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An Old Friend
Here is another thread for us to list our favorites.

Lost to Time
This morning I was thinking about my old Omni Magazine subscription.
Omni (magazine) - Wikipedia

It made me think of all the science fiction & fantasy media that has been lost to time.

I remember The Black Library of Warhammer 40,000
Black Library - Home page for Black Library
Which still exists but is no longer free.


Lets list some of the fiction based magazines and websites that have been lost to time.
A repository of wayback machine here at Alien Soup created by our members.

Lets explore our past to find and remember the science fiction and fantasy that has been lost to time.

Archive ORG has a Wayback Machine
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
(Kevin, Have you saved Alien Soup to the Archive?)

I remember...
Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual
Which is a book that can still be found but at one time, there was a website also.

OutPost 31 still exists but Thule Station is now gone.
Outpost #31 - The Ultimate THE THING Fan Site
Thule Station explored The Thing 2011

Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions has been archived.
Russell's Guide to Interdimensional Entities
It was a very extensive pictorial collection of science fiction starships by scale.
You can still get to the pages but they are no longer being updated.
This means all recent starship representations will be lost to time.
Jeff Russell's STARSHIP DIMENSIONS The archive is still available but who knows for how long?

LCARS Compter Net still exists
LCARSCom.Net | The LCARS Computer Network | A Star Trek Fan Site
It still works too but, now, with most of its interface running in adobe flash
Each page has to be granted permission to run.
I fear even this wonderful Trek Experience will be lost to time.
The last site update was Thursday 2013.10.10

So, what WAS your passion?
Do you fear a favorite is close to being Lost to Time?