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Lost "Metropolis" Scenes Found

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Kevin, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Code Monkey Staff Abductee

    Mar 20, 2004
    No, not Metropolis as in Superman but rather Metropolis as in the 1926 classic sci-fi movie by Fritz Lang. Now fans of the 'classic' will instantly rebuke that moniker by asking: "Which version of the movie do you consider to be classic, the original vision by Lang or the butchered version?"

    Most viewers have only seen the butchered version and may not even be aware of the fact that Lang's original version, which ran longer, actually told a different version of the story.

    Thanks to some Argentina, most of the original version by Lang might see the light of day.

    From Fox News:
    Personally I am more impressed by the cinematography of the film for it's time rather than the story so I'll leave it to the more rabid of fans to argue it's merits.
  2. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast

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