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Oct 12, 2005
Ok, so... I just have some things to say before anything else.
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Third, I´m from Brazil, so english isn´t my first language and to be honest, my speling sucks. So please understand if anything is wrong and please TELL ME! So not only I can fix it, but I´ll keep it from happening again AND I´ll learn something new :D
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Chapter 1

There are times when you get sad, depressed, don't know why you keep getting out of bed every morning. And still, you feel like there are lots of things going on but you can't keep track, you don't understand. Even on the highest sun, you only see darkness, because you don't know how to see anymore.

For Sydney, those would be good times. She felt stuck in an age that wasn't hers. Her thoughts were obviously not fitting for this year. She had once described it, in one of her appointments with Dr. Judy Barnett, as if she had dived into a mirror, where not only did she end up in an inside out world, but also getting scraped and cut while braking the mirror on the way and getting herself a 7 year bad luck bonus.

And not only because Vaughn was married, Francie was dead, will was in WPP, Dixon was director and Weiss was thin. But also the little things. She didn't know who the mayor is, or the governor, or the President for that matter (nor did she care). The little deli she used to buy coffee from wasn't there anymore. Nor was the newsstand where she used to buy her daily newspaper on her daily run. She didn't even live in the same place. Her old apartment had burned down. It was now a mini playground between two other apartment buildings.

And to make things worse, her body was different to. She had a scar on the lower stomach that didn't look too old; and her breasts were not only slightly bigger, but also sore.

She would wake up in the middle of the night always at the same time: 3 o'clock. And not because of her nightmares. She has those too, but at 3 am, she would simply wake up, look at the clock on her nightstand, confirm that it's 3 am and go back to sleep. It was weird, but there was nothing she could do. It didn't matter if she had gotten home late from a mission and went to bed at 2 am, 3 am she was awake.

She had already gone to a doctor to get checked out (Dixon's orders). But there was nothing they could tell her.
Her scar was new but not new enough for them to discover what was done. They also did some blood work, and aside form letting her know that she hadn't been on the pill for a few months and but had been taking some vitamins and calcium, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

All in all, she had a million questions and no answers, and yet again, there was nothing she could do about it. She lived each day normally (as normal as she could, taken the circumstances). She would wake up everyday (even when she wasn't working) at 7am, take a shower to wash away the sweat from a dream full sleep, eat a poor breakfast (the will to eat was lost to her) and go to Eric's house to make him hurry up.

If there was a good thing out of all this mess that was Sydney's life, it was this newfound friendship with Eric Weiss. He was helping her so much she didn't know what she would have done without him. Eric had found her a new apartment next door to his (Sydney had a feeling Jack had asked him to), he had helped her move in, went shopping with her for furniture and clothes and kitchenware and so on. He was her designated driver until she bought her own car. He made sure she ate and took her medicine. He would entertain her when she was sad with rented films, board games, and cartoon impersonations. Bu most important of all, he was her shoulder to cry on. He would sit next to her for hours listening to her rant about her complex ideas of putting Lauren Reed through such pain that her eyebrows would turn blond, or ways to make Michael Vaughn run around the office naked and have everyone point and laugh at him. Eric was an extra saint because he would listen to most of that in silence. He understood that Sydney was hurting and why, but Vaughn was his friend too and although Lauren wasn't his favorite person, she was a good person and made Vaughn happy when no one else could. Sydney knew se was acting childish about Lauren and Vaughn, but she didn't care. It didn't matter Lauren was a good person, it didn't matter Vaughn thought she had died, in the end of the day, she was the one going home alone to another night full of shadowy disturbing dreams.

"It will get better." They said "You"ll see, everything will be fine." She knew they were right even if it didn't feel like it. What she didn't know was that life would have her down on her knees begging before it got better. And it would be soon.


Dec 1, 2006
Ok well first of all. . .
Your writing is amazing!
I could never be able to tell that english isnt your first language.
Second the emotions involved in just one chapter are incredible!
I can almost feel Sydney's pain. . .Her fear.
It is very well written and im dying to read more!
Please try to update. . .

