Live tapings

Hi guys,

I'm an Aussie who's going to the US at the end of the month... I'm DESPERATE to go and see a live taping of something, but tickets seem impossible to get my hands on. Except for Letterman, but he SUCKS.

Mainly I want to see Oprah or Martha Stewart, but I think their tickets are pretty hard to come by. Any suggestions anyone?

It is sooo hard to get tapings to shows like that. My friend and I have been trying to get tickets for The Daily Show for almost a year now to no avail.

All I can tell ya is to keep checking the website, calling, and e-mailing them to see if any become available. Also once you get to the states you can go to the studio and wait and see if you get in. Shows oftentimes have stand by tickets that they'll give to people in you may want to try that.