grabs me as I run out of the door.

    “Sark it’s me! Let go!”

    “Oh sorry Agent Bristow. You can never be too sure who might come barreling out of hotels.”

    “Oh sure,” I say sarcastically. I’m sure he planned that just to annoy me. “Ready to go?”

    “Yes. I’ve planned a route to the Warehouse where we won’t be seen. Follow me.”

    We take back alleys all the way to the Warehouse. Our conversation goes as follows in the protection of the shadows.

    “All right,” Sark says. “You go in through the west entrance and I’ll go through the south one. What’s the plan after that?”

    “Once I get inside, I’ll contact you to tell you I’m in. Then you need to disable the surveillance system so that I only have to deal with a few guards. Once that is done, contact me so that I can go radio silent to make sure that we’re not detected until I download the files onto the disk. Then I’ll get back online and we’ll make our getaway. Ready?”


    I sneak around the back of the building. The perimeter is fairly deserted, but it’s better to be overly cautious in these kinds of situations. As I am approaching the door, I see two guards that are dozing off, but they are armed with machine guns. At least it’s dark out. I’ll have to move quickly to disarm them or they’ll blow my head off. I stealthily poked my hand around the corner and shoot the closest guards and then swing all the way around the corner and shoot the other. That was pretty easy. I quickly open the door and glance around to make sure there are no other guards in sight.

    “Sark. I’m in. Are you finished shutting down the surveillance system yet?”

    “Almost….Got it. Go ahead.”

    “Okay. I’m going radio silent.”

    Click. Time to talk to the CIA. “Okay. I’m almost at the computer.”

    Kendall comes on the comm. “Agent Bristow the files are under the title RMGK35543. The password is 73263212.”

    “All right. Got it. The disk is in the computer and copying the file….done. I’ll dead drop the copy at LAX. See you back at headquarters.”

    “Good work Agent Bristow.”

    Click. Back to Sark. “All right, I’ve got the files on the disk. I’ll meet you back in L.A. Sark? Sark? Can you hear me?”

    “Oh what? Sorry Sydney.”

    “That’s Agent Bristow to you. Understand?”


    Sark. What a pain. He’s always trying to get to me. Thank god I won’t have to see him for almost another 24 hours! But now I’ve got to get out of this Warehouse and back to L.A. problems or no problems.

    Just as I round a corner I come face to face with a guard! Both of us must have been surprised because neither of us could react very fast. Fortunately, I recover more quickly and take him out. A few more running steps and I am out of the Warehouse and running back thru alleys to get to the hotel.

    Once inside the hotel, I calmly walk back to my room, gather my things, change and checkout. I drive my car back to the small airport, where the plane is ready to take-off and I’m headed back to L.A.

    The flight proves uneventful and I quickly fall asleep pondering what my next move should be towards Vaughn. I can’t very well just ignore my feelings because that would drive me crazy, but I couldn’t be so bold and tell him how I feel and not worry about his answer. Or could I?

    At LAX, there had been a shooting which was no surprise. Things like this are the norm in such a crazy city. Fortunately, that does not affect my dead drop with the CIA on the curbside. I grab a taxi and head home, eager to get a good night sleep.

    The Next Morning in Sydney’s apartment

    I should call Vaughn and arrange a meeting with him to tell him how the mission went. I’ll just call him directly since it doesn’t really concern the CIA. I don’t know if I should. I don’t want to call to early, but if I call any later then I’ll have problems with meetings at SD-6. Oh Sydney. Just make up your mind. Fine. I’ll call him tonight when we can talk for longer. Plus I need to think more about how I’m going to go about saying what I need to say.

    At SD-6

    “The trip to Shanghai was a definite success. We’ve got the files and it is in Analysis as we speak. Good work. There won’t be any further endeavors until we translate and decode the files. This is proving to be a harder task than usual because only one of our annalists is familiar with the specific dialect so the translation is going slower than was planned. I’ll contact you when the decoding is finished. You are dismissed.”

    Thank god. I’m so hungry. I didn’t have breakfast today because I woke up so late and had to come strait to this meeting. It’s 2 o’clock. I don’t think I’ve eaten for over 20 hours! Well, then I’ll just have to treat myself to an extra special, extra yummy lunch. Why don’t I go with Will? I haven’t seen him in a while and I think that it would be nice if we spent more time together for my sanity and his as well.

    Ring. Ring. “Hello?”

    “Hi Will this is Sydney. I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch together.”

    “Sure. I’d love to. Where do you want to meet?”

    “How ‘bout Le Boulanger?”

    “In 15 minutes?”

    “Yep. I’ll see you there. Bye.”

    “K. Bye.”

    At Le Boulanger

    “Hey Will. How are you?”

    “Pretty good. Do you want to sit over by that window?”


    “Can we talk here?”