Faye Vaughn

Oct 12, 2005
Chapter 2

When Sydney woke up that night she knew something was wrong. She sat up in bed and looked through the darkness at the bright neon lights of her clock. 3 Am. She sighted in relief, but it was cut short when she heard the phone ringing. ´So much for a weekend of…´ she thought to herself as she got up to answer the phone.
“Sydney. I’m sorry to wake you up” Jack’s voice reached her ears. ´My dad apologizing?? Something is definitely wrong.´
“No worries dad. What’s up?”
“We had a new development tonight. You better come in.” His voice was soft. Almost as if he would rather kill himself than ask Sydney in on that particular night.
“Ok. I’m be right over” She was about to hang up when she heard her father’s voice again.
“Yes dad?”
“I... never mind. See you soon.” And he hung up before she could say anything else. ´weird much? `.

She hung up, got dressed quickly and was filing her thermo cup with coffee when Eric walked in.
“Hey, you ready?” he looked tired, worried and troubled, but wide awake.
“Yeah, almost. Just need some coffee. Want some?”
“No, I’m good thanks.” He started grabbing her briefcase and coat.
“How can you be so awake at quarter past 3 in the morning?” She yawed
“I was already there. Jack told me to come pick you up” he said leading her out the door and into his car.
“Wow… look at you all hard worker, staying late” Sydney mocked him making him roll his eyes at her while pulling out off her garage. “So, do you know what’s going on?”
“Not much. I was sitting at my desk finishing our report-“
“Thanks for that by the way”
“Oh, that’s fine. Anyway, Marshall came to me all excited saying the team from North Korea was back and they brought some one in. He didn’t know who it was. But it must have been someone important ´cuz as soon as they came in, Jack went for questioning”
“Well, it better be someone important to make me wake up at bloody 3 o’clock in the morning!”
“I know! You would think the CIA has more than 2 or 3 competent agents…”
“Yeah, right! What did you expect, bringing in people like Lauren Reed?” Sydney said finishing her coffee
“Syd…” Eric began in a begging manner
“What?! You know I’m right!” Eric didn’t answer “Look me in the eye and tell me she is a good agent!”
“She’s NSA, she’s not an agent” he told her looking at the road ahead of them
“Ok… Then look me in the eye and tell me she is good at anything else”
“Her cooking isn’t bad…” Eric said simply. Sydney looked at him with a face of disgust “It’s true!! I’ve had dinner at their house many times”
Sydney looked away and kept quiet as if satisfied with Eric’s reply.
“What, you’re not gonna suborn me for information?” He asked surprised
“No. I’m trying to rise above it.” She said matter of facttly.
“Really? Good for you”
“Thanks. Besides, all of this made me rethink the kind of man he really is”
“What?! Syd! Stop it! Now you are just bitter and ridiculous!”
“No, I mean it Eric! You know what? Forget about it, you wouldn’t understand
“Because it’s a girl thing.”
“No! You can’t use that card again! Answer me! Why?”
“Because I’m too bitter and ridiculous to explain, ok?!”
“Now, that I believe!” He laughed
“Shut up!” she lightly punched his arm.

At that point they reached the JTF building. Eric parked and helped Sydney into her coat. She laced her arm through his and they walked in together making more light conversation. When they reached the offices level, they were met by Vaughn, Lauren and Marshall. As soon as she saw them, Sydney tried to let go of Eric’s arm but her held on.
“Hey, Any news?” Weiss asked Vaughn, who didn’t answer, apparently too busy staring at Eric and Syd´s linked arms, so Marshall answered
“No. Jack went straight into Dixon’s office. He didn’t even tell us who it is”
“It sounds bad… I’ll go see if I can find anything out” Sydney said looking at Weiss. He got the massage and let go of her arm. They all watched her move toward Dixon’s office, knocked and let herself in.

Jack and Dixon were in a heated conversation but stopped the moment they heard her knocking
“Excuse me?” Sydney said as she popped her head in the room.
“Sydney. Hello. Thank you for coming in” Dixon stood from his desk to greet her. He walked to her and placed his hands on her arms and held her at arm’s length and smiled. She thought strange the way he greeted her. Since she’d been back, he had been somewhat distant, ‘Or maybe I just need more coffee…’
“No problem. Hi dad” she added with a smile to Jack who remained seated. “What’s going on? Marshall said they don’t even know who was brought in”
Dixon sent a wary glance at Jack. The former for once showed unsure ness for a moment. Then he nodded back him consent. Dixon let go of Sydney and walked back to his desk, he clicked something on his computer and turned the monitor for Sydney to see.
What she saw was something she never thought possible, not even in her wildest dreams.

