Love And Passion

Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
Wow, I can't believe that I am about to write a rated "R" fan fic. I think I am going to have to go to confession after this. I don't normally write these, but I was feeling in the mood, and I kinda got the idea after watching a movie yesterday. Hope you like! Takes place after the "Getaway." (Season 2)

Love And Passion


"Sydney, I am sending you and Vaughn on a mission." Kendall said as he stood up. "With the new information that Sloane has informed us with, he seems to be going after a number code that can open the statue that he stole last week."He paused. "What I need you to do, is find Mr. Johnson." Kendall said as the man's picture appeared on the screen.

"He has the code?" Sydney asked

Kendall nodded. "Yes. It's been said that he keeps the code with him at all times. Find him, and do whatever means possible to retrive that code. You will then find Vaughn who will be at the party, and make a dead drop with him, and he will give you the fake one." Kendall said

"Any questions?" He asked

They both shook their heads no. "Ok, then good luck." He said leaving the room.

Sydney starred over at Vaughn, and he starred back and smiled. Sydney got up from her chair, and left the debriefing room, and Vaughn followed after.

"Sydney!" He called

She turned around. "Yea." She said smiling.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" He asked

She smiled. "Sure." She said walking into a private corner of the building.

Once the door was closed he turned and smiled to her, and she smiled back.

"What's up?" She asked

"I have to tell you something. Something that has been bothering me for weeks." He said to her.

She knew what was coming. Something she has been wanting to talk about since that night they had dinner together.

"What is it?" She asked

"I think you know what I'm talking about." He said

She put her head down. "Yea, I think I do." She said picking her head up and smiling.


"Vaughn..." They both said at the same time

She smiled. "You first!" She implied.

He nodded. "Sydney, I can't do this anymore. I can't fight something I don't want to fight." He said "Ever since you came into my life, you have made it better, but you have also made it worse." He said as she looked at him.

"Not that I'm not glad you are in my life.." He said going on. "Sydney, I can't sleep when you are out on missions, I can't eat, or even think." He said as she smiled. "I can't do this anymore." He said shaking his head.

"I know, me neither." She said nodding. "I know what I want, but the thing I need to know is what you want?" She asked

Before Vaughn could answer Weiss came in, and he was smiling.

"Sorry to interrupt your flirting corner over here, but Kendall wants you two to report to Marshall for your tech gear." He said

"Were coming." Vaughn said looking over at Sydney.

"Ok..." Weiss said as he shut the door.

Sydney smiled. "We better go." She said

He nodded. "And this problem?" He asked

"Well handle it when we get back." She said sincerely.

He nodded, and they both left the room.


Vaughn exited his limo, and walked inside the party.He was dressed in a usual black tux, and he made his way to the bar, and waited for Sydney to show.

A moment later Sydney entered the room, and Vaughn looked at her with his mouth wide open. Her hair was done nicley in a bun with a few strands hanging from her face. Her makeup accented her face nicely as she licked her lips tasting the shinny lip gloss.

Vaughn smiled looking at her. His eyes traveled from her face down to her body. She was wearing a simple necklace, and a strapless black dress. Her dress stopped at her kness, and it hugged her tight near her hips showing off her curves.

She began to scan the crowd for Mr. Johnson, but as her eyes traveled to the bar she glanced at Vaughn who was taking a sip from his drink. She noticed his hair spiked nicely, and his black tux. She could see that the shirt was tight fitted seeing his abs underneath the shirt. She smiled to herself.

She pulled her eyes off Vaughn to scan the party once again, and when she didn't see Johnson, she made her way over to the bar. She walked right up next to Vaughn, and order a drink.

"Cocktail please!" She said to the bartender in Italian.

"You can put it on my tab." Vaughn said taking a sip of his drink.

Sydney smiled at him. "Thank you kind sir." She said taking the drink from the bartender.

"Your welcome." He responded

They both made their galnces at each other, and finally Vaughn spoke up.

"Would you care to dance?" He asked knowing it was against the rules.

"Yes!" She answered knowing she should have said no.