    “Yeah. Hold on.” I pull out my dual lipstick and bug killer and open it up. All set. “So how is your working going with Vaughn? Any new developments?”

    “No not yet, but I have a feeling that I’m going to find something big soon. I just know it.”

    We were having a nice lunch together when my beeper went off.

    “Good guys or bad guys?”

    “Bad guys. I’ll talk to you later. Okay?”

    “K. See you soon. Bye!”

    What an inconvenient time for Sloane to call me. I wonder what’s going on. They’ve probably finished translating and decoding the files I got in Shanghai and is ready to give a full report.

    At SD-6

    “As you may have guessed, we’ve finished analyzing the files and have found out the new location of another Rambaldi device. Unfortunately the files did not disclose any details regarding the device, so we will have to send in a team prepared for anything. Because of the lack of information, the team will not leave for a few days in order to prepare necessary instruments. I will contact you when we are ready to go. Thank you. You may go.”

    Thank goodness I don’t have to go on another mission for a few days. I need to get a few things straightened out with Vaughn first. I’ll call him right now. Well, I’d better get to car so I can call Vaughn.

    Ring. Ring. “Vaughn.”

    “Joey’s pizza?” I say questioningly.

    “I’m sorry you have the wrong number.”

    “Sorry about that. I meant to call the Warehouse.”

    I put the car in reverse and backed out. I continue down to the Warehouse. I hope that everything goes well. I pull up into my hidden parking space and check my hair and make-up in the mirror before entering the Warehouse.

    At the CIA

    Vaughn’s POV

    Ring. Ring. I pick up the phone. “Vaughn.”

    A familiar voice comes on the other end of the line. “Joey’s pizza?”

    “I’m sorry you have the wrong number.” I wonder what she wants to talk about.

    “Sorry about that. I meant to call the Warehouse.”

    I hope that this time I’ll be able to voice my feelings for her this time and not make things so awkward. I need to just let everything out and that’s what I’m going to do.

    At the Warehouse

    Sydney’s POV

    All ready. Just get out of the car and go in there. You don’t have to dive right into it, but just talk about the mission. Start professional and work your way there.

    “Hey,” I say in greeting Vaughn.

    “Hi. You wanted to talk?”

    “Yah. I just wanted to tell you about my mission in Shanghai. As you know I got the disk and SD-6 finished analyzing its contents. Sloane says that he isn’t sending me on a mission for a few days because the files didn’t give details regarding what the Rambaldi device was, so they’ve got to prepare for everything.”

    “All right. At this point, your counter mission is to take pictures of the device and depending on what it is get a sample. Make sure you tell us more details when you have them. By the way, I’m glad you called. I have something I want to tell you.”

    “So do I, but you go first.”

    “No, you can.”

    “All right. How should I say this? Uh…okay. Here it goes. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve always felt a special connection to you. You have always been more than just my handler. You’ve been my friend, my guardian angel and the only person that I completely trust. I didn’t completely realize the extent of my feelings towards you until you got sick and that made me realize that I could loose you at any moment. When I lost Danny, I thought I had lost everything, but you made the difference. You’re the one who helped me and kept me going. Then I realized when you got sick that if you died then I truly would have lost everything. I guess what I mean to say is…I love you.”

    I hope that you liked it. Hopefully I'll have more tomorrow! :D
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    Dec 8, 2002
    AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!! I"M DYING FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Los Angeles, CA
    that was good[/SIZE=1]

    ~Me :angel2:
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    Dec 16, 2002
    Here's part of chapter three, but I have to go on a day trip, so I'll post more when I get back. Enjoy!

    Chapter 3

    Sydney’s POV

    Vaughn looks amazed. For a moment I feel stunned as well. I can’t believe that I finally told him how I feel. My body feels ten times lighter now that that heavy secret is off my chest.

    “I love you too, Sydney,” Vaughn whispers.

    He leans towards me and gently brushes his lips against mine. This indescribable feeling courses through my body and my heart skips a beat. I understand the essences of the moment and let our first kiss be a soft gentle one and not demanding. It is the innocence of it all that adds to the moment.

    We stop and look deep into each other’s eyes. I can see the flame shining brightly in his emerald ones. He is so beautiful and sensitive. This is more that I ever could have wished for.

    Vaughn’s POV

    She loves me! SHE LOVES ME! And then I kissed her! I couldn’t be more happy than at this very moment. She is so tender and loving that it amazes me to be sitting beside such a perfect woman. I thought this kind of moment only happened in fairy tales, but I was wrong because it just happened to me. I guess it is possible to live a fairy tale.

    Sydney’s POV

    After I pull out of the tender kiss, I embrace him tightly as if I would never, could never let go of him. I found him I had found him at last. This is the moment that every little girl dreams of. The moment of truth, when everything is just beginning.

