Sci-Fi Limited time free Sci Fi books—Starspire Hemisphere and Rewind—by a new South African author

Both books free effective from 12:00AM 30 December (PST) to 3 January 2020.

Starspire Hemisphere

Millennia have passed since a global cataclysm changed the face of the world as humankind once knew it. Forced to retreat to a narrow habitable band at the equator, humanity has finally recovered and great fortress lineopoli now span... Read more at ( (


What if you had the ability to step back into someone else’s past at the very worst moment of their life? …Read more at ( (

A little bit about me: I was born in South Africa in the early 80s. I lived in Europe for several years, working across Europe, Africa and Asia in the environment and sustainability field. I now live in Cape Town with my wife, children and cat.

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