The monitor showed the camera feed from one of the holding cells. In it, a man who looked fairly beaten (judging by the dark areas marking his perfectly clear toned skin, since the feed was black and white) walked around the cell like a caged panther. But it wasn’t a calm stroke. Sydney could see he was furious, trying to call for attention, yelling, kicking and punching the glass, leaving bloody marks on it. When he turned and faced the camera and she finally saw his face, she knew there would be no more sleeping for a couple of days… The man looking straight at the camera, with a bloody gash on his forehead, a black eye and bloody lip, was Sark.


Jack opened the door to the questioning room to see a surprising scene: Sark sat at a chair behind a clean desk. He had a gash on his forehead that was bleeding somewhat intensely and a bloody lip. But what surprised him was at first the broken look on his face, as if he had nothing else to go on for, and secondly, the relieved look that took his face when he saw jack.
“Jack! Thank God! Where is Sydney?”
Any relief Sark had at seeing Jack walk in the room left when rage took over Jack’s usually emotion free face. Jack walked to Sark in a strike and punched him in the eye.
“Shouldn’t you be the one to know that?” He said walking away from Sark to the other side of the table.
Sark’s pain got worse after hearing Jack’s comment. He looked down again shutting his eyes almost as if holding back a sob.
“I do! I did! But I don’t anymore” Sark said not daring to meet Jack’s eyes. He sighted some what painfully, but he did look up for what he said next.” There is so much you don’t know of Jack…” just a tone higher than a whisper.
“That’s right. And I’m going to start asking right now. Where is Irina?” Jack came to stand next to Sark again.
“Irina? How the hell am I supposed to know?” Sark asked angrily
The next punch came before he could even see Jack move. Sark placed his hands on the table almost to help him take in the pain. He knew his eye would be swollen shut before sunrise.
Jack took the moment of silence to watch Sark. He could see that Sark’s fingers and knuckles were also scrapped and bloody. `He must have put up a hell of a fight…good`. The silence took only a few seconds.
“Would you stop hitting me?! I don’t know where Irina is! She didn’t tell me where she was going to hide!” Sark looked pissed of.
“What?” Jack was taken back by what he said “She went into hiding?”
“Of course! What? Did you think I killed her too?” Sark asked sarcastically.
Jack put on his emotion-free face on again before asking
“Who else did you kill?”
“That’s not I meant. Katya Derevko thinks I killed Irina as well.”
They were in silence for about a minute while Jack processed what Sark had said. In that time Sark’s angriness filled out and he looked tired and broken again.
“You have to let me go Jack. I can’t stay here” he said seriously but quietly, begging
Jack look back at him with his stern Bristow glare Sark knew so well. “Give me one good reason to let you go”
Sark’s reaction was everything but expected. He opened his mouth as if to say something but quickly closed it. His eyes remained soft, but he looked like he had something so say but was afraid to say it.
“I thought so” Jack got up opened the door and let in the guards that were waiting out side. “Take him to his cell”

At those words Sark stood with a desperate manner. “Jack! No! I can’t stay here!” He talked quickly, knowing that soon would be too late. At seeing him stand and scream, the guards (3 of them) ran to him to try and secure him. But Sark avoided them by going around the table as he kept talking
“This is serious Jack! You have to believe me! Jack!” he tried following Jack out the door, but the guards grabbed his arms, Sark fought back but he had chance against 3 men with sticks. They hit him to the ground one of them sat on his back to keep him down while the other two secured handcuffs and feet cuffs.
“I did what you asked Jack!” Sark kept trying to gain Jack attention. “But things changed, let me explain!” The guards made him stand and walked him down the hall away from Jack. Sark was now getting really angry and frustrated. “F*** Jack! Listen to me! I can’t stay here!” But Jack was soon out of hearing reach.