    “Now what were you going to tell me?” I whisper in his ear.

    “Just what you told me, but probably not phrased quite as eloquently as you did it. I realized the day that I met you that you were someone special, someone extraordinary. You weren’t just my asset and I wasn’t just your handler. AS I watched you writing your statement about SD-6, I fell completely and totally in love. Ever since the first mission that you went on, I prayed for your safe return. I gave you that antique picture frame from Christmas because I wanted you to know that I cared. And then in Taipei, when we walked through the club hand-in-hand, I finally had a strong physical connection to you that made my hands tingle. When the guy tried to pick you up, I wasn’t just playing the part, I felt anger, jealousy and aggression towards him. He was trying to steal you and take you away form me and I couldn’t accept that. When I ran after you once the Circumference exploded and I saw you through the door trying to save me, I thought it was the last time I would ever see you. Almost died at the thought. Then, when you came to me in tears because you found out that your father set-up your mother, I comforted you and you comforted me. I had never been so close to you before and I knew that this was how it was meant to be. Shortly after, I got sick from the Circumference water, I realized that I had to tell you how I felt. Life is too short to have inhibitions because they turn into regrets. You have to seize the moment and not worry about reactions. Just do it. Just do it. I can’t tell you how much I love you Syd. The quantity is too great to express in an entire lifetime.”

    “Vaughn, that is the sweetest most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me and I truly mean it,” I whisper through tears, which he gently brushes away with his thumb. Nothing could ever erase this memory from my mind. There is absolutely no way.

    “Me too.”

    “I hate to say it Vaughn, but I’d better leave before Francie gets worried. She gets really paranoid when she doesn’t know where I am.”

    “You’re right Syd, but call me Michael or Mike. Vaughn seems so formal. So protocol.”

    “Okay, Mike. I love you.”

    “I love you too Syd.”

    And I turn and walk slowly away from him, but I run back over and give him a quick kiss and dart out of the Warehouse. God how I love him. I can’t believe that he feels the same way. It sounds like he recognized his feelings even before I did. I think this is a wonderful beginning.

    As I drive back to the apartment, I try to recall every bit of detail from our conversation. Then, the phrase so protocol hits me and burns itself into my brain. Protocol. Uh oh. I’m not sorry that we threw it out the window because we’ve both been compartmentalizing our feelings for a long time. It’s just that now that we’ve told each other, things can only accelerate from here. And if we’re not careful, people may start to notice and Mike could be reassigned to another agent and I could end up with someone like Kendall. Ugh. I shudder at the thought. Kendall. Kendall. Kendall. Now if he found out what was going on between us that would be the end. He’s never in agreement with anybody. I don’t see how anyone could stand him, even his wife. Does he even have a wife? Then there’s Dad. Dear old Dad. I’m sure that he can tell that Mike and I aren’t just friends, but he doesn’t show it. I wonder what he would do if he found out about tonight or even had a gleaning suspicion. All I know is that my life would be hell.

    Finally, I got back to the apartment and I dig through my bad for the keys. I wonder what time it is. Although I had lunch at 2 o’clock, I getting hungry again. My guess is that it’s probably around 6:30. I find my keys and open the front door to find the whole room sparkling clean. Wow! Francie must have gone on one of her famous cleaning rampages. I get there isn’t a speck of dust or dirt left in the entire house. I wonder is she has left for the restaurant yet. Probably has because dinner, even during the week, draws the most people. I set my bad down on the kitchen table and see a quickly scribbled note to me on a napkin.

    Syd –

    I have to leave to go do dinner at the restaurant. I went grocery shopping today, so everything is well stocked in the fridge. I hope you had a good day at work! And I hope you liked my cleaning surprise!


    Francie. Good old Francie. She is always there for me. Even though I’m not supposed to, I think that I’m going to tell her about Mike. I know that I can’t keep this to myself, so I’ll tell her. I know that she can keep my secret. Also, she seems to be getting suspicious. For instance, a few days ago, she came back into the house when Will and I were talking about his SOP and psyche test. We both stopped mid sentence and I concealed my backpack, but she could tell that she had walked in on something. I felt really bad because I couldn’t tell her what it was all about and I bet she felt pretty left out these days.

    I pulled some cold chicken out of the fridge and heated it up in the microwave. I thought about getting a cup of coffee, but I decided against it because I knew that if I had one know that I’d be up for the rest of the night. So I settle on a cup of chai tea. My favorite. As I eat my dinner, I discover that chicken and tea don’t exactly go together, but it doesn’t matter. All I can think about is Mike. Only in my dreams had I even called him Mike. It seems so funny to even hear myself think it. Vaughn just seems to roll off the tongue better, but that is probably because I’m so used to it. I’d better get used to calling him Mike because I don’t really think that you can call your soul mate by his last name. It just doesn’t seem very natural. Good thing there’s no harm in practicing.