Vaughn took her hand in his, and they made their way onto the dance floor. AS soon as they got there, Vaughn pulled her close to him, and Sydney wrapped her arms around his neck. Vaughn wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her even closer. Sydney smiled up at him.

"About before..." Sydney started as Vaughn looked at her.

"Yea.." Vaughn said looking into her eyes.

"I don't want to fight something that I don't want to fight either." She said pausing. "I want to be with you Vaughn, but I don't know if you want to be with me." She said looking down.

Vaughn took one of his hands that was on her waist, and moved it up to her chin. He pulled her chin up so that she was looking in his eyes.

"Sydney, I would want nothing more then to be with you." He said seriously.

Sydney smiled seeing all the love in his eyes for her. She knew because she as the dame look. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. His smile started to fade, as he slowly started to bend down and kiss her. Before he could a man tapped him on the shoulders.

"Excuse me!" The man said in Italian.

Vaughn looked at him. It was Johnson. The guy that Sydney was to find. The reason they were here.

"Yes?" Vaughn asked.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I noticed this lovley beauty over there, and I knew that I just had to come over here, and dance with her." He said kissing her hand as Sydney and Vaughn parted.

Vaughn looked at the man with hatred. "You don't mind if I cut in?" He asked smiling at Sydney.

Vaughn looked as if he was about to punch him. Sydney looked at Vaughn, and noitced this, and answered for him.

"I would love to dance with you." She said faking a smile.

Vaughn looked at her, and put his head down. He knew he had a job to do, but he didn't want to ler her ago.

"Thank you for the dance kind sir." She said to Vaughn.

Vaughn nodded at her, and slowly began to walk away.

Sydney smiled at the man, and he smiled back. She put her hands around his neck, and he put his hands around her waist, but closer to her butt. She looked up at him after his jesture, and smiled again.

"Your very beautiful." He said to her.

She smiled. "Thank you." She answered

Vaughn watched from a distance, and noticed how Johnson moved his body closer and closer to hers. He noticed that his hands were getting closer and closer to her butt, and rage was starting to fill him. He walked closer to them as they continued to dance.

Sydney began to move her hands from his neck to his lower body. He looked at her, and smiled as she moved her hands lower. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"My dear, you move so quickly." He said bitting his lip.

She smiled as she stuck her hand in his jacke pocket. "I know a good thing when I find one." She responded.

He took his one hand from her hip, and moved it to her face. He started to caress her cheek. Vaughn looked over even more angry. He moved closer to them on the dance floor. Sydney pretend to go with his touch. When she felt nothing in his left jacket, she moved onto the right. All of a sudden Johnson grabbed her face, and threw his lips on hers. Sydney closed her eyes shut, and she quickly tried to find the number.

Vaughn seeing Johnson move quickly ran up to Sydney and him, and threw johnson off of her. Sydney grabbed the number just as Vaughn threw him off of her. Johnson looked at Vaughn, and Vaughn stepped in fron of Sydney. Sydney smiled in the background.

"Who do you think you are?" Johnson asked coming towards Vaughn.

Vaughn didn't say anything. He punched Johnson hard, and Johnson fell to the floor holding his mouth. Sydney smiled at Vaughn. Vaughn turned towards her.

"You all right?" He asked

She smiled. "Yep." She answered. She looked over he shoulder, and saw men coming towards them.

"Vaughn!" She yelled

He turned around, and saw the men coming towards them. He turned back around, and grabbed Sydney's hand.

"Let's go!" He said

They began to run through the dance floor and through the party. Vaughn tried every door, but they were all locked. He came across the last door, and it was still locked. He kicked it once, but it didn't buge. He kicked it twice, and finally the door opened. He let Sydney in first, and then he followed.

He shut the door, and took out his cell phone. "I need the limo out front now." He said hanging up.

Sydney smiled at him. He smiled back. "What?" He asked as she kept starring at him.

She laughed. "My hero!" She said

He smiled. They looked at each other again. Vaughn was about to kiss her agian, when he heard the men pounding on the door.

"Let's go!" He said looking at the door.

They made their way out of the party, and to the front of the building. Their limo was out front, and Vaughn opened the door for Sydney, and then himself.

