Lost--final season!


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
final season of Lost started Tuesday wi a 2-parter, now with 'sidebacks', showing Oceanic landing safely in LA (with some minor variations from the original) and the Losties struggling wi the aftermath of The Incident.

theory; the landing in LA is 'real time' and they will somehow end up back on the island to finish.

theory; the walled compound/Temple is where the 'other Others' have been, where they took the children, etc.

theory; the bad guy /maninblack/'Esau' has used the Others to plot his return to wherever (remember Michael being 'special'?)

your thoughts?


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
further theories; mb/Esau says he wants to 'go home'. the island is an exile/prison for him; Jacob is his guard. at the end, he gets destroyed, and the island is sunk, having filled its purpose.

Jacob and mb/Esau can both appear in diffrent forms (i.e., dead people). jacob can touch things (Christian handing Sun the Dharma 1977 picture); mb/Esau can not (Christian could not help Locke turn the wheel).

Jacob has communicated before with Ben, but mb/Esau has also, pretending to be jacob.

mb/esau's guidance of the Others helps explain their violent habits.

the landing strip Ajira 316 tried to land on is left over from WWII, which is where the Japanese 'other' leader came from. (or possibly from the 'Jughead' team)

way back, I think S2, smokey tried to grab Locke and pull him under, but are stopped by Jack &co. presumably smokey figured it was time to pull a Flocke, thus he didn't try to hurt/kill Locke, which is what he usually does.
Lost is in its final season. The show is superb. Cast and crew really made this show wonderful. And the concept of the show is unique and very interesting.


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
anyone else notice; previously Locke wore a brown/green tee, this year it's gray

interesting stuff wi the 'sideways' world paralleling the 'island' world (Keamy and Mikhail both die, e.g.) wonder if this will end with Jack and Locke sitting on the beach ala Jacob/MIB.

looks like a teen jacob is running around, presumably his 'spirit' (or whatever) will inhabit the winning Candidate.