Sci-Fi Logos from Doctor Who


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Some logos from Doctor Who....

1) The classic Doctor Who logo from the 1970's TV series. The 'diamond' logo appeared in blue as the logo during Jon Pertwee's portrayal of Doctor Who #3 and was used into Tom Baker's portrayal of Doctor Who #4. This multi-color version was used on various BBC merchandising and remains today as one of the most popular & recognized Doctor Who logos.


2) Military patch logo of UNIT, the British military unit that most often works with Doctor Who.


3) A modern take on the Dr. Who logo.



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I am not a huge Doctor Who fan, but the very top logo might be my favorite. I like it's simplicity. I've been toying around with logos in my head for characters I've created. When in art school, I took a course on logo design. One of the first logos I made in that class was so busy, it completely sucked. Lesson learned........less is more.
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