"Drive!" He instructed.

As soon as the car was moving he rested against the seat breathing heavily just as Sydney was. They both looked at each other as they both were gasping for air.
They continued to stare at each other, until finally Sydney moved closer to him. Vaughn looked at her, and Sydney smiled back.

She moved closer, and looked at him one last time, and slowly started to kiss his neck. Vaughn closed his eyes, and Sydney worked her way up from his neck to his mouth. As soon as she reached his mouth, she started out slowly, and pressed deeper wanting more.

Vaughn closed the wondow between the driver and them, and locked it shut.They broke the kiss, and Sydney smiled at him.

"I don't want to fight it anymore." She whispered

Vaughn smiled. "So then let's don't." He answered, and kissed her again.



Note: Sorry guys that's all for now, but trust me it's going to get A LOT better in the next chapter!

Tell me what you think so far! (y) (n)

Love ya,

Penny :angelic:

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Jul 15, 2003
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Great start Penny! (y) I'm hooked! :fishing:
Thanx for PMing me back! :D I can't wait to see what's next!! :angelic: They can't leave Italy yet though, it's a great and romantic city! :throb: *wink-wink*
:butterfly: Colly E.


Jun 18, 2003
hey penny! I dont usually come to this part of the fics, but when u pm'd and said u were writing another fic, i had to come read it of course! lol i just love ur writing! lol its really good so far, vedy vedy sweet (lol, like my accent!?!)lol keep the pm's a'rollin! luvs~Sarah
Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
Believe me Sarah, I am with you. I hardly ever come in here, let alone write one. Anyway, here is more.

Sydney pushed Vaughn against the seat, and kissed him passionately. Vaughn kissed back, and Sydney rested her hands on his chest, and Vaughn let his hand fall on the inside of her thigh. Sydney began to make the first move, and began to take his jacket off of him. Vaughn slowly moved his hand closer and closer to her panties. Sydney pulled Vaughn’s jacket all the way off, and began to unbutton his shirt.

Vaughn grabbed hold of her panties, and pulled them off letting them fall to the floor. Sydney finished unbuttoning his shirt, and let the shirt fall to the floor where the existing clothes already laid. Sydney broke the kiss, and began to kiss his neck. She moved her hands to his belt buckle, and began to pull it off. Vaughn reached for the zipper on her dress, and began to unzip it.

Sydney successfully got his belt off, and Vaughn finished unzipping her dress. He let it fall from her shoulders making a mental note on how beautiful she was. Sydney unzipped his pants, and began to pull them off. Vaughn went back to kissing her neck, and Sydney was dying from his touch. H reached for her bra, and she reached for his boxers. In seconds both articles of clothing landed on the floor.

Vaughn smiled at Sydney. “Your so beautiful.” He whispered to her. Sydney smiled, and climbed on top of him.

Vaughn laid down on the limo seat, and Sydney adjusted herself so that she was laying right on top of him. She kissed him slowly and sweetly, and then let him slide into her. She gasped having him enter into her. He was the perfect fit. Their bodies molded perfectly into each other. There was nothing more Sydney wanted.

She smiled, and kissed him again, and she slowly began to ride him. She started slowly making him close his eyes, and rest his head against the seat. She began to quicken her pace, and faster and faster she went.
She knew Vaughn would be ready soon. She knew he was close to reaching his climax. Just before he busted inside, she slowed her pace, and then stopped.

Vaughn opened his eyes wondering why she stopped. She climbed off of him, and laid on the floor looking up at him, and smiling at him.

“You want me Vaughn?” She asked raising an eyebrow. “Come and get me!” She hissed.

Vaughn looked at her, and raised his own eyebrow. Sydney wanted to play, and Vaughn was more then ready. He was going to make her beg for the stunt she had just pulled. He got up from the seat, and crawled onto the floor. Sydney thought she had him wrapped around her finger, but to her surprised Vaughn crawled past her, and towards the fridge in the car.

Vaughn opened the fridge door, and looked inside. There was of course the drinks, a bottle of cherries, lemons, and he smiled coming to what he wanted. He picked up the can of whip cream, and smiled as she crawled his way back to Sydney, He stopped right in front of her, and Sydney’s curiosity turned to the look ‘I’m in trouble.’

