Love And Passion

Jan 26, 2003
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Both Sydney and Vaughn had returned back from their flights, and were sitting in debriefing explaining why they were compromised. After Kendall was finished, Sydney and Vaughn both went their seperate ways.

"Sydney!" Jack called to her.

Sydney turned to her father. "Hi, dad!" She said smiling

Jack didn't have the look of amassment on his face. "I need to speak with you." He said harshly. "Now!" He yelled.

Sydney looked at her father oddly not understanding why her father was being so mean to her. She couldn't understand what she had done that would make him so mad at her. She followed her father to a conference room, and Jack shut the door.

"Do you really think I am that stupid?" He asked turning to her.

Sydney looked dumbfounded. "What are you talking about?" She asked

"Your little mission last night." He snapped back. "Do you really think I didn't know what was happening?" He asked

Sydney looked at her father angry. "I have no idea what you are talking about." She repeated again.

"Don't play dumb with me." He shouted back. "I know what is happening between you and Mr. Vaughn." He said

Sydney didn't make any gesture to his remark. "There is nothing going on between me and Vaughn. We have a handler/asset relationship, and that is it." She hissed back to him.

"Then explain this!" He said shoving a folder in her face. Sydney took the folder, and opened it up to see pictures of Vaughn and her kissing inside the party just before they ran to the limo.

Sydney looked shocked, and was outraged at the same time that her father would be spying on her.

"Are you spying on me?" She asked angry, as she looked up at him.

He ignored her question. "Does that look like a handler/asset relationship to you?" He asked smugly.

She shut the folder, and crossed her amrs. "Number one, what I do on my mission, is none of your business." She said pausing. "Number two, this picture you see of Vaughn and I kissing, was Vaughn protecting me. Sark showed up, and almost spotted me. If it wasn't for Vaughn, he would have seen me." She yelled. "Number three, how dare you sit here, and question me about handler/asset relationship. Your unbelieveable." She yelled angry.

Jack continued to stare at her. "For that kiss being just protection, it looked a tad bit real to me." He stated

"Who gives a F*ck about what you think!" She yelled "Do you honsetly think I care?" She asked. Jack didn't respond. "Sometimes, I wonder if ever having a relationship with you is worth it." She said getting teary. "These are the times that I wish I never had one." She said taking the file, and slamming it on his chest, and walking out of the conference room.


Vaughn walked through the CIA headquarters, and right to Kendall's office. He knocked on the door, and entered having been told to.

"You needed to see me sir?" He asked

Kendall nodded. "Sit down." He instructed.

Vaughn sat down, and folded his hands together. Kendall stood up, and walked around his desk before stopping right in front of Vaughn, and then leaning on top of his desk. Vaughn looked at the folder in his hand, and wondered what this meeting was about.

"Was there something you forgot to mention to me during the debriefing?" Kendall asked

Vaughn looked at him oddly. "No sir." He answered

Kendall nodded at his answer. "Well, according to my source, you didn't." He replied.

"I'm sorry?" Vaughn asked confused.

Kendall handed him the folder, and then folded his arms to his chest. Vaughn opened the file to see pcitures of him and Sydney kissing right before they headed to the limo.

"You care to explain those?" He asked

Vaughn looked up from the pictures. "Sir, this isn't what it really looks like." Vaughn answered.

Kendall rubbed his jaw. "So your telling me that, that isn't your mouth in agent Bristow's?" He asked

Vaughn sighed. "Well, yes, but it's not what you think." He said

Kendall clapped his hands together. "Then please, tell me what I think." He said

Vaughn nodded. "While agent Bristow was completing her mission, Sark showed up. He came walking agent Bristow's way, and she didn't even see him." He said pausing. "I had to do something so that she wouldn't have been made, and that was the fastest thing I could think of." He answered

Kendall nodded. " So that kiss had no meaning behind it?" He asked

"None!" Vaughn said lying.

"Your bodies suggest otherwise." He replied.

Vaughn looked down at the pictures, and then back up. "Sir, I swear there was not motive behind that kiss." He answered

Kendall paused for a second. "Mr. Vaughn, this isn't the first time that this kind of matter has been brought up to me." He said pausing as Vaughn looked at him shocked. "It seems that your feelings for agent Bristow have been questioned more then once, and everytime the same result is perfectly clear." He said pausing. "I've just been ignoring it." He added in.

Vaughn knew where this was going. He tensed. "Sir, there is nothing going on between agent Bristow and I. It's purely professional." He said

"Evidence says otherwise." He said

Vaughn looked at him helplessly . "What are you saying?" Vaughn asked

Kendall sighed, and handed Vaughn some papers. "I'm affraid that I am going to have to pull you off as agent Brisotow's handler." He answered

Vaughn looked at him shocked. "What?" He asked in disbelief.

