TV Lost in Space Series Comparison


An Old Friend
I was going to create a poll to vote for the original and the Netflix reboot. Can't.

The most obvious difference between the series, to me, is the fact the original series had more stand-alone episodes dealing with new planets and Netflix' series is more of a three season story arc with sub-stories within.

As of right now, I have NOT seen season 3.

The Netflix series also strikes me as high drama where the original series struck me as creature of the week with minimal drama usually about family values.

The TOS robot had a better personality than Netflix robot. A more 'likeable guy'.

The TOS family structure seemed structured better with dad and mom in charge with Don more of a hired hand who helped the family. With the Netflix series, it feels like everyone has their own authority most of the time and Don is driven by ulterior motives.

Dr. Smith in TOS almost seemed frail and likeable. Netflix' Dr Smith is far over-the-top ruthless, so much so, her character is nearly unbelievable.

Last but not least...
TOS told a story of a family/crew which is lost alone in space.
Netflix' series tells a story of a family separated from their main group on the Resolute.
The fact they are not alone in space and do reunite with the Resolute from time to time makes the story seem less like Lost and more like Adapting to Circumstances.

Don't get me wrong, I like both series but I must vote TOS with a higher rating.

TOS had more planets, more creatures, more aliens and more Danger.
The whole first season of Netflix' series happens on one planet with minimal creatures, minimal aliens and much less danger.