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Feb 26, 2003
Okay. Another update. I don't really know what I'm going to do after the season premiere tonight. It seems like it might be a little difficult to add to the story then. Any suggestions?

Agent Sydney Bristow. CIA.

Sydney sat alone at the long table, the file sitting before her. I don't have to open this. I don't have to open it. I know he's lying. It's just not possible. But something inside of her told her that she had to open the file, for better or worse. With a tentative hand, she lifted the cover of the file. The first page was an etched drawing--two people. The woman in the picture bore a strong resemblance to her, especially the eyes. But it was not the woman in the picture that bothered her--it was the man. She had expected Sloane to include himself in the picture, but instead, it was Vaughn.

Vaughn. What's happened to him? She couldn't let herself think about him right now. There was too much else going on.

Agent Michael Vaughn. CIA.

He was hovering over the ground above Mount Subasio, his body elongated. He had lost control of his muscles. He was just floating. Then, a thundering voice washed over him. "You have found me."

Found who? I'm looking for Sydney, not some freaky out-of-this-world circus act!

"It does not matter what you are looking for! You have found something more important, Michael Vaughn, something immenantely more alluring."

What have I found?

"Do you know what is located at this site, Mr. Vaughn?"

Sure, it's the site of Rambaldi's childhood home.

"It was not only my childhood home, Mr. Vaughn. It was the site of my death, the site of my burial. That sign? It was carved over my grave by my followers--my Magnificent Order."

Are you trying to tell me that you are Rambaldi?

"I am not trying to tell you anything, Mr. Vaughn. You will figure it all out in your own time, will you not?"

Why am I here? Where is Sydney?

"Miss Bristow is not important to us at the moment, Mr. Vaughn. She has other duties. For now, you are the only one that matters to me."

Then what about the Prophecy? It was all about Sydney! You have to have plans for her. That's what this is all about, isn't it?

"Not at the moment, Mr. Vaughn. Not at the moment. This time it is about you. You need to know about this site. Originally, all of my artifacts were stored here, ready for their final use. But the Italian government was not fond of me, Mr. Vaughn. They believed I was a heretic and I was executed on this very site. The Magnificent Order then distributed my works around the world to keep them out of the hands of the Italian government. It has been thousands of years since that time. For thousands of years I have been waiting, acting through my Order. They have given you documents, leading you towards the end, towards my plans."

Okay, I know it's a little weird. Please send me any ideas you have over how I should continue this after the season premiere. As always, thanks for reading!!!


Jan 22, 2003
So. California
Well, I don't think anyone but you should come up with the plot. Tou started it. You have a good storyline that's keeping us hooked. Did you have any idea where you were going to end it? Just muse a little longer, it will come to you.


Jun 30, 2003
Wow! Thanks for the PM, and sorry I took so long to review.

And, no offense or anything, this fic has gone so AU that I don't really think it matters if the story line and the actual show don't have similarities. I do think you should continue, but it's up to you. :D
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