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Jan 22, 2004
lol thanks.

one thing to clarify though. I'm a Sarkney and I hate Vaughn so there isn't much of a chance that I will make a end with S/V maybe somewhere in between some S/V but I am Sarkney :D


Jan 22, 2004
ok Natascha (my muze) wasn't working with me yesterday when I was on so chapter 4 is coming up now.

Chapter 4
Sydney walked back quetly with Kelly to the safehouse.
"ok stop" Kelly said and Sydney snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her.
"what?" Sydney asked her as Kelly was aperently waiting for something.
"So, ho was it." Kelly asked her. "you want to talk about it?"
"What are you talking about" Syd tried to play dump.
"oh don't try that what are you talking about felgercarb on me" Kelly said. "you and Sark" she clarified.
"I don't want to talk about it" Sydney said to her and started walking again.
"I'll tell you how I feel about Weis if you do about Sark." Kelly said to her walking along with her.
"what are we in Junior High?" she asked Kelly not wanting to talk about it but just forget about him.
"Does he make you feel like you are?" Kelly asked her.
Sydney stopped, "he makes me feels lke I'm some stupid school girl who doesn't know what to do and can't control herself." she admits to Kelly.
"oh you got it bad girl. but more importantly I think he does too." Kelly said.
"Really? what makes you think that?" Sydney asked her.
"Well why would he risk coming up to you like that, knowing we're with two and he's alone. and that he wasn't armed, well not with these kinds of weapons" she said pulling out her gun.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Syd asked her.
Kelly put her gun back and looks at Syd "What you hadn't noticed. he was turned on by you" she told Sydney.
"He was what?" Syd exclaimed. "ok Idon't know what's more disturbing that he was turned on or that you were looking at, well you know what you were looking at." she said to Kelly who blushed.
"Hey I was checking out if he was good enough. if we weren't wasting our time now, because when you've finally done it you find out he has a small penis." Kelly defended herself.
"Is that why you're after Weis, his dick or cos you like him?" Sydney asked her.
"Both" Kelly said smiling then added "you've been off the market for so long Syd you forgot what matters when you're on it."
"But I'm not on it, the market I mean. I'm still with Vaughn." she said to kelly.
"Well I don't know if you noticed but that fight you had earlier was kind of a break up fight." Kelly told her.
"Oh God what's he gonna say when he finds out I've been...with Sark. he's been through so much already because of me. you got to promise me Kelly that you won't tell him." Sydney begged her.
"Listen to yourself Sydney. you're practiacally his dog in your relationship. What happend to the strong woman I heard tales of. You're better then this Syd. you deserve better. Think about what he has put you through rather then what you put him through. he married another woman for crying out loud." Kelly told her.
Sydney looked at her "you're right." she said. "but it's not his fault Lauren-"
Kelly interrupted her. "Lauren didn't put a gun to his head and told him to say I do Sydney. wake up, the guy is all looks but there isn't much beneath it. he could never be worthy of you. besides I thought you weren't in love with him anymore."
"I'm not but...I don't want to end up alone" syd admitted.
"What? Alone, a woman with your looks. Damn Sydney he really did a numbero n you. lok at what he turned you into. there are other guys out there. I know it's hard to find one who can accept what we do but they are out there. Sark & Vaughn aren't the only ones you can get." Kelly told her.
Sydney looked at her, "thank you" she said. wiping her tears away. "you're right. I'm being silly. thanks for being my friend" she said to kelly who smiled.
"hey anytime. now lets get back before the boys start to worry." she replied.
"ok, you really think I can get Sark?" Sydney asked Kelly.
Kelly laughed "you bet, you kissed him. he's defenseless now. don't worry, he'll be back." Sydney laugh as they continued to walk back to the safehouse.

Kelly and syd returned "Weis, wanna take a walk with me?" Kelly asked.
"yeah sure, let's do that" Weis said and him and Kelly excused themselves and stepped outside.

"So" Vaughn said to Sydney as they were left alone.
"So" Sydney said back.
"I'm sorry I acted like such an jerk before" Vaughn said to her stepping closer to her.
"I know, I'm sorry too" Sydney said and Vaughn took that as his cue to bent down and kiss Sydney.
Sydney however feeling stronger pushed Vaughn away. "Vaughn, I can't." she told him.
"What? I thought we made up?" Vaughn asked confused.
"Vaughn....we can't make up." Sydney told him.
"Why the hell not?" he asked her.
Sydney took a deep breath and looked him in the eye "Because I don't love you anymore" she told him. "I'm sorry" she added as she saw his expression.
"Are you in love with Sark?" Vaughn asked her.
"Vaughn..." Sydney said not wanting to answer that question. why, it's not like you are in love with him. right?
"well are you?" Vaughn asked her.
"I don't know" Syd answered truthfully. everything was just so confusing right now.
"Sydney, he's only going to hurt you. He's evil, you're good. It can never work between you two." Vaughn told her.
"I know that Vaughn. but at least he's not an coward like you are. at least he can take care of himself on the field and doesn't need to be saved all the time" Sydney countered. where the hell is this coming from? she thought by herself as she had said it.
"Look Vaughn. I don't know what I amfeeling right now. can't we just be friends" Syd asked him.
Vaughn looked at her "yeah sure. I'm going to sleep some before our flight" he said walking into the bedroom. Sydney sighted and sat down in the chair. what the hell is happening to me? she wondered. she sat there for a while before she nodded off to sleep. that's how Weis and Kelly found her when they got back. "shhh" Kelly told him smiling. Weis just grabbed her and kissed her. Kelly replied to the kiss putting her hands around his neck when they pulled away and looked at each other in the eyes kelly whispered "you know I don't usually kiss a guy until our second date. we haven't even had our first date" Weis smiled and whispered "Lucky me then" Kelly grined and pulled him down on the couch on top of her. there they kissed again and eventually fell asleep.
at 7 am the alarm clock went off and they packed their things and went to the airport and flew back to the states.


Jan 22, 2004
Chapter 5
LA, CIA headquaters
Syd, Kelly, Weiss & Vaughn walked in the CIA building.
Dixon met them and said "great job in Ireland. Sloane contacted us the Covenant is planning to extract Will from out of the Witness protection program. we don't know how they found out about Will."
Sydney cut in "I do, Lauren faked her death, she's covenant"
"You're kidding?" Dixon asked her and Syd looekd at him "we've sent a team to extract Will. they should arrive here any minute. It will be up to Will to either replace him in the witness protection program or come work for the CIA again." Dixon told her. Syd looked at him.
"I don't want him to be dealing with this anyone" she told him.
"That isn't up to you Syd" Will said walking up to them.
"Will" Syd said stepping at him hugging her best friend.

(lunch time, will finish later)
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