    I finish dinner and take a shower. I think that I’ll trying to get the travel grime off me from yesterday. Planes always make me fell disgusting. I get into my pajamas and pull out my journal.
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    Nice chapter!

    ~Me :angel2:
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    actually, the next post is going to be tomorrow because i'm having major writer's block. i know what i want to write, but i can't put it down on paper. thanks for waiting!
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    here's the rest of chapter 3. i'll post more as soon as i finish writing the next chapter. enjoy!

    Dear Journal,

    Wow! This has been quite a day. I came back from Shanghai late last night and I got to sleep in this morning. That was definitely a welcomed changed.
    So much has happened since I last wrote. I can hardly keep my hand steady! I guess the only place to start it at the beginning. Shanghai was a success and SD-6 analyzed the disk. The information wasn’t as specific as they had hoped for, so I’ve got a little time before I go off on another mission. This time I don’t even know where I’m going, so I’ll keep you posted.

    After my meeting at SD-6, I worked up my courage and called Vaughn to talk about the potential mission and us. I got there and everything went really smoothly! It was like a dream. I still can’t believe it happened. He loves me and he kissed me! I’m about to fall asleep, but I’ll write more soon.


    Time for bed. *yawn*

    The Next Morning

    Time to get up and off into the new day. I wonder if Sloane has anymore info on the Rambaldi device. Only time will tell. This is just going to be another “normal” day. There is nothing special at all, oh no. I’m not in love with my co-worker, I’m not a double agent, I’m did not just find out that my mother faked her death and was the head of the KGB a.k.a. the Man and my father isn’t under surveillance at SD-6. My life is normal. Just kidding. Okay. Better have some coffee and kick it into gear. Oh, I’d better remember to make sometime to talk to Francie about Vaughn. Not Vaughn, Mike. This is going to be one hell of a day. Coffee Time.

    At SD-6

    “As you all know, we’ve been working on several special pieces of equipment for your upcoming mission. Fortunately, we now have more details on what the item is and it turns out not be a Rambaldi device, but the key to a Rambaldi device that is now in our possession. The key is located in New York City in the Empire State Building. It can be found at the very top above the highest floor. You will go through the ceiling and make your way through the rafters. In the upper left corner, you will see a small box about the size of a thumb nail. That has the key inside of it. This key will open the jewelry box, the Rambaldi artifact, which is said to contain a manuscript detailing all of his works and theories. This is one of the most important kinds for completely the Rambaldi puzzle because we will be able to tell which devices we still need to find and where they are most likely hidden. But above all, it may shed some light on what Rambaldi was getting at as a whole. Jack, please continue.” Sloane finishes and attention turns to Jack.

    “You will meet this man on the 23rd floor and he will get you access to the top floor, which is currently under construction. Dixon, you and Sydney will pose as two architecture students from NYU hoping to get a bird’s eye view of the city. If at any time this contact exhibits behavior that could indicate betrayal, do not hesitate to act. This key is of utmost importance and must be obtained without fail.”

    Back to Sloane. “Are there any questions? No? Good. Once your tools are finished, I’ll set up a meeting with Marshall, so he can explain how to use them. That’ll be all.”

    Okay. Whoa. Since when did SD-6 come into possession of a new Rambaldi device? This can’t be good. I wonder if my father knew about this and didn’t tell me. I’d better talk to him before I go to the CIA for my counter mission.

    Jack’s POV

    How could this have happened? Sloane didn’t tell me about this new acquisition. This is starting to worry me. This is the second time that Sloane has kept me in the dark. First the code deal for the nukes and now this. I have a feeling he’s starting to suspect something. Here comes Sydney. I’d better warn her.

    “Sydney. We need to talk.”

    “Yeah, we do. Did you have any idea that SD-6 had acquired another Rambaldi device because today during the meeting was a little late notice if you know what I mean.”

    “Sydney. I had not idea about it until the meeting either. I need to know that you trust me to tell you everything that I know. Do you understand me?”

    “Yes. What do you think this means? This is the second time Sloane hasn’t clued you in. I’m starting to worry. Ever since he partnered with Sark, he hasn’t been letting you in on everything.”

    “I know. It’s worrying me too. Also, I think Ariana Kane, Alliance counter intelligence, is starting to suspect something. I don’t think she’s guessed our true identity, but I have a feeling that she’s getting closer and closer every moment. I have a meeting with her this afternoon. I’ll see you later. And remember, be careful.”

    “Don’t worry Dad. I will.”

    Sydney’s POV

    Lately everyone’s been telling me to be careful. Its like if I’m let out of their sight for even a second, I’m going to break like a China doll. Oh well. That’s probably just me being overly sensitive.