"I'm afraid that isn't all." He said. Vaughn just starred at him. "Your being transfered to Washington. You will be handling matters there." He said

"But my life is here!" Vaughn stated

"If you wish to still be in the CIA, and then you life is in Washington." He replied. "I'm sorry agent Vaughn, but I have no other choice." He said "Your plane leaves in two days. We have already supplied you with a new car, and house." He said.

Vaughn just closed his eyes, and his head fell. "When will I be able to come back to LA?" He asked

"When the take down of Sd-6 is complete." He answered

"That could be years!" Vaughn yelled

Kendall looked at him sadly. "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do." He said

Vaughn looked up at him, and now anger was evident on his face. "So...this is what I get for doing my job." He said

Kendall looked at him strangely. "Excuse me?" He asked

"I do the best job that I can to save an agent, and for doing that you take away my job, and transfer me to another state?" He asked "You people are unbelieveable!" He yelled

"Well, if you don't like that agent Vaughn, then you don't have to accept the Washington offer." He mocked back. "You can leave your badge at the end of the day." He said

"This isn't an offer!" Vaughn yelled "Your pushining me, and I don't understand why. And if you think for one moment that I am going to let you ruin me, or control my life, then you have another thing coming." He said

"And what's that suppose to mean agent Vaughn?" He asked

Vaugh sighed. He didn't know what he even meant. He was so confused, and angry. He was beeing ripped out if his home, and his life here in LA. Even worse, he was being ripped away from the one person he couldn't live without.

"You haven't heard that last of me." He said before he turned around, and walked out the door.

He walked to his desk anger spilling out of him. Weiss looked up to see his friend slamming everything on his desk in sight.

"Hey man, what's the matter?" He asked concerend

"Nothing!" He said

"Come on, Mike!" He said pausing. "You just broke about everything on your desk. It's not nothing." He said

Vaughn handed his friend the papers. "It's been fun." He said

Weiss looked at him strangely after his comment. He took the papers, and read them. "There transfering you!" He yelled "Why?" He asked

Vaughn turned to him. "Becuase somebody believes that Sydney and I are far beyond handler/asset status, and is making sure that we are far as possible from each other." He said

"Who?" Weiss asked

Vaughn looked at him, and Weiss got the hint. "Jack!" They both whispered

Vaughn grabbed his coat "I have to find Sydney." He said

"Good luck." He said as he padded his friend on the back.

"Thanks." Vaughn answered

Vaughn took out his pager, and dialed Sydney's number hoping that he paged her. As soon as he did he looked up to leave, only before he would go, he saw Jack standing in the distance looking at him. Vaughn looked back at him, and then walked over to him.

"You hate me that much you son of a b*tch." Vaughn yelled

"Excuse me?" Jack asked

Vaughn laughed. "Of course!" He yelled "You have no idea on what I am talking about do you? Your just going to play dumb." He said

"Would you mind telling me what your rambling about?" He asked

"I know it was you." He said "I know that you gave Kendall those pictures, and I know that you are the source that keeps telling him to get rid of me." He paused. "Well, are you happy Jack? I'm being transfered to Washington." He paused "But then again you already knew that, didn't you?" He asked

"Whatever you may believe..." Jack started

"Cut the bull s*it!" He yelled "You hated that I was Sydney's handler. You hated that she trusted me more than you. You hated that she came to me instead of you." He paused. "You hated being second. did what was best for you." Vaughn yelled "You may think that you have won, but I swear to you Jack..I will be back." He said, and then walked away.

Jack stared at him as Vaughn left the headquarters!!

Note: I hope you like it. Sorry there wasn't any S/V moments in this chapter. I promise there will be S/V lovin in the next chapter. Enjoy!!

Love ya,

Penny :angelic:
Jun 29, 2003
Jack the ass, i cant believe he did that! n Noooooooooo Vaughns gettin transfered, Sydneys not gonna be happy! Bad Jack!

n Dont worry bout the no S/V lovin, im sure you'll make up for it! ;)

Update soon!
Jun 19, 2003
w0w that was a great chapter but i dont want vaughn to leave i like him to much!! and that would just break syds heart...:( please post more soon and please PM me appreciate it :P ;)

Colly E.

Jul 15, 2003
Southern California baby!!!
Just got all caught up.... Wow!! :o *fans self*
Let's just say that I believe that Smut-Suds is a must from now on!! (y)
And Jack truly gets the cake for being an A$$.... -_-
Err :madfire: ....someone needs to set him straight!! :mad: Ohhh Irina!!?? :whistle: :P
Great chapters Penny, can't wait to see what Sydney's reaction is to Vaughn's transfer! :unsure: :byesad:
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Nov 5, 2003
Irina were eva she is should get a big wooden board covered in little spkies and hit jack ova the ass wiv it!!!he deserves it.....

this story is hot i love it!!!! vaughn n syd gettin sausy!!!


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Jan 11, 2004
Ok I am new to this sight and I saw your story, read it and loved it!! This is my first post on AllAlias but I love your story it is just so great one of the best I have read... So if it isn't a prob could you add me to your PM list?? I would really appreciate it!! (y) :P :cool:
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