Dec 1, 2006
Thank you so much for updating!
I really liked the update.
I find the way Syd and Weiss get along so cool!
But right now? I hate Jack!
Aug 7, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
Okay, I have been lurking over here for quite some time, but your fic has brought me out of my lurking. It's so good and there are so few Sarkney's over her. (Not that I mind S/V either).

Can I get on the PM list!? Thanks!

Faye Vaughn

Oct 12, 2005
Okay, I have been lurking over here for quite some time, but your fic has brought me out of my lurking. It's so good and there are so few Sarkney's over her. (Not that I mind S/V either).

Can I get on the PM list!? Thanks!

Of course you can get into the PM list!!
You propably already know this but, if you are interrested in Sarkey, go to sd-1.net loads of sarkeny there!!

Faye Vaughn

Oct 12, 2005
As promised

Chapter 3

Sark was trashing and yelling and banging a chair against his cell’s glass so loudly that he didn’t hear the bar barrier being lifted in the hall. When he finally saw her she was already standing in front of his cell. Suddenly, all his angriness toward jack disappeared, he forgot all about his plan to trash the cell. Part of him couldn’t believe it. He was afraid to blink, thinking she would vanish.

“Sydney! Sydney thanks God you are here! Are you ok?” He spoke franticly, moving his hands along the glass wall as if wanting to grab her
Sydney didn’t know the reason to his reaction to seeing her so she decided to answer in the most even way possible.
“I’m fine Sark. Thank you” She just wanted to end this questioning for Dixon and go home.
When Sark heard what she said, his relieved expression turned into one of shock and then, into one of fear. He even took a step back away from Sydney.
“What did you say?”
Sydney was too tired at quarter to four am to even try to analyze Sark’s mind games. ”I said I’m fine” She said rolling her eyes. “Now, I’m here to question you about…” She stopped when she noticed Sark sinking to the floor, his eyes wet and lost, his heart broken. “Sark?”
He looked up at her, light hitting his pale face and she could for the first time see all the bruises, cuts, broken skin, and dried blood and so on. She suspected most of that was her fathers’ doing.
And finally he got the courage to ask her if his worst fear was true. “you don’t remember, do you?”
That hit Sydney like a ton of bricks. “Remember” is a word that now has a totally different impact on her. The little pity she was feeling for his injuries vanished and her face became hard. “Remember what?”
His fear had been confirmed. He felt scared, angry, stressed and most importantly, guilty. But all he could think of was revenge.

He got up fast, grabbed the chair he had left behind at seeing her, and hi it into the wall to his right so hard it broke into a hundred pieces as he yelled “F**K!!” And he fell to his knees and cried. Not a desperate cry with loud sobs, but a quiet cry, silent tears running down his cheeks.
Now who was scared was Sydney. Never in her dreams she hoped to witness such a emotion display, let alone coming from Sark. But even that wasn’t enough to have her forget what he had said. “What are you talking about, Sark? Tell me what you know!”
He looked at her, got up and walked to her again; touching the glass between them “I know everything Sydney! Where you have been, what you have done, what has happened-“
“Then tell me!”
“I will! I promise, I’ll tell you everything! But I can’t now Sydney. I have to find Logan. He’s so small. There is no time-“
“Wait, wait, wait! How is Logan?”
“Our son.”

Sydney laughed. She actually laughed. Rolling her eye, she laughed at his face and said. “I would never have a son with you.”
Sark’s face was backing to emotionless and he waited until hr laughter dyed down before answering. “I once believed that myself.”
“You’re serious…”
He just looked at her, his eyes willing her to see the truth in them.
“I don’t believe you!” she said, almost to herself. She started walking away.
“I can prove it!” his words stopped her. She didn’t turn or say anything, so he continued. I bet you still wake up at 3 in the morning every night. That’s when you used to feed him. And you have probably wondered what that scar on your stomach is. That’s for the C-section. And if my calculations are correct, you haven’t breast fed for a month, so your breast must really hurt by now.”
She continued to stand there, back turned to him. Thoughts running through her head so fast she couldn’t keep track of any of them. ’Could Sark be telling the truth? But… I … wouldn’t… It can’t be…’
“He’s 4 months old Sydney, he needs us-“
“It can’t be Sark! If I was pregnant 4 months ago I wound know! There would be signs!” She was desperate now, searching hopelessly for a way out of this nightmare.
“That’s the thing” he began slowly. “There weren’t any… you were 6 months along when you went into labor. You had just started showing.” As he talked she turned to look at him. Her lost eyes hurting from the harsh reality he was dropping on her shoulders.
“He was so small, so weak…” his own eyes were lost now, having to face again the dark past and thought that had passed him at that time.” He was in NICU for 2 months. They had a tube down his throat-“ Now he was the one to turn away from her, a hard sob halting his storytelling.
Sydney sunk to the ground, all he strength sucked away from her by his desperate sob. She placed her hands on the glass to avoid hitting face first on the floor.
“It’s true Sydney. You know it!” He kneeled next to her. “Please” Sark looked up to see jack Bristow standing there before them on the hall. “Jack, it’s the truth” he said quietly, pleading.

