Lost and Found


Feb 4, 2004
Hey Amy, thanks for the PM! I was waiting for it actually. ^_^ Just read the last chapter and the epilogue. Sad to see it end, :( but a beautiful ending to a great story is comforting. :thumbup: :clap:

I'll definitely be looking forward to your next fic! (y)

PS: Hope you're feeling a whole lot better now. :flowers: :hi:


Jun 7, 2004
Wow that was absolutely amazing! :jawdrop: :Playmusic: :thumbup: :Punkrock: :thud: :clap: :clap: :groupwave:
So sad that was the end though.... :depressed:
Cant wait to read your next fic...contemplating what it will be about... :Ponder:
PM when your first chappy is up!


Jun 23, 2004
:stretcher: Am i dead yet? That was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! :thud: Man am i sad to know there aint no more of this fic :no: :byesad: But i think that that is no one else that deserves this more than you: :groupwave: :clap: . Glad to hear you recovering!

amy lynn

The Polish Pirate
Mar 23, 2004
More individual thanks to come later :)

winter_snow: Awww! All those smilies were wonderful! :) I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. Of course, even good things must come to an end. Thanks for the well wishes – and be on the lookout for more stories of mine…I’ve got some I’m working on already :)

Sweetness: Yay for smilies and great reviews! :LOL: Glad you enjoyed it so much. I’ll most definitely PM you as soon as I post something new…like I said, I’m already working on some things…

Rogue: If you’d like, I’ll PM you when I get around to posting my new stuff :) I’m glad you liked the ending to the story…even though it is ending :( Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the plot ideas to keep this one going...so I had to end it. But I’ve got lots more running around in my head!

Alias_Fan0202: Glad the Rambaldi stuff wasn’t too much…I worry about that because I myself don’t like it when it gets too much on the show…but some people love that part about it (and I do to a certain extent :LOL:) I had to include Irina in it, of course, and I’m glad it all seemed to work well together…

Galicdreamer: Aww! Tears! :shamefullyembarrased: I’m flattered beyond belief that this would bring somebody to tears. I had to make Sydney and Vaughn find peace with each other, or else neither would be able to move on with their lives…and we don’t want anything coming between Sydney and Sark now, do we? ;) I like making Irina essentially good – if not the good of the world, than at least her daughter…making her fully evil just doesn’t go with how she was portrayed by Lena Olin…and Sloane just deserved to die – unhappy and unfulfilled…to face his punishment…yup…I’m all about that – I love Sloane on the show, but it’s definitely a love to hate kind of love :LOL:

sarkfan: Thanks for all the wonderful words throughout the whole story! I’m glad you liked the ending – I felt that Sloane definitely deserved death, and I like having Sydney and Irina working together…and only being able to do this together…to me, it kind of makes some of her actions make a bit more sense…but maybe that’s just me :LOL: And I did a happy ending for Sark and Sydney…I love my angst…but in the end, happy is nice too :)
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