Lord of the Rings - Movies


Even LOTR RPers enjoyed the movie, so I dont think you could hate it if you werea fan. If you werent a fan, well then you just enjoyed it even more because you didnt know what to expect :)
Re-watchable is right. I stayed up to 5 am finishing off the trilogy this morning. Granted I have a few exams today...

Oh well, it was worth it.


You have finals too? :(

I do that same thing, when I want to even watch one, I have to watch the entire series. I enjoy it, but my body doesnt when I do what WatchMaker does and stays up until 5am :P


Excellent movies. All around top-notch film making, but damn people, I couldn't imagine that kind of movie watching stamina. All of my entertainment stamina is saved up for interactive things- roleplaying and gaming.


Yeah, the films were well done... only went a little out of their way to pander to women. I mean, more power to the women's movement and all, but I would have preferred the films were true to the books than make the changes they did, especially around Arwen.
Only movie I have ever made myself sit down and read the books prior to watching in of the triology. When I had originally found out they were releasing the fellowship I pulled the books off the shelf and started getting into them, and good thing I did.

They did a pretty good job of following the storyline and somewhat making the characters stay true to the book better then I have seen done in most book-movie transitions anyway.

But the extended versions were well worth the money to buy on dvd the extrat 20-30 mins they had added on those made it well worth it imo.