    I’d better get cracking on some paperwork so I can meet Francie for lunch. I get to my desk and sit down. Paperwork is always a bore, but you can’t escape it. Anyway, this looks like it’s mainly no-brainer filing for my personal use. *time passes* All done. I’d better call Francie and see if she wants to eat lunch together.

    Ring. Ring. “Hello?” Francie comes on the other end of the line.

    “Hey Francie. This is Syd. I was wondering if you wanted to catch lunch together today.”

    “Sure. I’d love to. How ‘bout you come to my restaurant because I’ve got some work to do.”

    “That sounds great. I’ll be over there in like 10 minutes okay?”

    “K. Talk to you then. Bye!

    “Bye!” Now that that’s all taken care of, I’d better tidy up my desk and head over to the restaurant.

    I hoped you liked it! :D
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    your story is really good keep going
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    all right, here's about half of chapter four. i'll put the rest up tomorrow.

    Chapter 4

    At Francie’s Restaurant

    As I pull up outside Francie’s restaurant, I realize for the first time that it’s an absolutely gorgeous day. I hope that the weather is an indicator for my luck today! Well, I’d better get my thoughts together because I need to coherently tell Francie about Mike, but not so much as to get her too involved. Here it goes!

    Swish goes the door, jingle, jingle go the bells. “Hey Francie! How are you?” Big hug.

    “I’m fine sweetie. How ‘bout yourself?”

    “I’m just great. So what do you recommend we eat?” We walk over to a nice sunny booth.

    “Hmm…Well, I really love the grilled chicken sandwich with avocados and tomatoes. It’s delicious!”

    “Sounds good to me. I think I’ll have that one too. Do you want me to help make it?”

    “Sure! That sounds like it’d be a lot of fun. We can just leave our stuff here. I’ll get you an apron and we can start cooking. Follow me.”

    We walk through a door behind the bar that is marked Staff Only and into the kitchen. Francie reaches out to the right and pulls two aprons off these nice wooden pegs and gives one to me. This is going to be so much fun! “So what are we going to do first?”

    “Well, I’ll go grab the chicken out of the fridge. Could you get the salt and pepper in that cabinet?” She points to the one directly across the room. “And the olive oil from the one on it’s left?”

    “K.” Francie grabs the chicken from the fridge, turns on the grill and start to cook it. I bring over the items from the cabinet and start adding a tiny bit of olive oil to help the chicken cook. “So any cute guys work at the restaurant?”

    “No, not anymore. Originally, I hired this one guy to be a waiter, but he turned out to be completely unqualified. He would just flirt with the waitresses and slow things down, so I had to fire him. I felt really bad about it, but when you’re starting a restaurant, there isn’t any room for distractions. Hopefully, there will be someone else. Speaking of cute guys, didn’t some guy give you an antique picture frame for Christmas last year? I mean guys don’t just go into antique shops for the heck of it.”

    “Actually, I wanted to talk to you about him.” Francie squeals and starts jumping up and down like a little kid.

    “I knew it. He really does like you! Syd, I’m so excited. Come on! You’ve got to tell me all about him! EEEEE!”

    “All right, all right! I guess I’d better tell you an abbreviated version. His name is Mike and I really like him. In fact, I’m in love with him.”

    “Oh Sydney, that’s wonderful! Why didn’t you tell me before?”

    “Well, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about him and I didn’t know if he liked me either, but yesterday, I decided that I just had to tell him and I did! He loves me too! I still can’t believe it! It’s like a dream come true!”

    “Oh my god Sydney! I can’t believe it either! I’m so excited for you!”

    “Yah, me too. But there’s one catch to the whole dream world thing. The bank really discourages relationships between employees and in fact has strict rules against them. So I really need to keep this a secret, just between you and me. You can’t even tell Will. Okay?” I really need her to understand.

    “Don’t worry, Syd. My lips are sealed,” Francie replied solemnly. “Yikes, I’d better take the chicken off the grill before it gets completely charred!”

    “Oh well. Don’t worry about it. It was definitely worth getting to tell you about Mike!”

    “I agree. Could you grab four slices of bread so we can start eating?”

    “Sure….Here you go. Time to eat.” For the rest of the lunch, we talk about the restaurant and Michael. Then, I decide to bring up the dreaded subject. “By the way Francie, I also wanted to talk to you about the other day when you walked in and thought that you were interrupting Will and me.”

    “Oh yeah, about that. I’ve thought it over, and I think that I was just jealous that you and Will were spending time together and the two of us are always really busy, so we don’t really get to do anything with just the two of us. I’m sorry that I over reacted.”

    “It’s okay. I’d probably have done the same thing if I were you. You’re right that we don’t really get to spend much time together even though we live in the same apartment and I want to change that. I know that it’s going to be hard because both of us have such unpredictable schedules, but I have an idea on how to fix that.”