Vaughn shook the can of whip cream, and smiled at Sydney. “All right Sydney.” He said pushing her down so that she was laying on completely on the floor. He stuck the nozzle in his mouth, and tasted the whip cream. He raised an eyebrow at her, and then began to spray the whip cream on her.

He started on her lower abdomen, and made a line that stopped at her breasts. He smiled, and started to spray around her left breast as if he was making an ice cream cone. Sydney watched his every move. Vaughn finished by adding a little on top of her nipple, and then doing the same to her right. After he was finished he continued the line to her throat. He threw the bottle to the side of him, and bent down so that his face was right in front of hers. He kissed her passionately on the lips, and then broke the kiss to move down, and start at her abdomen. He had turned Sydney Bristow into the perfect desert.

He let his tongue fall on her stomach, and he slowly started to lick his way up her stomach. Sydney gasped as she grabbed on to the seat, and sticking her nails into it. Vaughn smiled having feel her body shift underneath him. She was slowly starting to lose her control, and he knew it.

He stopped as he reached her breasts, and smiled at her. “Yummy!” He responded. She leaned her head back, and closed her eyes. Vaughn began to lick around her left breast, and Sydney again shifted again.

“No..” She whispered

Vaughn stopped having heard her. “No!” He said looking up at her.

She shook her head, and Vaughn went back to what he was doing. He finished licking the whip cream off her breast, and for the final touch he stuck his mouth on her nipple, and sucked away any whip cream that was on there.

“Michael..” She groaned.

Vaughn knew he had her where he wanted her. He smiled, and left her left breast, and moved onto her right giving it the same treatment.

“Vaughn, I …want…you.” She said between breaths as she gasped for air.

Vaughn smiled after he finished sucking on her right nipple. “Tell me Sydney, what do you want?” He asked licking the rest of the whip cream from her chest to her throat.

“You…know…what.” She said again.

He smiled “I’m afraid your going to have to be more specific.” He said beginning to kiss her neck.

Sydney was beyond control. She lost any control she had left. Nobody could do to her what Michael Vaughn was doing to her. No body had that impact on her. She never loved anybody as much as she loved him, and needed him. Vaughn moved from her neck to her ear.

Her weak spot.

Sydney again groaned, and Vaughn knew it was time. “Tell me what you want Sydney!” He demanded again.

Sydney was high on bliss to answer him. Vaughn smirked, and then smiled. He brought his lips to her mouth, and whispered to her. “Is this what you want?” He asked as he slowly moved both of his hands on top of her breasts, and began to massage them.

Sydney picked her head up, and then let it hit the ground again. She didn’t want to give in, but she could take it. When Vaughn didn’t get an answer, he looked at her again, and this time he waited until she looked him in the eyes.

“Is this what you want?” He asked as he slowly started to make his way down her.

Sydney knew she wouldn’t be able to take it, and gave in.

“No!” She yelled causing Vaughn to stop. She sat right up, and made Vaughn look at her.

“What do you want then?” He asked again

She looked at him. “I want you to F*ck me!” She answered

He smiled. “Oh, is that what you want.” He said slowly easing her back down. Sydney let her head lay against the floor, and Vaughn kissed her passionately. As he kissed her, he once again slid into her. Sydney groaned again feeling him slide into her. She loved the way her felt inside her.

Vaughn broke the kiss, and smiled. “All you had to do was ask.” He said

Sydney was about to respond, but before she could Vaughn began to move inside of her. Here her groan, and yell his name only made him quicken his pace.

“Don’t stop….” She yelled “Ah…Michael..” She yelled as Vaughn quickened the pace him himself almost coming to his climax.

Sydney could feel it. She was almost there. A moment later Vaughn busted inside of her, and Sydney finally let the breath that she was holding go. Vaughn pulled out of her, and laid next to her pleased with himself, and knowing that he made Sydney Bristow beg.

Sydney slowed her breathing as she came down from her orgasm. She looked over to Vaughn who was still smiling with himself, and she thought ‘two can play at this game.’