Sydney looked at her father, her cheeks tear stained, he remained silent and stoic until Sydney broke with a sobbed “dad”.
Jack nodded his understanding and turned to Sark. “Tell me your leads.” He asked simply.
Sark found new life in those words. He got up again and faced Jack as Mr. Sark
“I suspected Katya Derevko to have Sydney. That’s what I was doing in Korea. I was following a lead that turned out to be cold when your team found me. Now I’m out of leads…”
“So what do we do?” Jack asked.
“I need to contact a man; he will know what to do. He’ll have more leads.”
“Who is this man?
“A friend” Sark looked at Sydney still on the ground, “a good friend. His name is Simon Walker.’
“He wound have to come here.”
Sark rubbed his face with his hand and flinched slightly having forgotten about his injuries. He knew Simon wouldn’t be at all happy to have to walk into the CIA JTF. “Fine, but I will have to talk to him”
“That can be arranged. Give me the number” Jack said taking a pen and a piece of paper from his inner suit pocket
“0860523615” Jack wrote the number down and left without another word. Sark sighted deeply running a hand through his mattered hair. He sat on the ground next to Sydney, but ass he touched the floor she got up, like she was afraid of him.
“Syd-“Sark began at seeing her reaction to him.
“I need some fresh air” she said almost to herself and left.

Sark sighted harshly, punched the glass and ignored the pain that shocked his already busted knuckles.
Aug 7, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
FABULOUS! LOVE IT! Seriously, that was so good. I love how emotional Sark is and how he knows so much about their son. Keep up the good work!

Of course you can get into the PM list!!
You propably already know this but, if you are interrested in Sarkey, go to sd-1.net loads of sarkeny there!!

Yep, I know about sd-1. I actually have a fic there (see my signature - which I just updated). I've read a ton of stories over there, but there didn't seem to be as many over here. Oh well.

Faye Vaughn

Oct 12, 2005
hey you guys!! I know I haven´t updated in forever, but i just started college today, and things are a bit busy. But I promise I´m working on it!!


Jun 21, 2006
Finally another person that Loves SARKNEY. Everything her is all Syd and Vaughn. (ewww) ne ways
YEAH! I love this story. Your writing is great and amazing. Keep up the great work and update

Faye Vaughn

Oct 12, 2005
hey guys!! I´ll finally updating!! I´m soo sorry for the long wait!! I realise this is a little short but, thatps just how I ended up dividing the story!!
here we go...

Chapter 4

Sydney ran from the holding cell, past an asking Weiss, into the women’s washroom and into a cubicle, empting the contents of her stomach in the toilet. She was on her third heaving episode when she felt someone touching her shoulder and pulling her hair way form her face.

“Are you ok now?” She heard Weiss’s sweet voice after a while.

She nodded and went for the sink to rinse her mouth while Eric flushed the toilet. When she stood straight Eric was standing behind her looking at her reflection on the mirror.

“What happened Syd?” He asked.

She wasn’t ready to tell him. Saying it out loud would make it true, official.
“Sark…” she began “He said… he knows where I’ve been… these two years.”

“Really?? And what did he say?”

“He hasn’t told me anything yet… I’m just… Too overwhelmed” She finished letting a tear run from her eyes and Eric gave her one of his comforting bear hugs.