    “Great. What is it?”

    “I was thinking that we could make a habit of meeting for lunch twice a week and also having a girl’s movie night. What do you think?”

    “That sounds like a great idea! Do Tuesdays and Thursdays work for you for lunches?”

    “Yeah. How about Friday night for the movie night?”

    “Perfect, but we can always reschedule if you have a date with you know who!”

    “Thanks. Well, I’d better get back to work.”

    “Oh my gosh. What time is it? 1:45! Yikes! Me too. I’ll see you tonight then?”

    “Yep. Have a good rest of the day!”

    “Yeah you too! Bye.” Big hug.


    That went better than I expected. I guess that the weather was a good omen after all. I’d better head over to the CIA to get my counter mission or risk being accused of withholding information.

    Jack’s POV

    At SD-6

    Time for my meeting with Ariana. This is not going to be pretty. I hope it’s not long either because I really am not in the mood to be interrogated about Emily and blackmailing. Also, this could get really ugly. If I let one thing slip then Sydney and I are both in danger. Well, here I go off to stare death in the face.

    “Good afternoon Ms. Kane.”

    “Good afternoon Agent Bristow. Please take a seat.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Your smooth tone is not going to work on me Agent Bristow so let’s just get to the point.”

    “That’s just fine with me.”

    “I’ve decided to ask you once again if you know anything about Emily that you want to share with me before I take you to do a lie detector test. So go ahead.”

    “Ms. Kane, I told you before and I will tell you again that I know nothing other than what Sloane has shared with me about the blackmail attempts and I wish you would stop asking me about it.”

    “Impatient are we? Well then, off to the lie detector test.”

    A back room at SD-6

    Okay Jack. Calm down. You’ve past this kind of thing many times before. There is no reason for you to panic. You can do this.

    “Now Mr. Bristow. You understand that even if you do pass this test you will still be under suspicion. This is due to the fact that you have been trained along with many others to be able to override this sort of thing, but I’ve decided to see what happens just for the fun of it. Enjoy.”

    “Thanks. I will.” God how I hate this woman. She uses this tone that makes you want to kill her and she looks at you like she can see right through you and you can’t hide anything from her, like there’s no escape.

    “The first question is…”
  16. ohhh i wonder...
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    here's the end of chapter 4

    Why isn’t she asking me the question? What is wrong? She can’t have gotten me all the way down here for any reason. Or did she?

    “Mr. Bristow, as you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t asked you the first question yet. That is because I’m not actually going to give you a lie detector test, I just brought you down here to see what your reaction to the notion of having one was. If you exhibited signs of nervousness then I would know if you were guilty. If you did not overreact it could mean one of two things. Either you had nothing to hide or you were mentally preparing yourself to take the test. I’ve chosen the latter because I’m not inclined to let you off the hock so easily. I will see you tomorrow. Good bye Mr. Bristow.”

    What a crazy woman! I should have known that she would use some sort of backhanded trick like that. She’s an expert game theorist, what should I have expected? To have her use a device that is completely useless on any sort of well trained agent? Jack, you’ve got to get your head into the game. You can’t just sit back and worry about it. I bet she’s got someone watching your facial reactions right now as you think. Get it together. I think I’d better go over to the CIA and start having them help me come up with thorough excuses for absences during CIA missions so that Ariana won’t be able to figure things out so quickly.

    Sydney’s POV

    I’ve got to call Mike to tell him I’m coming.

    Ring. “Vaughn.”

    “Joey’s pizza?” I ask questioningly.

    “I’m sorry you have the wrong number.”

    “Sorry about that. I meant to call the Warehouse.”

    All right. Time to go to the Warehouse. For once maybe I’ll get there before he does! I hope my hair is okay. What about my lipstick? Hey, hey, hey, hey. Vaughn doesn’t care about your looks, he cares about you, so calm down. I’m sure you look fine. There is no reason to go crazy over a simple meeting. *20 minutes later* I’m here. Time to get out.

    I walk into the Warehouse to our special cell and turn around to come face to face with my father.

    “What are you doing here?”

    “I guessed that you would be here and I wanted to supervise your counter mission.”

    “Did you clear this with Devlin?”

    “No, but shouldn’t a father be able to make sure his daughter is safe?”

    “Not if he’s imposing and going against protocol and undermining the authority of a perfectly qualified person.”

    “Sydney. That’s not what I’m doing. I want to keep you out of harms way. I have reason to believe that Ariana Kane is moving in on us and I need Agent Vaughn’s and your co-operation to help ensure our continued safety at SD-6. That woman is watching me more closely than ever and compromising the safety of everyone that we know. So you need to calm down and help me. Understand?”