She sat up, and took the whip cream can that was lying next to him, and climbed so that she was right in front f him. Vaughn looked at her, and his eyes widen. She raised her eyebrow at him, and smiled.

“I’m not done with you yet Mr. Vaughn.” She said shaking the whip cream can.

Vaughn now had the look that Sydney had moments ago. He knew he was in trouble, and he knew with Sydney Bristow anything was fair game. Sydney put her hands on his knees, and spread his legs apart.

Vaughn was in BIG trouble.

Sydney shook the can one last time, and sprayed the whip cream all around his penis as if she was making her own ice cream cone. Once the can was empty she threw it to the side, and smiled one last smile at Vaughn. Vaughn looked over at her, and gulped.

Sydney bent down, and stuck her mouth on his penis, and slowly stared to suck the whip cream away. Every once in a while using her tongue for the perfect touch. Vaughn grabbed onto the seats making his own grunts.

Sydney smiled pleased with herself. She knew she had him where she wanted. It wouldn’t take long to get what she wanted. She continued on making sure that every bit of the cream was sucked off. Vaughn was still groaning, and closing his eyes shut.

“Syd..” He groaned.

She smiled. “What is it Vaughn?” She asked

He opened his eyes knowing what she was doing. “Nothing.” He said.

She raised an eyebrow angry that she didn’t get the response that she wanted. She wanted him begging like he had her. She moved up closer, and trailed kissed along his lower abdomen to his chest, and up to his neck finishing on his mouth.

She got a couple more groans, and she knew now she had to bring out the big guns. She bit her lip as she let her hand fall down his chest down to his abdomen, and falling on his hard penis. He was ready. She knew it wouldn’t take long. She cupped his penis in her hand, and slowly began to stoke it. Vaughn was now losing control.

“Awe..… Syd!” He groaned

She smiled. “Yes, Vaughn?” She asked

“Stop it!” He lied

“Stop what?” She asked

He grabbed the seat harder, and was now breathing heavily. Sydney looked at him, and slowly eased his hard penis into her. Vaughn was now the one to gasp.

“Don’t!” He said knowing her wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Don’t what?” She asked. She waited and when she didn’t get a response, she very slowly began to ride him.

He groaned, and she pulled out, and then thrusted back in. “Ah..” He groaned.

“Don’t what Vaughn?” She asked again, as she rode again, and this time she pulled out farther, and then thrusted inside him again.

She did it again and again each time thrusting harder making Vaughn lose control.

“Say it Vaughn!” She demanded

He didn’t say anything. She rode harder, and pulled out again, and thrusted again.

“Say it!” She demanded

“Say… what?” He asked as she thrusted again losing control

“You know what?” She hissed back, as she placed her lips on his mouth, and forced her tongue inside making him beg for more. She broke the kiss, and stopped above his mouth.

“Tell me what I want to hear Vaughn, and you will get whatever you want.” She said pulling out, and then thrusting again.

Vaughn couldn’t take it anymore. He placed his hands on her hips, and sat up.

“F*ck me!” He yelled “F*ck me hard!” He said grabbing her pelvis, and moving her up and down.

Updownupdownupdown she went. Vaughn rested his hands on her hips, and moved her faster and faster.

“Faster Syd!” He yelled

She pushed him back down, and Vaughn grabbed on to her breasts needing something to hold on to. He was ready. He was so ready. He was aching. Sydney could feel it, she was ready for it, and Vaughn was too. Vaughn reached his climax, and busted inside her again.

Sydney groaned as she fell on top of him. Vaughn wrapped his arms around her, and placed a kiss on her head.

“I love you.” She whispered to him.

“I love you too.” He answered back, and they laid there.



Wow, can you believe what I just wrote. Don’t worry there is going to be a lot more!! What do you think?

Love yaw,

Penny :angelic:


Apr 21, 2003
michaelvaughnsgirl_ak said:
That was really good. I like that they tease eachother. They are so good together, if only they would come to their senses. I can't wait for more. Let me know when you write more. I love it.
dito! Thanks for the PM! :woot:
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