They were still hugging when Lauren walked in surprised at seeing such a “cute” scene.
“Well, well, well… This is interesting.” Her taunting voice unnerving the couple as they separated. “You should have hung something out the door. You know, like kids in college do to warn their room mates.”

Sydney ignored her comment and walked to the door saying “I better leave the room before I puke again”. Eric followed her silently.

Out the washroom Sydney ran into her father. He pulled her to a corner giving Weiss a you’re-not-privy- to-this-conversation look.
“I cleared the call with Dixon” He told her. “What do you want to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you believe him?”

She sighted closing her eyes for a moment. “I don’t know dad… What he said makes sense aside from being completely unlikely. But all I can think is: what if he’s telling the truth? What if I have…a… a son out there? Somewhere? In danger?”

“You want to call him bluff” Jack concluded.

“I think I don’t have the luxury of assuming it’s a bluff.”

Jack nodded looking at his daughter and wishing she didn’t have to go through this. And know that very soon things would get bad for him.

“I’m taking the phone to him, you want to come?” he said touching her lightly on the shoulder
She nodded since she couldn’t find her voice taken to a huge lump in her throat.

Jack passed a mobile phone to Sark and said. “Do I need to warn you not to do anything funny, Mr. Sark?”

“I think you warned me of that enough for a lifetime, Jack”

“You better hope so.” Jack warned one more time, just in case.

Sark looked at the phone in his hand thinking of what he was about to do before turning his gaze to Sydney who was standing a few feet behind her father.

Sark’s gaze on her was sad, but hopeful as well as afraid. Sydney felt a sudden impulse to smile at him and no, some thing that said `Don’t worry. I’m right here. Go on. ` Sark responded with a weary smile and turned his attention to the phone.

After ringing three a sleepy angry voice said “This better be very important for waking me up at thins ungodly hour!”

“Simon” Sark attempted to end his grumpiness. Fortunelly, it worked.

“Jules! Where the bloody hell are you?!” You where supposed to call me 3 hours ago!”

“Iran into something unexpected” Sark looked around in his cell and down at his bloody hands.

“Where are you?”

“Los Angeles.”

“Were you arrested by the CIA? ´Cuz that would have been pretty ironic.”

“As a matter of Fact I was.” Sark looked at Sydney. “Sydney is here.”

“She is?! That’s brilliant! How is she??”

“She’s …” He turned his face from her for what he had to say next. “She doesn’t remember anything”

There was a deafening silence fro the other end of the line before “Jules…” Simon sighted. “And Logan…?”

“Not here” Sark sat down on his steel cot and put his head on his hands. “Si, it was…”


“Yes” He was thankful that Simon said it, for he could only guess Sydney’s reaction to hearing the name. He heard Simon curse on the other end of the phone.

“You want me to come, don’t you?”

“You know I’d never ask if it wasn’t important”

“I know…” Simon sighted. “Are they going to lock me up?”

“They have no reason to” Sark said looking at Jack.

“Alright. I’ll be there in 2 hours”

“Thanks Si.”

“No prob mate. One thing though…”

“Sure, what is it?”

“You think I can bring Lusk? Abby isn’t here I don’t know when she’ll be back.”

“Um…yeah… bring him.” I’ll figure it out once you get here.” Sark said looking back at Sydney.

“Grand. I’ll see you in a few.”

“Alright.” Sark was about to hang up when he heard Simon call for him again.



“Don’t worry. We’ll get her.” Simon said quietly and hung up before Sark couls add anything. Sark hung up and looked at Jack.

“He’s coming, should be here in about 2 hours.” He said simply and gave the mobile back to the senior agent.

“Who’s the ´him´ he’s bringing along?” Sydney asked

“Lusk.” He answered hoping the name would ring some bells, but at her reaction less face he decided to elaborate.
“My dog.”

“He is bringing a dog to the Joint Task Force?” Jack put enfase on the word `Joint Task Force` as to make the idea even more ridiculous.

“Well, it was staying with Simon until I came back from Korea. And now he’s coming here so… I was hoping there would be a place for him to stay.”

Jack looked at Sydney with a can-you-believe-this? Look. She couldn’t help but smile at the situation. “I’m sure Weiss could keep him” She said and Sark nodded his consent so both Bristow agents left to prepare for the arrival of Sark’s stranger friend and dog.