    “Yes.” I hate it when he does things like this. It makes everything so awkward. This is Mike’s and my special meeting place. It feels so weird to have him here especially since Michael hasn’t gotten here yet. I hope he gets here soon because I’m already starting to worry. He’s always here first and I never have to wait for him. I guess this is what he must feel like when he is waiting for me. Wait, I think I hear someone. Oh thank god. It’s Mike.

    “Hey Mi-Vaughn. It was beginning to worry that you wouldn’t show up.” That was a close one. I need to remember to keep formalities when other people are around. I hope my father didn’t notice.

    “Sorry. The traffic was really bad. Mr. Bristow. What are you going here? Sydney didn’t tell me you were coming.”

    “I didn’t know either. He was here when I showed up. He needs our help. Ariana Kane is getting to close for comfort and he needs our help to cover up in detail where we have been on the CIA missions so SD-6 won’t suspect that we aren’t in fact working for them.”

    “Most recently, she took me down to take a lie detector test, but did not actually go through with it. She said she was only monitoring me to see what my reaction to thinking that I would be taking it was,” Jack interjected. “I have reason to believe that she has probably heightened surveillance on me and probably Sydney too even though she claims to be beginning to trust me.”

    “All right Mr. Bristow. If that is the case, then you’d better head back to headquarters and start brainstorming with the cover-up specialists. I need to give Sydney her counter mission and then we’ll come over there to help. Does that sound okay?”

    “Yes, but I wanted to stay to make sure that the counter mission is a good enough one. There can be no questionable instances or problems since we are both under surveillance. I –”

    “We can’t waste anymore time and as you said yourself, time is running out to, so you need to figure out some cover-ups. Dad, if you can find no reason within in yourself to leave now, than reach into your heart and do it for me. Just do it for me.”

    “All right Sydney, I’ll go. But I want full details before you leave and I want to be on comm. with you during the mission.”

    “That can all be arranged sir,” Vaughn says.

    “Now go,” I say. Dad leaves and walks briskly out of the Warehouse. “He is so protective and he sounds really worried about this SD-6 thing.”

    “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

    “Anyway, why don’t we get the counter mission thing out the way.”

    “Good idea. So what are your new details on the mission?”

    I tell him the whole Empire State Building deal, our cover and what we’re getting. I come to the part about SD-6’s new Rambaldi artifact and…

    “What did you say? SD-6 is in possession of a new Rambaldi device? When did you find this out?”

    Here we go…“I know. It shocked me too when I found out this morning in my briefing with Sloane. I had no idea that they had found a jewelry box and the scary thing is neither did my father. He found out at the same time I did. We talked about it after the meeting and concluded that Sark doesn’t trust Dad completely, so he is advising Sloane not to tell him everything. Now with Sark and Ariana on the case, our cover is even more precarious than it used to be.”

    “Can’t one of you pull out of SD-6?”

    “No, because then the other would be assumed double as well and we’d most likely both end up dead.”

    “This is worse than I had anticipated. Okay. Here is what we are going to do. The CIA will go in take the key before SD-6 gets there. Then-”

    “Mike, that isn’t going to work. If we don’t give the key to Sloane, then he’ll definitely go over the edge. You should have heard him this morning. He acted as if it were a life or death situation. That is just not going to work.”

    “Well, I guess there are two options here. We can either let SD-6 get the key, which is completely unacceptable or we can recruit Dixon to the CIA so be can bide time for your cover. Those are the only two things that I can see possible.”

    “Then we’re just going to have to recruit Dixon if there is no other way.”

    “Once you come back from the mission, we will intercept both of you at the airport and take Dixon so that we can recruit him as a double agent. If he refuses, then we’ll have to put him into the Witness Protection Program.”


    “Sydney, about yesterday. I wanted to make sure that you still know that especially as things at SD-6 get more complicated, I’ll be there for you. Everything I’m doing here is in everybody’s best interest as I see.”

    “Oh Mike. Don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. And I know that you’ll always be there for me and vice versa.” I lean in and give him a quick kiss. “We’d better leave now, before anyone misses us.”

    “You’re right. Plus, we have to start working on your cover.”

    We walk out the Warehouse and just before we leave, he gives me one last kiss and we part.

    hope that you liked it. :D
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    :woot: It's really a good story.
    Keep going!
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    is anybody reading this? here's part of chapter 5

    Chapter Five

    How I love that man. He amazes me every single time I see him. Even amazes me when I just think about him. It’s crazy to think that he loves me too. All right Syd, now is not the time to go all mushy over him. Your life as well as the lives of others are at stake now, so get with it.

    I arrive at CIA headquarters and jog over to operations. When I arrive, Kendall, Devlin, Mike, Dad and a bunch of cover specialists are already there. They seem to be making some progress, but I can see the tension is high. Kendall is arguing with Dad while Devlin and Vaughn look on. The specialists are trying to do their job, but are getting distracted by the argument.

