Love And Passion


Jun 18, 2003
WOW! Jeepers Penny! lol, WHAT MOVIE DID U WATCH!?!?! lol! it was cute, i liked it! i dont want to sound like nasty, ya know, like, i didnt mean i "liked" it but....oh hell, u know what i meant!.......i hope!lol

keep them PM's comin my way! luvs~Sarah
Jan 26, 2003
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Lol, yea Sarah I know what you meant. Thanks guys! When I was writing it, I was like "What the hell am I doing?" Hehe

I think I am corrupting my own mine! So going to confession..... :run:

Anyway, Thanks for the nice reviews, and I will be sure to pm you all when I update!

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Nov 18, 2003
pennstatechic said:
Lol, yea Sarah I know what you meant. Thanks guys! When I was writing it, I was like "What the hell am I doing?" Hehe

I think I am corrupting my own mine! So going to confession..... :run:

Anyway, Thanks for the nice reviews, and I will be sure to pm you all when I update!

Love ya,

Penny :angelic:

Pls include me too! I wanted to read more! Don't keep us waiting too long! :woot:


Jul 27, 2003
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This story so far is so cool!!! :D

Totally good!!! :P

I can't even belive myself, but I am here reading it ;).

See what your fics do... make an addict out of me :LOL: LOL.

Can't wait for more fun :love:!!!!

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Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
Sorry for the long wait, but I have been a really busy girl. is more!

A few moments later after both Sydney and Vaughn caught their breath, Vaughn slowly got off Sydney, and sat up searching for his clothes. Sydney sat up along with him, and Vaughn handed her, her clothes.

"Thank you." She said smiling.

He smiled back. "Your most welcome." He answered

They both began to get dressed, and when every article of clothing and button was buttoned, they smiled.

"I'm going to tell the driver to let me off at the next street." Vaughn said

Sydney looked puzzled at his statement. "Why?" She asked

"Sydney, you know we can't be seen together. Besides, we have to get back to LA. " He paused "If we don't they will get suspicious." He said

"We could just say we were compromised." She fought "It's not like it's a lie. Just stay with me." She begged.

Vaughn looked at her sadly. "Sydney, there is nothing I want more then to spend the night with you, but I wont put pleasure before safety ." He argued back.

She pouted. "Vaughn please..." She begged. "Please just stay with me. I need you." She cried

Vaughn looked at her, and she pouted at him making it hard for him to defy her.

"Fine, but we have to be very careful about this." He said

She smiled. "Ok, then how about he drops me off at the next hotel, and you tell him to circle around the block twice, and I will get the room and meet you in the lobby." She paused. "We will catch the elevator together, and meet back in my room." She said

He laughed. "What?" She asked

"Thought about this, have we?" He asked

She shrugged. "Maybe..." She looked away

He smiled, and kissed her on the cheek. "Your cute." He said

She smiled. "Thanks!"

That night Sydney radioed in to her father that her and Vaughn's mission was compromised, and that they wouldn't be able to catch a flight until the next morning.



Vaughn woke up feeling the best he has in years. He looked over to see a sleeping Sydney next to his side. A smile came to his face. He just looked at her with awe. How did he get so lucky to be with Sydney Bristow. He loved her more than words can say.

He looked back at the clock, and it read seven am. He turned back over to Sydney, and placed a kiss on her cheek, and then got out of bed to get in the shower. Vaughn turned the water on, and stepped inside the shower.

Sydney began to wake having heard the shower turn on. She opened her eyes to see Vaughn not lying next to her. She sat up in a panic, but then heard the shower running, and sighed in relief.

A smile arose to her lips, and she had that seductive look on her face. She climbed out of bed, and headed for the shower. She opened the glass door, and a Vaughn turned to face her having heard the shower door open.

Sydney smiled at him, and then placed a kiss on his lips. Vaughn pulled her close to him, and kissed her passionately back as the water fell on them. Once they broke apart Sydney smiled.

“Do you know it’s bad manners to keep a girl waiting.” She said

He smiled. “I’m sorry.” He lied

She bit her lower lip. “Not as sorry as you think your going to be when I get done with you.” She winked.

Vaughn looked at her with desire. “Does that mean I need to be punished?” He asked

She smiled. “More like tourcher.” She answered back.

Vaughn smiled, and then his lips came crashing down on top of hers. He bit her lower lip, and sucked it at the same time asking her permission to let his tongue inside. She obliged, and soon there kiss deepened.

Sydney pushed Vaughn against the shower wall, and broke the kiss. Both were out of breath. Sydney’s eyes traveled from Vaughn to the railing above him were the shower gel laid. She looked at him, and dove back in for another kiss.