    “What do you mean SD-6 has a Rambaldi device? Why didn’t you tell us this before?” Kendall yells at Dad.

    “Sir. I’ve been trying to tell you that I didn’t know about it until earlier today.” Dad curtly answers back.

    “Then why the hell didn’t you come here immediately and report this to the CIA?”

    “Because that would have be suspicious to leave SD-6 just after I had heard classified information and get in my car and go over to another company. Plus, I had a meeting with Ariana Kane where she was going to question be about Sloane’s blackmailing.”

    “Didn’t she do that before?”

    “Yes, but she continues to do it because for some reason she is convinced that I am the perpetrator.”

    I walk over next to Mike and say, “How long has this been going on?”

    “Since I got here.”

    “Oh great. Do you think someone should step in and try to mediate this “discussion”?”

    “Go ahead. I’ve already tried, but they’ve both ignored me.”

    “Why hasn’t Devlin done anything. Frankly, I think he’s enjoying this face off.”

    “Oh Mike, you’re so cynical. Well, I just might give it a try.”

    “Good luck.”

    “Thanks.” Ready. One. Two. Three. “Excuse me. EXCUSE ME!” Everyone goes quiet. “Thank you.”

    “Agent Bristow, what is the meaning of this?” Kendall angrily states.

    “Arguing is getting us nowhere. Yes, SD-6 has a Rambaldi device. No, we are not going to let them get it. Now if you’ll listen to Mi- Agent Vaughn, he’ll explain what we’re going to do about it.”

    “Thank you Agent Bristow. Since we cannot easily replicate the key, we will have to get the key out of there before SD-6 does. This is very important because if SD-6 gets the key, they will be able to open the Rambaldi device and use it to their advantage. If we get the key now, we can later send in a team to retrieve the jewelry box. Although it is not completely necessary, I suggest that we take Agent Dixon, Agent Bristow’s SD-6 partner under CIA protection and give him the option of becoming a double agent for us. If we do this, the Bristow’s cover may last longer than without his help. Agent Devlin, do you approve these two measures?”

    “Yes, I do Agent Vaughn. Kendall, please assemble a team to go extract the key from the Empire State Building. They need to leave A.S.A.P. Now, we need to continue working on the Bristow’s cover and we need to finish it quickly.”

    As Mike walks out of the room, he whispers, “I hope to see you before you leave for New York.” He gives me an encouraging smile and I smile back at him.

    I’m glad that we can get back on track. I guess sometimes the situation calls for some feminine touch. “Dad, what have you accomplished so far?”

    “Well honey, we’ve come up with…” *times passes and work gets done*

    “Okay, we’ve finished. The specialists will go type up a final copy and e-mail it to you tonight. The mail will be encoded incase anyone is monitoring your e-mail. Here is the coding that they will be using on the file. Memorize and destroy it,” Kendall says authoritatively.

    Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Click. There goes my pager. “Sloane wants me. I have to go now.”

    “Sloane just paged me too. We’ll look for the e-mail tonight,” Dad adds.

    For once in my entire lifetime, Sloane pages me at a convenient time. I could get used to this. I hurry down the stairs with my father and we both get into separate cars and drive over to Credit Dauphine.

    Meanwhile at SD-6

    Ariana Kane’s POV

    “You mean to tell me that you think Jack Bristow, my most trusted agent and lifelong friend is behind Emily’s blackmailing?” Sloane asks agitatedly as his left eye begins to twitch.

    “Yes Arvin. I’m afraid I do. His act is too perfect. I’ve questioned many others at this agency and so far, he’s the only one that is not afraid of you. He is also the only one that knows the truth about Emily’s death. He knows everything and as he said in our first meeting, over the years you’ve told him everything he would need to know to be the perpetrator. I strongly suggest that you take action.”

    “Ms. Kane. Although I highly respect you, I cannot bring myself to believe that Jack Bristow could ever be behind such a thing. I’m sorry to inform you that unless you find some sort of substantial evidence against him, I’m afraid that there will be no action taken against him in regards to this matter. That will be all.”

    If proof is what he wants, than proof is what he is going to get. “I understand. One more thing, in order to show you proof, I request to look more closely at Mr. Bristow’s file. It may shed some light on a bit of crucial information.”

    “You’re welcome to it. Go to storage and tell them that I authorize you to take a copy of Jack Bristow’s file with you. But I have one request for you in return: do not under any circumstances take his file of the perimeter. Any violations to this request will result in some serious consequences. I thank you for respecting my wish.”

    “Good day Arvin.”

    “Good day Ms. Kane.” This man is by no means the easiest person to work with. I’ll come through in the end. I can feel it. I want revenge.

    i hope you liked it! more later.
  20. hum... this is taking on a different turn than i expected.
    --Mandy :angelic:

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