She took her left hand, and reached for the bottle of shower gel. Vaughn let his hands fall from her shoulders onto her breasts where he massaged them both. Sydney moaned at the feel of his touch. Her world was suddenly spinning out of control. She had to gain some of it back.

She took the shower gel off the shelf, and pulled back from Vaughn a bit. Vaughn looked at her with shower gel in mind, and he smiled at her. Sydney opened the bottle, and poured some in her hand.

“Can I ask what you plan on doing with that?” He said

She moved closer to him, and reached to his ear. “For me to know, and for you to find out.” She purred

Vaughn gulped at her. When it came to Sydney he had no idea what she was planning on doing. Sydney let her hand with the gel in it fall down to his abdomen, where she rubbed some back in forth. Vaughn trailed kisses down her neck.

Sydney smiled as she moved her hand farther down. Vaughn moved his mouth to her ear. “What are you doing?” He asked, even though he knew.

“Nothing.” She said innocently.

Her hand reached her stop as she grabbed on to his already hard penis. “Oh God.” Vaughn whispered

Sydney placed a kiss on his cheek, and then slowly began to stroke his penis. First slowly, and then faster. Teasing him, and she rubbed along. She trailed kisses from his neck to his jaw line. She looked to see Vaughn’s look as if he was in pure heaven. She smiled.

“Oh…Syd…” He moaned.

She smiled. “Yes, honey!” She asked

“I want you.” He said

She smiled, and winked at him. “Not just yet dear.” She answered. She loved making Vaughn beg, and moan.

She trialed kisses from his neck down to his chest, and lower she would go. Vaughn opened his eyes knowing where Sydney was going. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He grabbed her hand, and forced her back up.

“No?” She asked

Vaughn smiled, and then turned her around so that she was no against the wall. He took the bottle of shower gel, and placed some in his hands. He rubbed his hands together, and then let his hands fall on her shoulders. He placed a kiss on her lips. First slow, and then more passionate by the moment.

He stopped the kiss, ignoring Sydney’s protest. His hands moved from her shoulders down to her breasts where he massage the gel on top. He took hold of both nipples, and gently massaged them both, getting a moan out of Sydney.

“Vaughn…” She moaned.

“Yes, dear?” He asked

She said nothing. She was far beyond control. Nobody could make her feel the way Vaughn did. Nobody could make her lose herself like he did. He was everything to her. He slowly moved his hands from her breasts back up to her neck, where they landed on her face as he kissed her once again.

The hot steamy water fell on both of them as the suds from the soap washed of their bodies. Vaughn smiled as they broke apart, and kissed her neck.

“Vaughn…it’s time.” She said

Vaughn tilted his head at her. “Is it?” He asked

Sydney nodded. Vaughn let his hand fall down to her abdomen, and then falling on her thighs. Sydney bucked her hips at him, and he smiled. He felt her wet clit, and stuck his first finger inside getting another moan out of Sydney. Having heard her, he stuck his second finger inside causing Sydney to grab hold of him.

Vaughn smiled at her. “You are ready, aren’t you?” He asked

She looked at him. “Now!” She demanded

Vaughn raised his eyebrow, and kissed her on the lips. He pulled his fingers out, and moved the up to her hips. He raised her hips, and Sydney rapped her legs around Vaughn’s waist. Vaughn kissed Sydney passionately as the tongues were intertwined.

Vaughn slipped inside her. Sydney gasped a bit, and Vaughn pushed Sydney back against the wall. She smiled at him, and Vaughn placed both his hands on the wall. Sydney tightened her legs around him, and slowly Vaughn began to ride.

Slowly he would start thrusting in and out of her. Sydney closed her eyes, and Vaughn did the same. Soon his thrusts were bigger, and faster. Both coming close to their climax’s. Both screaming each other’s name.

Vaughn rode faster. He pulled out, and then thrusted back in her. Sydney gasped at him. Finally Vaughn was close, and quickened his pace. Sydney moaned, and moaned, and then finally her high from her organism took control over her. Vaughn rested his head on her chest trying to catch his breath.

The water still fell, and the few soap suds washed off their body. Sydney released her grip on Vaughn, and leaned against the wall. Vaughn moved his head so that his eyes were looking into hers.

“I love you.” He whispered

She smiled, and then kissed him softly. “I love you back.” She whispered

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him into a deep kiss as the water continued to fall.

Love ya,

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Dec 5, 2003
Vaughn would never say yummy. you're killin me. hahahaahahah :rolleyes: :shamefullyembarrased:

that's not snow on Sydney's face you know. :shamefullyembarrased:
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